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Even Better by Septiclovebite T
He knew how to push her. When to stop. How to rile her up so that she worked...
Desperado by lovesdaryl E
"I love you." - "Don't." Caryl AU based on the movie Sky, in which Carol...
Here In My Arms by untapdtreasure T
In it's own way, the house felt like a place to leave everything just outside...
Claim by Trogdor19 E
Carol runs into Daryl when he's with Joe's group of claimers. He's forced to...
Spreading Her Wings by LeeLeeWoflpack E
After they were married, they thought they'd live happily ever after surrounded...
Collision by silversundown E
Carol's daily commute paves the way for a chance encounter that she never saw...
Kisses, and Wine by subversivegrrl M
She's given up ever knowing what it's like - until now. And Daryl's not about...
have yourself a smutty little christmas by lilabut E
twenty four unrelated, smutty ficlets to pass the time until christmas
If Only In My Dreams by Rhinozilla T
Carol and Daryl's first Christmas together at the Kingdom doesn't go as planned.
Silent Night by Kenzieboyd08 M
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property...
Alone Time by imorca E
He had caught her staring at his lap during lunch. For as pleased as his lap...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
Lines by imorca G
Laundry day, flirtation, and songs have something in common.
Searching by Kenzieboyd08 E
Spoilers for Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Daryl leaves the prison to search...
Shelter by Trogdor19 T
"You were the one who taught me touch could do something good to you." Daryl...
Duet in C# Minor by alatarielgildaen T
Carol can't help but catch the eye of the handsome bassist playing at her friends'...
listen to the breathing sea by leigh57 M
This is basically a catch-all for short stuff on tumblr that hasn't made its...
In the Early Morning Hours by darylsdiva1 G
Taken by Negan, Daryl has to find a reason to go on when his guilt spiral threatens...
you were my dream. by Na Bruma Leve M
'I thought that I loved youbut we weren't in love' 
The Luck of the Draw by Axelrocks T
Buying a lottery ticket was something Carol had wanted to do the moment she...
The Three Gifts by Shae T
Just some Caryl Christmas schmoopiness with pinches here and there of other...
Scratches 'N Scribbles by Michelle Del Vale G
Drabble series where Madwomanlexie and I are co-reworking Caryl because (insert...
The Price of Freedom by Saedhriel M
Pirate AU, inspired in the XVIIIth century. She was Carol Peletier, and her...
Strangers by alatarielgildaen E
Two strangers meet in a bar, and they're here for one thing, and one thing only...
Caryl Prompts by foreverlovingdaryldixon E
Just Caryl prompts I've got from tumblr transferred onto here. Feel free to...
An X-Rated Education by silversundown E
He just wants to make it good for her. Even if that means seeking out some external...
Random Story
Dissonance by Rhinozilla T
The reunion outside Terminus in "No Sanctuary," but with a tragic twist.
Fairies Masquerade 12/07/16 07:47 pm
Hey guys! I'm still taking suggestions/ideas for MOTM through this Friday - that gives you 2 more days! This is for YOU, so we want YOUR input on this! Hit me up with a PM, yo.
subversivegrrl 12/07/16 05:49 pm
Welcome new authors Trogdor19 and Kenzieboyd08!
Septiclovebite 12/06/16 11:16 am
Thanks for the feature, NL, sorry I suck at writing now.
subversivegrrl 12/05/16 07:20 pm
Congrats to SepticLoveBite, whose story "Even Better" is this week's Featured Story!
littleshelly0619 12/04/16 04:41 pm
Argent Gale, if you're reading this, MORE FIVE VEILS, PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!
subversivegrrl 12/02/16 05:13 pm
New link in Writing Resources, under "Post-Apocalypse Realities" - "Medicine in the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland."
jaibhagwan 12/01/16 09:23 pm
Thanks for chatting everyone!
subversivegrrl 12/01/16 08:07 pm
Chat is happening...
Fairies Masquerade 12/01/16 06:01 pm
HEY GUYS! We are still taking ideas/suggestions for our MOTM revamp. If you have an idea, or just want to give feedback on the previous MOTM setup, PM me! :)
alatarielgildaen 11/30/16 06:13 am
The Caryl AU NaNoWriMo is almost over, and from what I've seen so far, there are going to be some amazing stories heading this way soon. I'm so excited!
untapdtreasure 11/29/16 12:41 pm
I saw that happened in another fandom. I think it would be flattering but at the same time a bit scary if one isn't familiar with the language. I wouldn't want anyone to take credit for the original content but there would have to be credit for the translation. So I'd need more information
subversivegrrl 11/29/16 08:08 am
Hey, authors: if you get an inquiry about translating your story/ies to another language for publication elsewhere, could you let one of the admins know? We know one author has been approached, and we're trying to get a sense of how you feel about the idea.
kaoscraze82 11/28/16 08:49 pm
I love Five Veils! I need MORE Five Veils AG....pretty please!!
Ikkleosu 11/28/16 08:39 am
Congrats to Argent Gale for FSOTW! Five Veils, a Caryl classic!
UncagedMuse 11/25/16 03:44 pm
I am shocked and grateful to have the featured story of the week. Thank you all!
Fairies Masquerade 11/24/16 01:43 pm
We have a new announcement as well! Everyone please go take a look.
Fairies Masquerade 11/24/16 01:43 pm
Welcome new author CMSaints!!
Fairies Masquerade 11/24/16 01:25 pm
To those celebrating: a very happy Thanksgiving! To everyone: a very happy Thursday to you! :)
Fairies Masquerade 11/21/16 09:57 am
Thanks for the birthday love!! Untapdtreasure it's gonna be good! Congrats UncagedMuse!!
Ikkleosu 11/21/16 07:44 am
Congratulations to UncagedMuse for this week's FSOTW!
untapdtreasure 11/20/16 06:53 pm
I miss making Member of the Month banners for this place. <3 Cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for us here!
Oasis Haze 11/20/16 05:46 pm
Happy, happy birthday, Fairies!! 🎂🎈 Hope you have the best day ever.
kaoscraze82 11/20/16 11:02 am
Happy Birthday FM!!! ***hugs***
subversivegrrl 11/20/16 10:04 am
Heads up, everyone - if you get weird spammy reviews, please PM an admin and we'll take care of them. (only one author reporting them thus far, but we usually find that those things run in cycles.)
serpetinefire 11/20/16 03:13 am
happiest of Birthdays to my Darling Fairies... wishing you many many more. Much love

