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July Writers Chat: Canceled. Talk to you in August!


Kiss From A Rose by AffairWithACrossbow E
Can two people that have been broken find a way to heal and come together?
Repercussions by coreenfw E
a continuation of my story..  Confrontation and Repercussions, recommend...
The Path Forward by Shannonsto M
An alternate scenario post 7-14 that ignores most of 7-15 and 7-16. War is coming...
Atlanta Undead by I I O P A L I I E
Daryl Dixon was exactly who she'd pegged him to be - an absolute sweetheart...
Sometimes Love Isn't Enough by krissyg927 M
This is an older story that I have fixed up a little :)
Don't kiss! by BettyBubble E
Seven years ago, Carol had a chance to start over,  but she was still locked...
Save Me by silversundown E
Five times Carol and Daryl save each other, and one time they don't (but someone...
one hundred ways by lilabut M
One hundred drabbles about one hundred ways to say I love you.
Flood Relief by Booksrbetter M
Daryl volunteers to help remove debris from the recent flood. He meets Carol...
Bad Seed Rising by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
What happens when who you're expected to be and who you want to be are two completely...
the iron underneath by thekittenking T
After Ezekiel’s death, Carol becomes the ruler of the kingdom. Daryl is...
Where the Light Enters by ICanStopAnyTime M
“The wound is the place where the light enters you” – Rumi...
The Threads of Fate by CharlotteAshmore E
He had loved her for so long.  Carol was the one constant in his life which...
Birthday Girl by eyeslikewildflowers E-RPF
A quiet birthday at home turns into a little more than Melissa bargained for...
apartment twelve by lilabut E
Eager to start over, Carol moves into a new apartment. When she meets Daryl...
A Winter Interlude by thekittenking T
A series of ficlets set between seasons 2 and 3. A follow up to Lost and Found.
Counting Stars by Shae T
The real story starts with a little girl lost in the woods.   My response...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon E
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
Paradise by Ravenheart E
Sequel to Over the Rainbow. Daryl and Melissa reunite with the Alexandrians...
Walk With You by RandomCat M
Post 6x14. Alternative version of Season 7. Healing is not an event. It is...
We Ain't Ashes by Shannonsto M
Daryl and Carol go back to the beginning to face the things that broke them.
Daryl's Secret by mayrwyn T
When the tide had turned and it became a matter of clean up, Daryl looked around...
The Light by Ravenheart E
Sequel to Hell on Earth. Norman is recovering from Regina’s actions and...
we conquer, we fall by lilabut M
A collection of (mostly) unrelated drabbles.   Latest addition: Daryl...
Lost and Found by thekittenking T
Sophia never walks out of the barn.  An AU where Sophia survives.
Home Front by RandomCat T
Ezekiel makes a move.  Carol makes a gut decision and eventually finds...
Random Story
We've Come A Long Way by psychoanthrowalker T
Takes place about 3 months after the events of season 3, after Daryl has given...
subversivegrrl 07/27/17 02:26 pm
bandzz, the arm around the shoulders pic was a behind-the-scenes shot, not a promo.
Amanda Hawthorn 07/27/17 01:36 pm
I am quietly hopeful for Caryl in the new season. But like everyone else I'm trying not to expect too much from it. We've been left disappointed before
BettyBubble 07/27/17 08:37 am
That's what they want, coreen! They want to confuse us with the pictures!😭
coreenfw 07/27/17 06:41 am
He was looking vague and uninterested... and she was looking the other way... I was thinking Ezekiel off camera calling her to come back to the Kingdom... so, after the initial YES!! I began to second guess. Hmm, maybe a fic can come from that... a juicy angsty one.
coreenfw 07/27/17 06:40 am
... i am happy to see the continued Caryl promo.. that first promo pic had me nervous. Surnthey were 'together' but the body language was so 'not much'.
bandzz 07/27/17 01:23 am
I'm actually torn between being happy and nervous about them promoting Caryl... they're definitely hyping the show using Caryl bc they're the favorites.. and hyping them together is also wanted by many.. I hope they won't sh*t us this time or else...
bandzz 07/27/17 01:20 am
@alagal was that arm around shoulder pic a promo pic too?? Wasnt part of the fandom yet during s4... maybe it's a deleted scene or for flashback? Idk... cant wait for all the smutty fics. Thanks in advance awesome writers!! Love y'all ❤❤
subversivegrrl 07/26/17 08:20 pm
Not too fast, I'm still not done.
Marie1063 07/26/17 07:05 pm
Is it the 30th yet??!! =) *the countdown to smut has begun....4 DAYS*
Fairies Masquerade 07/26/17 05:01 pm
Think positive! There is ALWAYS hope!
alagal 07/25/17 05:09 pm
I hate to think, but they might be teasing us-remember that pic of them at the prison with his arm around her shoulders and that look in his eyes like that said-"Yeah girl, I'm gonna give you something later on"
Shae 07/25/17 05:04 pm
Yokai...don't even speak those words into the void. Just the thought...ugh.
YokaiShinari 07/25/17 02:22 pm
All the promos with Carol - they are compensating us her loss in previous season :)... or her future loss, I guess, dunno
BettyBubble 07/25/17 09:36 am
I'm dying!

