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Caryl Events

October Writers Chat:  Thursday, October 5, 2017, 10:00 pm Eastern Time (click on the time zone converter for your local time.)  Topic: Finding Your Writing Style


Under the Stars by BSparrow E
Carol and Daryl enjoy an evening under the stars, followed by an evening under...
Something to Talk About by Shae M
A collection of Caryl drabbles, ficlets, and one-shots all based on dialogue...
Picture Perfect by Michelle Del Vale T
I know I both died and LIVED with that EW photo shoot pics and video yesterday...
Daryl's only weakness by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
It takes for Negan to take Carol away for Daryl to realise how much he needs...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon E
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
Mate for Life by LeeLeeWoflpack E
For a long time, Carol hated the status in which she was born in. It had done...
Where the Light Enters by ICanStopAnyTime M
Carol and Daryl make their way to the quarry camp at the onset of the zombie...
one hundred ways by lilabut M
One hundred drabbles about one hundred ways to say I love you.
On Vacation! by Amwaaker E
Carol and Daryl meet on vacation with their daughters. AU. No zombies Disclaimer:...
Torn 2: Trust by Amanda Hawthorn E
This was serious now, and he hadn’t really had time to think of how they...
Somewhere in Time by Shae M
Another collection of 100 word drabbles.    Everybody stand up and...
All Things Lost by ramblinrose E
Caryl, AU/ZA. When everything was lost, they had to hold onto what they had...
A Glimmer of Day by subversivegrrl T
A couple of misfits, a lecher, a lake, and a sunset.  AU, no walkers
Accidents Happen by ramblinrose E-RPF
McReedus story.   When an accident on set happens, it sends Norman on...
Call Me Home by Reedus Genie E
Love conquers all.  Even time. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters...
The Broken Road by silversundown E
It's the journey that matters, not the destination. Daryl's quiet and lonely...
Exodus by mayrwyn T
Rick's declaration on the side of the road that the group can submit to his...
Repercussions by coreenfw E
a continuation of my story..  Confrontation and Repercussions, recommend...
Merle's Story by coreenfw E
Caryl told from Merle's view.   I have realized, while I been aware of...
Way Beyond the Blue by jaibhagwan M
"She was beautiful even when she was a miserable wreck. But it was her sadness...
starry night by thekittenking T
Carol and Daryl make plans for the night of the meteor shower.
Crossroads by darylsdiva1 M-RPF
Every year for the last five years—the first two didn’t count because...
Don't kiss! by BettyBubble E
Seven years ago, Carol had a chance to start over,  but she was still locked...
Beauty Within by LeeLeeWoflpack M
Carol is a Physical Therapist, and Daryl is a veteran in need of healing. Life...
The Threads of Fate by CharlotteAshmore E
He had loved her for so long.  Carol was the one constant in his life which...
Silver and Foxy by Michelle Del Vale T
Fandom wank is loud, and Daryl has sh*t to say about it. (That is, Carol overhears...
Random Story
Reading a Map by UncagedMuse G
Summary: Written for the Nine Lives signs and secrets challenge. He could read...
Ikkleosu 09/25/17 07:30 am
Congrats to BSparrow for this week's FSOTW! It's another E rating, you know what that means? Don't read it at work! ;)
ICanStopAnyTime 09/23/17 04:10 pm
Glad you are enjoying it again, Buttercup! Making a few tweaks along the way.
faegal04 09/23/17 01:35 pm
I'm backkkkkk! The photoshoot has breathed life back into my Caryl muse!!!! I will have my very first McReedus one shot finished shortly!
Buttercup 09/23/17 10:25 am
I have already read "Where the Light Enters" when it was posted elsewhere but damn, I am reading it again here! It is such an epic story.....romantic and Sophia is alive.
Amwaaker 09/22/17 10:27 pm
I only find the video?????
ICanStopAnyTime 09/22/17 03:09 pm
Thanks for the heads up on the photo shoot, Marie. Just checked it out. :)
Miss Starfire 09/21/17 05:34 pm
