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January 24th is Nine Lives' THIRD anniversary - stay tuned to see what we have planned for celebrations!

Other Caryl Community Events:

TheCarylDaily's Valentine's Day Fic-a-thon is coming up on Feb. 14, 2017 - check this Tumblr post for the details!

Spark by Tinkerbell99 T
"Pretty hot," she mused with a teasing grin. Carol shielded her eyes and innocently...
Across the Universe(s) by Shae M
The obligatory collection of Caryl drabbles.    Multiple ratings...
Keep Me Warm by ramblinrose E
Caryl, AU. Western. Life was hard. People could be cruel. Winter could be unbearable...
Strip for the Camera by Trogdor19 T-RPF
Filming Season 7 is wrecking Norman, and Melissa's trying to pick up the pieces. *Spoilers...
Hell on Earth by Ravenheart M
Norman finds himself in a world of walkers. Still based on the prompt by shanik...
She knows for sure by thisoldlady T
Carols thoughts about their first time.
Arena by darylsdiva1 M
The year is 77 BCE. The setting is the (fictional) port city of Alexandria Minor...
A Sixth Sense by silversundown M
It's said that losing one sense causes the others to become heightened to compensate...
How Carol Got Her Groove Back by Trogdor19 M
How it all started between Daryl & Carol. Sweet, angsty untold stories from...
the storm by lilabut M
When a pregnant woman moves in next door, the last thing Daryl expects is for...
Over the Rainbow by Ravenheart M
Daryl finds himself in a world without walkers. Based on the prompt by...
Possibility by Marie1063 M
The group is back together and have coordinated with the other colonies to fight...
Is there anything else I can do for you? by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
Carol was just doing this as a favour, no other reason would she be out with...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
Running From Monsters by sienna27 T
Total AU, no ZA happening.  A world where Daryl and Carol are both living...
I liked you first by Na Bruma Leve T
"Daryl Dixon started following you " *based on this post from ankleboner...
The Luck of the Draw by Axelrocks T
Buying a lottery ticket was something Carol had wanted to do the moment she...
Spreading Her Wings by LeeLeeWoflpack E
After they were married, they thought they'd live happily ever after surrounded...
The Stuff of Dreams by Booksrbetter M
Carol is in her little house outside the Kingdom. Daryl is a prisoner at Negan's...
Walk With You by RandomCat T
Post 6x14. Healing is not an event. It is a process, a long road with bumps...
A Crossbow for Christmas by ramblinrose M
Caryl Oneshot, AU. Sophia really only wanted one thing for Christmas. Merle/Andrea...
Region Thirty Three by ramblinrose E
Caryl AU. The government is working to round up the wilds that won't assimilate...
Searching by Kenzieboyd08 E
Daryl leaves the prison to search for Carol. Spoilers for Season 4 of The Walking...
The Artist and the Model by lovesdaryl T
Daryl, the Artist, sometimes needs a Model for his projects - and one day the...
Two Way Mirror by alatarielgildaen T
Carol and Daryl met as young kids, before their lives took them in different...
The Last Dixon by Trogdor19 T
Carol comforts Daryl after the loss of his brother. Spoilers up to 3x16 "Welcome...
Random Story
In The Still Of The Night by ReluctantWriter G
Now, being separate from everyone, he feels uncomfortable being alone in his...
Ikkleosu 01/16/17 07:41 am
Clap loudly for Sparks by Tinkerbell99 as the FSOTW!
the-space-between1013 01/16/17 07:08 am
It was allllllllll over after that. lol I'm so very happy and grateful I grew up in the 90s when fanfic was just starting out with the internet and archives etc. Love it.
the-space-between1013 01/16/17 07:07 am
Just seeing everyone's responses after mine regarding different ways of writing stories/editing. I guess part of my problem is that my brain is going faster than my fingers can keep up when I type so if I were to try handwriting it... lol I used to do that...back in the 90s before I had a desktop.
subversivegrrl 01/13/17 05:57 pm