Marie1063 07/24/17 10:59 pm
Lol Space - if your muse is still giving you trouble, ypu can always try getting it drunk....worked for me *but am in now way condoning excessive drinking*
the-space-between1013 07/24/17 10:18 pm
PS. no such thing as a word limit on a fic. I know one author whose "chapters" are routinely 30-50k words. EACH. (And sadly, no, she doesn't write for Caryl. *cries*)
the-space-between1013 07/24/17 10:18 pm
Sex without context is blah IMO and doesn't engage anything other than the genitals, again IMO. So plot or emotional components or both are necessary. Again, IMO. Freakin four days to submission and I'm stumped still. lmao And that NEVER happens when it comes to smut. LMAO
the-space-between1013 07/24/17 10:16 pm
Just catching up after a few days off-line. 1. No type of smut is not accepted. Smutlite to the super descriptive - it's ALL WELCOME! 2. I HEARTILY agree with Subs - NO SMUT LIMITS EVERRRRR. Frankly not enough of it. Personally I love slow burn and fic that BUILDS deliciously to it.
CharlotteAshmore 07/24/17 07:44 pm
Marie - hahahaha AND aladdin! i still want my aladdin fic you promised lol. ooooh i love kiss from a rose. that is one fabulous read.
Ikkleosu 07/24/17 09:43 am
Kiss From a Rose by AffariWithaCrossbow is this week's FSOTW. Go lose yourself in this epic story.
Amanda Hawthorn 07/24/17 02:27 am
I never wrote full blown smut before I found this fandom! I've always been known for writing love scenes without mentioning body parts! I think my inner smut monster has been released!!
YokaiShinari 07/24/17 01:52 am
Did you mean... A whole new world? *wink wink*
tuggysmom 07/23/17 08:27 pm
Lol Marie 1063,I just watched the lion King with my son and had that song in my head,well that's a whole new way to picture it
Marie1063 07/23/17 06:13 pm
CA- We've had a LONG time to contemplate it, lol. Also I couldn't help but laugh when after reading your comment, my brain went to The Lion King "Circle of Life"....(all the authors coming and presenting their glorious smut *cue the music*)
tuggysmom 07/23/17 06:09 pm
So dying to read this smutty goodness now lol

Quick Reminder!

Hello to all you beautiful people! 

Just a quick reminder: Please direct any messages you have (questions, comments, ideas, etc) to Ikkleosu, Subversivegrrl, or AlannasTara. While Fairies Masquerade is still an admin, she is responsible for handling larger projects behind the scenes, such as site security. She is no longer active in the day to day running of the archive, and as such, is not able to respond to messages. If you would like your concern to be addressed, again, please make sure you PM Ikkles, Subs, or AT.  Thank you!    -AT, Ikkles, and Subs

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Summer Survival Series: July Challenge Smutfest 2.0

Hey, everybody!


Image result for sexy couple hands

Are you ready for the second part of our Summer Survival Series? Yes? YES???

This time, as previously hinted at, we‘re going to revive an old favorite.


Ladies, let‘s hear it for Smutfest 2.0!


We want YOU to tell or show us how it would look like if Carol and Daryl finally decided to throw caution to the wind and gave in to what has been building between them for what seems ages.