SUGGESTION BOX: Member of the Month Revamp


Happy Thursday, Nine Lives Family! And to the Americans in the group: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ikkles, Subs and I have been working on revamping our Member of the Month feature that will premiere in January as part of Nine Lives' 3rd Anniversary celebration. We're working things out, incuding resetting the list so that those who have won before are eligible to win again under our new format. We're pretty excited with what we've been cooking up, but before we finalize this event, we want to hear from YOU.

  • What do you want to see in a new MOTM event?
  • How should we base our criteria for nomination?
  • How should we celebrate?
  • What do you want to know about our winners?

Comment on this announcement OR send a PM with your ideas/suggestions to Fairies Masquerade. We will be taking suggestions for MOTM specifically through the next 2 weeks - through December 9

Thank you, friends, and once more: Caryl on!

--Fairies Masquerade on November 24, 2016 1:39pm 4 Comments
Fundraiser Round Up and Lotto/Auction Winners

We are very pleased to announce the total amount raised in our first Nine Lives fundraiser is $1,258.07!!

We’re going to give thanks and wax sentimental shortly, but before we do, we have a few announcements to make.

Winner of the Norman Reedus Autograph Lotto

Once donations closed, we assigned a number to each donation. We then used a random number generator (thanks to pull our winner. Congratulations to the new owner of our one of a kind Daryl Dixon photo autographed by Norman Reedus himself…


Your shiny new autograph is headed your way. Woot woot!

Graphics Auction Winners

Our graphic auction was a rousing success. We wanted to thank our spectacular artists for donating their time and talents to our cause. And now, without further ado (haha got it right this time, Subs! -- FM), here are our list of winners for our Fan Artist Graphics Auction:

     Artist                       Winner

     Alannastara              jaibhagwan

     caryllover                 annie319

     DarylRocks               untapdtreasure

     Dixonscarol              geektaire

     untapdtreasure         jaibhagwan

     Ikkleosu                   chicakdee282

Winners and artists will be sent a PM with details on providing and receiving their graphics. If you have any questions, PM an admin.

And now, it’s time for that sentimentality we warned you about:

Our most profound thanks to those who donated. Truly, there is no donation too small. Every cent raised will help us moving forward. We cannot thank you enough for all the support shown towards Nine Lives in recent weeks, financial and otherwise. Many of you sent messages showing your support for Nine Lives even though you couldn’t donate financially during our fundraiser. Those words, that support, mean just as much to us behind the scenes.

Though the fundraiser is over, many express a wish to be able to donate when they have the means to do so. By popular request, we are leaving the Donate button up on the site.

Nine Lives is, most of the time for us, a job. One that we volunteered for willingly, even as some days it threatens to drown us. It’s an outlet of creativity, a playground for our fandom, a home. It’s also expensive, time consuming and exhausting. To see our community come together for us, for the Archive, reminds us why we all agreed to do this and what we’re working for. You’re trusting us with the fruits of your creativity, and that isn’t a charge we take lightly. Thank you for being with us, for trusting us, for taking Nine Lives into yourselves and making it your home. When this fandom pulls together in positive ways, amazing things happen. We are capable to great works that make real differences in people’s lives, and this place is proof of that. 

Go forward. Write. Read. Review. Chat. Laugh. Love. And as always, Caryl on.

Much Love from YOUR Fangirls,

Fairies Masquerade, Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl

--FM, Ikkles and Subs on November 16, 2016 10:13pm 0 Comments

Good morning, fellow Carylers! It's Graphics Auction Time!

Nine Lives Fundraiser 2016

Thanks for bearing with us through the hiccups. We've learned a lot while organizing this first-time fundraiser, mostly about having things better in hand before we launched... but hey! You've come through like the champs you always are.

As for how these silent online auctions will work: We're using the charity auction site 32Auctions. 

If you've ever bought anything through an Ebay auction, you already know how this goes: You enter the top amount you're willing to pay, and the auction service automatically enters the next bid increment on your behalf, up to your max. If you get outbid, you'll be notified.

***ALERT: you need to choose either "exact bid" or "proxy bid" when you enter your amount. "Exact bid" is the default. The "automatic bids until the max is reached" option is what is called "proxy bidding."***

The auctions will run until 11:45 PM (Eastern time) on November 15th. Once all auctions have closed, we will put the winning bidders and their respective artists in contact to work out the details of content and delivery.

Any questions?? PM subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, or Fairies Masquerade.

Now go forth and support your fan art creators, and simultaneously support Nine Lives!

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on November 06, 2016 8:52am 0 Comments