Don't forget to send a PM to one of the admins if you want to submit a story for the What-If/Fix-It Challenge! (time's ticking away... submission day is a week from Sunday!)
CMSaints 01/13/17 11:00 am
Thank you alannastara!
Trogdor19 01/13/17 10:33 am
I do really like reading a copy on a Kindle or printed out. I could never re-type. My second completed novel was all written on paper bc I didn't have electricity at the time and I have NEVER managed to transcribe the whole thing. So sad.
Ikkleosu 01/13/17 10:33 am
If I did the re-typing thing I'd lose the will to live and never publish anything! :D I do think printing out a copy and reading that DOES make a big difference when editing though.
AlannasTara 01/12/17 09:52 pm
CMsaints-If you click on a users name, it will take you to their bio page, and there is an enevelope icon to the right of their name. Click on it, and it will take you to the private message screen.
AmalynJon 01/12/17 09:36 pm
I'm a complete savage! I usually write my first draft out by pen with old fashion pen and paper. I then type it out, it helps me considerably with establishing the right flow and making sure I don't repeat myself, etc. Not everyone's cup of tea but I love writing things out!
CMSaints 01/12/17 09:33 pm
Hi :) Could someone please tell me how to pm someone on here? I just can't figure it out,lol. Thanks!
AlannasTara 01/12/17 09:30 pm
I've done a mixture of both of those. When I first started writing, I would write it all out on paper, then, as I typed it up, I would make revisions on sentence structure, flow, etc. it was pretty effective.
viktories 01/12/17 06:36 pm
Interesting. I've also read that writing a draft long-hand (on actual paper! WITH A PEN! savages....) engages a different part of your brain. I think it was Neil Gaiman who wrote about it. He does all his initial drafts in pen.
subversivegrrl 01/12/17 09:49 am
Here's the post I'm talking about, if anyone's interested:
subversivegrrl 01/12/17 09:15 am
I think part of the question would be whether you're talking copy-editing for mistakes, or editing for content/flow/storytelling purposes. It would be overwhelming to completely re-type just to catch mistakes (AND MAKE MORE!!!)
subversivegrrl 01/12/17 09:12 am
I know it sounds horrible. Like I said, I've never done it, so we'll see how things go when I finally get around to trying it.
the-space-between1013 01/11/17 09:08 pm
Subs - oh dear god. I don't know if I could do that. I'd lose my mind. 5k words and counting and I've got a sequel already planned for this. I don't know if that's possible. *laughs weakly*
Sira 01/11/17 09:46 am
Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing the tip!
subversivegrrl 01/11/17 08:49 am
The person who posted it claimed that you will automatically find yourself revising things; that she didn't believe it, but tried it and it was more comprehensive and fluid than picking the thing apart to edit.
subversivegrrl 01/11/17 08:45 am
I read something on one of the writing-related Tumblr blogs I follow that I'm going to try once I get through the first draft of my current WIP: it suggested not editing but RE-WRITING, i.e., print out a copy and start retyping.
Marie1063 01/10/17 10:43 pm
the-space-between1013 I see your hate for editing, and raise you - YOUR BRAIN ONLY WANTING TO START WRITING AT MIDNIGHT. #whoneedssleep
the-space-between1013 01/10/17 08:20 pm
Just gonna say - EDITING IS THE WORST. That is all.
untapdtreasure 01/09/17 02:50 pm
If you don't have tumblr and want to participate in the ficathon, please pm through here so we can discuss it. You can still participate. ;)
untapdtreasure 01/09/17 12:36 pm
Thank you, subversivegrrl!
subversivegrrl 01/09/17 09:36 am
Hey, check out the Valentine's Day Fic-a-thon being run by TheCarylDaily on Tumblr - details are in the link in the Events section!
Ikkleosu 01/09/17 08:17 am
Shoutout to Jen1312 for FSOTW with Last Words! Yay Jen!

Rewriting History: 2017's First Fic Challenge (or, What we would have liked to do with 2016, but were prevented by time paradoxes)


Time to go back and change the past. Time to speculate on the way things could have gone, or repair the damage done by TPTB.