Would you like to write a story about their first time? Please do. If it‘s tender, awkward or an explosion of passion too long denied, please, we‘d love to read this story.


Would you like to write a story with Caryl as an established couple while they‘re enjoying a well-deserved break or maybe one about a time when they just can‘t keep their hands off each other? Please, with cherries on top, show us.


Would you like to write a McReedus story, celebrating the sizzling chemistry between these two actors, yes, please!

The same goes for any kind of artwork (of the more mature kind), may it be a graphic, a gif set, something painted or drawn or a video to celebrate Carol and Daryl consuming their relationship.

There‘s only one rule, really. We want it hot and we want it heavy.



To sum up everything you need to know about this challenge:


Challenge dates:  Submission date is July 29; Posting date is July 30.


Open to: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Graphics, Fan Videos (both Caryl and McReedus)


THE PROMPT: Smutfest 2.0 – As the title says, we want you to write smut (wild, kinky, naughty, romantic, however you prefer it, really.) Please remember, , this is a Caryl archive, so your story has to prominently feature both Daryl and Carol or McReedus.


The Deadline:  All submissions must be turned in by midnight Pacific Time on July 29th.


The Rules: (okay, there‘s more than one, sorry) Send a PM to Sira, silversundown or the-space-between1013 on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge. Even if you're not sure you'll have anything ready in time - let us know you're planning on it. YOU MUST DO THIS TO BE INCLUDED.




WRITE! Stories must be at least 100 words.


Multiple entries are allowed!


Do not upload it yet! Wait until Saturday, July 29th to upload your fic – just like in challenges past, we will be suspending automatic validation for that day for all authors who enter the challenge. (This is one of the main reasons why you need to let an admin know you'll be participating. Otherwise… a mess.)


Submission Day is Saturday, July 29th – post your fic. It will not appear on the archive, but will enter our validation queue. Make sure you submit it under the Nine Lives Challenge category!


Publication Day is Sunday, July 30th – We will post the master list and all of the challenges entries so everything shows up at once. That way, we’re all surprised by what we get to read!


Any challenge fics posted before July 29th will be deleted. IF FOR SOME REASON you are unable to post on the 29th, please send a PM to one of the challenge mod - we will work with you.





Send a PM to Sira, silversundown, or the-space-between1013 on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge --OR--


Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.




Submit your challenge piece via one of the following channels:


  • Nine Lives Tumblr submissions box (include your NL username if different from your Tumblr URL) OR



Email title: Smutfest 2.0


Emails must include your Nine Lives Archive username along with any other information you want to be posted with your artwork.


Submission Day is July 29th - We need to have your artwork submitted to our Tumblr or email by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 07/29.


Publication Day is July30th - We will post all artwork via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.





Send a PM to Sira, silversundown, or the-space-between1013 on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge --OR--


Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.




Upload your video to YouTube - ensuring you select "UNLISTED" as the privacy setting. You will have a URL for your video.


  • Send a PM to Sira, silversundown, or the-space-between1013 with the URL for your video, along with a title and the name you use on YouTube, plus your Nine Lives name (if different from the one you use on YouTube) --OR--



Email title: Smutfest 2.0


Submission Day is July 29th - We need to have your video link submitted to our inbox by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 07/29.


Publication Day is July 30th - We will post all submissions via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.


You can change you video's privacy setting to PUBLIC once it has been listed on Nine Lives.


Any questions? please PM a challenge mod.

-- on July 07, 2017 7:25pm 0 Comments
Summer Survival Series 2017: The Find Your G-Spot Challenge Masterlist


Without further ado, we present the 2017 Inaugural Summer Survivial Series "Find Your G-Spot" Challenge Masterlist.

We had a lovely turnout with some great submissions from both familiar authors and brand new authors. Check them out!


Brought to You by the letter G by Marybethorama

Aghast by Coreenfw

Inquisitive by AmalynJon

Gorging in a Ghostown by ICanStopAnytime

Relive the Same Pull by YokaiShinari

Sugar, Sugar by AlannasTara

Counting Stars by Shae

Glory Box by Becky Thatcher

-- on June 25, 2017 7:00am 0 Comments