@ingridmaus :D
Amanda Hawthorn 09/21/17 02:52 pm
I have just seen it. I'm a big puddle of goo 😍😁❤
Marie1063 09/21/17 02:14 pm
PEOPLE! If you want your hearts to explode with happiness, I suggest looking at EW's latest photo shoot for twd......all I'll say is that there's Mel+Norman+grapes 😍😁😍😁
ingridmaus 09/21/17 06:10 am
Thanks, Miss Starfire, for mentioning How Carol Got Her Groove Back here - what I gem! I might have missed it without you!
Michelle Del Vale 09/21/17 05:59 am
@free...:D You're so welcome! And I imagine that's exactly what would happen!! <3
the-space-between1013 09/20/17 09:30 pm
Starting to pick up The Accidental Date again since I stopped writing with all this hurricane business, and I've got to do some "research" for Terminator. Oh, woe is me. It's SUCH a hassle! ;)
freefromthecocoon 09/20/17 09:26 pm
Michelle Del Vale....thank you from the bottom of my Caryl loving heart!
tuggysmom 09/20/17 08:45 pm
Rhinozillas is a must read! If you'd want smutty and story leeleewolf pack,but my go to story is by icanstopanytime, not sure what she calls it on here but I love it😀
subversivegrrl 09/20/17 04:01 pm
OH and I can't believe I forgot Rhinozilla's "Arrows and Roses" collections. I think the first one is 600 separate drabbles? And every single one is lovely, so if you need to immerse yourself in goodness, you've got hours worth of goodness-immersion right there.
Amwaaker 09/20/17 01:26 pm
Right now my go to is the nanny! By ramblesandshambles
Amanda Hawthorn 09/20/17 09:37 am
Oh yes Buttercup silversundown is my go to author too
Buttercup 09/19/17 11:43 pm
Amanda, anything by Ramblin Rose is my go to for comfort stories. I re-read them often. And now silversundown is joining that list. But I re-read everyone often. I am worried I will lose my love for the ff depending on the show and that makes me sad.
chemfemme 09/19/17 09:46 pm
Broken Mirrors has pulled me back many times...a bit embarrassed how often I've reread it. And Landslide.
AlannasTara 09/19/17 09:32 pm
Some of my "comfort" fics are "Coffee and Pie", "Illuminate the Heart", "Turnabout," and "Slow Fire Burn"
subversivegrrl 09/19/17 06:21 pm
Amanda, the last two on your list are on my comfort list, plus Three Little Birds, and any of EleanorK's fics, starting with In the Night Garden and Poker Night.
Miss Starfire 09/19/17 04:26 pm
For me, it's How Carol Got Her Groove Back. I actually just finished re-reading it this weekend.
Amanda Hawthorn 09/19/17 03:38 pm
Thanks subversivegrrl. Good to get back to normality again. So I come with a question. Do any of you have a story that you return to over and over again? I have 4 comfort fics The Odd Couple, A drop of blood amongst the sharks,The long road home and Ain't like that :)
subversivegrrl 09/19/17 03:21 pm
Guys, lots of people come here for a respite from the fandom drama found elsewhere, so I'm going to suggest that this gets taken to the chat room rather than continuing in the shout box. Thanks for your understanding! :)
CharlotteAshmore 09/19/17 02:44 pm
i totally agree. the writer's room is like asshat central.

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September Writers Chat: Priorities: Making Time to Write



Dog needs to be walked? Kids making a mess in the other room? Out of whiskey milk? Let’s face it, everyone has an excuse, but unfortunately a story doesn't write itself. With so many things competing for our attention, it’s easy to forget to make time to write. Luckily, it’s never too late to take writing off the back burner!

Please join us for the next writers chat on
Thursday, September 7 at 10pm-12am EDT. We'll be sharing tips and providing support to help you overcome those pesky obstacles that are holding you back from writing that amazing Caryl fic you always wanted to write.

Have ideas for a future chat topic on Nine Lives? Send a PM to jaibhagwan, kaoscraze82, or whoswhatsitwhich with writing topics you'd like to discuss. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to motivate you to keep writing!

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