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Everything Was Gone by Blue Moons and Pink Suns T
Daryl and Beth are on their own, alone, and have lost everything and everyone...
Over the Rainbow by Ravenheart E
Daryl finds himself in a world without walkers. Based on the prompt by...
Barriers Within by ICanStopAnyTime M
  The Saviors are conquered. Refugees have moved to Alexandria from a...
we conquer, we fall by lilabut M
A collection of (mostly) unrelated drabbles.   Latest addition: Daryl...
date night by lilabut E
Daryl and Carol go on their first date. Things do not go as planned.
What the Water Gave Me by Shae T
She must be dreaming.  That’s the only logical explanation. 
Bits & Pieces by silversundown E
A cluster of unrelated oneshots or two parters. Teeny tiny stories that prefer...
Rage, Lust and Sophia by peanutlee33 T
This story reflects my take on Carol confronting Daryl at his campsite, about...
Bad Seed Rising by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
What happens when who you're expected to be and who you want to be are two completely...
Weapons to Destroy Us by alatarielgildaen M
"Every few hundred millenia, evolution leaps forward." The year is 1987, and...
Across the Universe(s) by Shae M
The obligatory collection of Caryl drabbles.    Multiple ratings...
A Series Of Unfortunate Events by silversundown E
Five times Carol and Daryl sexed each other into the infirmary and one time...
Entering Alexandria by Amwaaker E
Set when Carol,, Ed, and Sophia were original residents of the ASZ and the group...
Undone by YokaiShinari M
While alone with only romance novels around, Carol craves a moment to tend to...
Hell on Earth by Ravenheart E
Norman finds himself in a world of walkers. Still based on the prompt by shanik...
Threshold by ramblinrose M
Caryl, AU. In life there are always changes. Some of them are good, others are...
Wingman by Kenzieboyd08 E
Merle brings a date home from the bar, but needs Daryl's help to finish the...
Arrows and Roses Part 2 by Rhinozilla M
Another collection of one-word prompts received on Tumblr. These are posted...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon E
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
aisle seven by lilabut T
Daryl and Carol are the only people who go to the store early on Saturday morning...
On Vacation! by Amwaaker E
Carol and Daryl meet on vacation with their daughters. AU. No zombies Disclaimer:...
Another Day in Paradise by Booksrbetter M
Carol broke Daryl's heart twelve years ago. He and Merle left their home and...
My Lil' Asskicker by LeeLeeWoflpack M
With everything this life had thrown at him, he never thought anything would...
The Babies Dixon by Amwaaker E
This was a requested follow up to Technicolor.  It has become the second...
Accidents Happen by ramblinrose E-RPF
McReedus story.   When an accident on set happens, it sends Norman on...
Technicolor by Amwaaker G
First of a (so far) two part series.   Set in my dream world of Alexandria...
Random Story
Lay Your Weary Head to Rest by Rhinozilla M
Supernatural AU through one-word prompts on Tumblr. Carol and Jacqui are Hunters...
coreenfw 04/26/17 03:49 pm
Thats terrible. I know pancreatitis can get pretty nasty, wish you all the best. Lovin' Bad Seed, but... you take care!
foreverlovingdaryldixon 04/26/17 03:22 pm
Yes I'll be fine, pancretitis attacks are something I'm pretty used to now. I should be out by tomorrow, thank you for your concern though xox
coreenfw 04/26/17 02:51 pm
Gosh, please be ok.
foreverlovingdaryldixon 04/26/17 12:22 pm
(Not sure if this counts as a self promo so I apologise if so) For those asking, Bad Seed Rising won't be updated until I'm out of hospital, sorry I know I said it would be tonight but I got admitted this morning. Really sorry. xox
Amwaaker 04/26/17 08:58 am
If anybody feels up to chatting, I am logging in. Hoping to bounce some ideas around.
coreenfw 04/25/17 06:00 am
Definitely, MMB made Carol, but Jacqui was a good character, so sad she 'opted out'
YokaiShinari 04/25/17 02:03 am
I miss Jacqui potential, tho. With her character, she could've became a strong model. She was! (despite her one moment of weakness)
annie 04/24/17 10:42 pm
... and goodness knows, this world needs every gutsy, smart, caring, get-the-job-done female role model we can get, right?
Marie1063 04/24/17 10:05 pm
I want to come back as MMB in my next life, just so I can be that awesome.
subversivegrrl 04/24/17 07:29 pm
We're so lucky they went a different direction. I think that's all because of Melissa and her amazing talent.
coreenfw 04/24/17 05:21 pm
Yes, I understood. I thought that explaining why Carol was to be killed off was good to know. 😀 Thanks!! It is all good. I actually not long ago reread the early comics to compare and contrast comic Carol from TV Carol. Interesting differences.
subversivegrrl 04/24/17 03:59 pm
coreenfw, I think what those fics were referring to was that the producers/writers were considering killing off Carol in S3 of the show as well. Not the same way GN Carol went at all, but... I think the article Sira linked below talks about that.
subversivegrrl 04/24/17 03:57 pm
Quincess, you can do a search for S7 fic - click on Search above and then click on the "advanced search" link. You can narrow your results that way. Of course, recommendations are also good!
Quincess 04/24/17 03:19 pm
about the convo below im so happy that tv carol is what she is today u have no idea - also im in a lull in my schoolwork, and want recs for any fics involving carols creepy house bc i kinda wish they could just live there together ;o;
thisoldlady 04/24/17 01:58 pm
It's a story from SOA loving mom. I think the title was Demons.
Liz77 04/24/17 01:46 pm
Help finding a story please. Set during the time at the prison. Woodbury people had moved in. Daryl was sleeping with a couple women in the watchtower. Carol found out when they came to her to ask which one of them she thought Daryl liked best. Thanks for any help.
coreenfw 04/24/17 01:11 pm
Lolol, yup...
YokaiShinari 04/24/17 09:12 am
Pretty damn close relationship ;)
coreenfw 04/24/17 06:42 am
Nd yes, comic Carol died in the prison time. Commited suicide by Walker... and truly, IMHO no great loss. She also had a relationship with Tyreese.
coreenfw 04/24/17 06:34 am
Yeah, is n the comics Carol was not OUR Carol, she was a younger and much weaker character, no great loss. OUR Carol is wonderful!! I give Melissa huge props and much of the credit for transforming her into the Carol we all love now.
Sira 04/23/17 10:16 pm
Yes, briel. It's true they wanted to kill Carol. Oy. Anyway, one of the articles covering it can be read here. Yay for Sarah Wayne Callies, I'll say.
briel 04/23/17 08:50 pm
Sorry if this has been covered before I am new to Caryl but I love love them. And so glad to have found this fanfiction site. I have seen a few MCReedus stories referenced that Carol was suppose to die during season 3. Is this true? Because I cannot even imagine this show without her.
subversivegrrl 04/21/17 05:32 pm
Just a reminder, y'all - if you ever have a question what is and is not OK to post in the shout box, just look ^^^^ right up there where it says, "Shoutbox Guidelines." Anything that is NOT answered in there should be directed to one of the admins, not here. Thanks for your understanding!
Amwaaker 04/21/17 06:46 am
Life saver!!!
AlannasTara 04/20/17 10:08 pm
Arrows and Roses by Rhinozilla-chapter 189 "Sex Toys"