Time to seize the reins and redirect Caryl's story.  


A "what-if" fic looks at canon and mixes things up. What if a certain canon event hadn't happened, or had happened differently? What if Merle had died on that rooftop in Atlanta, or if Rick, Daryl and company had gotten back there in time to get him out of the cuffs before he cut his hand off? Or if they'd been able to intercept him afterward and take him back to the quarry to recuperate? Any of those changes to just that one piece of story would have dramatically changed what happened later.

What if Rick had been the one to die in that field at the Greenes' farm instead of Shane? What if Daryl had gotten himself stuck in that cell in the Tombs, and Carol had been the one to find him? What if Carol and Andrea escaped the farm together and spent that terrible winter with Michonne before ending up in Woodbury? What if Axel had lived? Or T-Dog? What if Daryl had stayed with Merle in Woodbury rather than escaping? The story could have gone in vastly different directions.

"Fix-it" is a variant on "what-if." We probably all have pieces of canon we wish had been handled differently. In a fix-it fic, maybe Andrea didn't dawdle over retrieving the pliers from the floor of the Governor's torture room and was able to get free of the chair before Milton turned. Maybe it was Daryl who killed Karen and David, or maybe he and Carol did it together. There have certainly been plenty of stories where Carol was revealed to have taken the blame for someone else -- all of those stories "fix" canon, bringing it in line with how the writers understand Carol's character. There's even at least one amazingly ambitious story that sends Daryl back in time, letting him know in advance what's about to happen and prevent it this time around.

So now it's your turn. You have the power to rewrite history for these characters. What parts of the story will you erase from canon and insert your own vision of how things could have been?

Challenge Dates: submission date Sunday, January 22nd; publication Monday, January 23rd

Open to: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Graphics, Fan Videos

THE PROMPT: What-if/Fix It

You can pick any aspect of canon to rewrite,  but remember, this is a Caryl archive, so your story has to prominently feature both Daryl and Carol.

THE DEADLINE: All submissions must be turned in by midnight Pacific Time on January 22nd.



Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge. Even if you're not sure you'll have anything ready in time - let us know you're planning on it. YOU MUST DO THIS TO BE INCLUDED.

WRITE! Stories must be at least 100 words.

Multiple entries are allowed!

No McReedus (given the theme, we assume you already knew that.)

Do not upload it yet! Wait until Sunday, January 22nd to upload your fic – just like in challenges past, we will be suspending automatic validation for that day for all authors who enter the challenge. (This is one of the main reasons why you need to let an admin know you'll be participating. Otherwise UGH a mess.)

Submission Day is January 22nd – post your fic. It will not appear on the archive, but will enter our validation queue. Make sure you submit it under the Nine Lives Challenge category!

Publication Day is Monday, January 23rd – We will post the master list and all of the challenges entries so everything shows up at once. That way, we’re all surprised by what we get to read!

Any challenge fics posted before January 22nd will be deleted. IF FOR SOME REASON you are unable to post on the 22nd, please send a PM to one of the admins - we will work with you.


Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge --OR--

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.


Submit your challenge piece via one of the following channels:

  • Nine Lives Tumblr submissions box (include your NL username if different from your Tumblr URL) OR

Email title: What If/Fix It Challenge Submission

Emails must include your Nine Lives Archive username along with any other information you want to be posted with your artwork.

Submission Day is January 22nd - We need to have your artwork submitted to our Tumblr or email by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 1/22.

Publication Day is January 23rd - We will post all artwork via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.


Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge, OR

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.


Upload your video to YouTube - ensuring you select "UNLISTED" as the privacy setting. You will have a URL for your video.

  • Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl with the URL for your video, along with a title and the name you use on YouTube, plus your Nine Lives name (if different from the one you use on YouTube) --OR--

Email title: What-If/Fix It Challenge Submission

Submission Day is January 22nd - We need to have your video link submitted to our inbox by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 1/22.

Publication Day is January 23 - We will post all submissions via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.

You can change you video's privacy setting to PUBLIC once it has been listed on Nine Lives.

Any questions? please PM an admin.

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on January 05, 2017 8:21am 1 Comments
Something Great Is Coming... and We Want You!

Hello Nine Lives and happy 2017 to you all! It’s a new week, a new month, a new year! For so many, January is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. For us, it’s also a time of celebration. A few years ago, we tried something new when Nine Lives was first launched and now, January has become our ultimate boogie time.

Nine Lives’ 3rd anniversary is January 24!! Can you believe it? We’re a toddler! We have a lot that’ll be coming at you over the next few days as we roll out our challenges and changes to go along with our upcoming 3rd anniversary. Ikkleosu has something special for the graphics artists she’s going to drop shortly and Subs is getting our challenge announcement together based off of the results from the poll we’ve had up the last couple of weeks.

What I wanted to do is pick up where we left off with our amazing fundraiser results and talk about the growth of the site. We have plans, you guys. Plans that are definitely moving forward, but in order to make that happen, we’ve got to make some changes to the archive. The site as it is has enough traffic and daily maintenance to keep myself, Ikkles & Subs busy for the rest of our lives, and that’s before we even get into things like MOTM, fanfic challenges and any other events. If we’re going to grow, we need more help behind the scenes here.

Basically, we’re hiring!

A few things for you to know: nobody on the Nine Lives staff is paid. These are all volunteer positions and some of them will require more time and attention than others. General active participation on the Nine Lives Archive, either as a writer or reviewer, is required to be considered. These are the positions we have currently available:

  • Challenge Moderator: Will assist the Nine Lives admin team with the planning, scheduling, organization and advertising of Nine Lives’ fanfic/art/video challenges. May also be called upon to assist in running behind the scenes on challenge Upload and Posting days. Will be required to attend regular staff meetings. 2017 challenges are scheduled for the following months: January, February, April, June, July, August, November.

    • Number of spots open: 2-3

  • Chat Moderator: Will be part of the Nine lives Chat team under meeshie. Chat moderators plan, schedule and run the monthly Writers Chats, as well as any other chat events that may occur. Chat mods enforce the rules during Writers Chats and issue warnings/bans as needed as well as keeping the chat discussions on topic. Regular attendance at the monthly Writers Chats is required.

    • Number of spots open: 1

If you’re interested in joining the Nine Lives team, fill out the following form and it to email

  • Nine Lives Username
  • Real Name (first only)
  • Valid email address
  • Username for at least 1 other social media account (tumblr/twitter/etc)
  • Position Applying For
  • Short paragraph of why you think you’d be a good fit for the position

Applications are open through January 20. If you have questions about any of the open positions or what else may be required, send a PM to Fairies Masquerade.

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for the fun challenge news headed your way and get ready to get down for our 3rd anniversary!

--Fairies Masquerade on January 02, 2017 11:53am 0 Comments
1st Challenge of 2017: Your input is needed!

Nine Lives has kind of taken a break from challenges since the Summer Survival Series concluded - between uncooperative Real Life stuff, hiatus angst, and general kerfufflery, it seemed like most of us were at a low ebb as far as fic was concerned.

But then... a little light shone in spoilers... and we got to see both Carol and Daryl in the new season... and we started dreaming again... and lo and behold...!!! The new fic has been rolling in.

So now we're gearing up for the first challenge of 2017, which happens to coincide with our third anniversary on January 24th (I KNOW!! THREE YEARS!!!) We want to make this a slam-bangin', rip-roaring TIDAL WAVE of fic -- with your help, of course.

What can you do? Well, you can help us figure out what the theme is going to be!

Click on the link below, and check out our poll: we've provided four possible themes, and left a fifth spot open for "Other." Pick one of ours, or suggest one of your own! Voting runs from now until December 31st, and we'll announce the theme on January 7th.

Nine Lives POLL: January 2017 Challenge Theme

Thanks for your participation, your support, and above all, your undying love for Caryl!

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on December 20, 2016 8:25am 1 Comments