April Writers' Chat: WRITER'S BLOCK

You know that feeling. The one where you want to write all the things, and you can’t get any of the words out of your brain? Or perhaps, you have the ability and words, and can’t come up with a story? Maybe you are halfway through a story already, and you’re just stuck?


We can help!

Join us for our Monthly Writer's’ Chat on Thursday, April 6th, at 10:00 pm EST, where we will focus on the nemesis of every writerWRITER’S BLOCK. We will discuss how to clear the imaginative and creative pipes, and get your story flowing!

--alannastara on March 26, 2017 5:24pm 0 Comments
Calling All Coders!

Greetings and saluations, Nine Lives-ers! Hope this post finds everyone happy and well in Carylland. 

As we continue to grow, we find ourselves in need of another tech person to assist meeshie and FM with repairs, rebuilding and expansion for Nine Lives. We need someone who is very familiar with MySQL and PHP coding, with enough patience to deal with an archive whose base code was written sometime in the stone age and is held together with virtual duct tape. 

Interested applicants should email with the following information:

  • Nine Lives Username
  • Real Name (first only)
  • Valid email address
  • Previous experience with PHP/MySQL coding
  • Regular availability (weekly/monthly basis)

All applications need to be in by 12pm PST (high noon) on Sunday, March 26. If you have any questions, just drop a PM to me, Fairies Masquerade.

Thank you and, as always, Caryl on!


--Fairies Masquerade on March 19, 2017 5:44pm 0 Comments
Master List - International Fanworks Day 2017

Nine Lives Tumblr Art Show - International Fanworks Day 2017

46 artists. 64 individual works. Original art, edits, manipulations, and videos. The breadth and depth of the talent in our little corner of the Walking Dead fandom is ASTONISHING. 

The works represent a wide range of styles, and were chosen by Nine Lives admins and staff. Included are works by each member of our new graphics team!

Many of these artists are members on Nine Lives - some use a different username here than on Tumblr, and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for us to match up the art with the appropriate NL username on the Master List. Please know that we are eternally grateful for your artistic celebration of our ship!

With such a lengthy list, we've put the links into a separate document, linked at the top of this post. Or, you can go to the Nine Lives Tumblr and see the whole array as they are posted! (Roughly at a rate of two per hour. Also, due to Tumblr queue limits, the "show" will spill over into tomorrow.) 

[Try to filter out just the IFD art show posts.]

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on February 15, 2017 8:56am 0 Comments