Friday Feels Announcement

Well that was a tough premiere, wasn't it? No spoilers but I'm sure we could all do with a warm hug, and some serious fluff in our lives right now.

It seems like this season of TWD is going to be covering a lot of unhappiness, hardship and brutal misery. Our beloved heroes are separated, and who knows how long it'll be until they see each other again.

In those conditions it can be really hard to get the shippy feels going, but never fear Nine Lives is here to help.

Every Friday on our tumblr page we're going to be posting a song that gives us Caryl feels. We'll post the video and the lyrics, and perhaps a word or two for why this song makes us think of our broken babies.

We know from chats we've held, and from fics themselves, that nothing inspires you guys to write some Caryl fic more than a song. Lyrics that capture the essence of Daryl or Carol or their love for each other, coupled with a haunting or spirited piece of music can bring forth more than just tears of recognition - they can spout forth entire multi-chaptered, fluff and angst-filled shipper goodness.

So, if you can think of some songs that give you serious Caryl vibes and you'd like to see them featured in our Friday Feels tumblr posts, please drop Ikkleosu a PM with the song, artist and - if you'd like - why it makes you think of Caryl. If you're stuck and can only remember a few lines of the song, you can even just send them and Ikkles will try and find out the song information for you.

Keep on carylin'!

--Ikkleosu on October 26, 2016 8:35pm 2 Comments

Oooh this is my thing!!!

Where exactly do we PM Ikkleosu? Here, tumblr?


- PixieGrunger on October 30, 2016 3:06am

Pixie either here or tumblr to reach Ikkles should be just fine.

- Fairies Masquerade on October 31, 2016 7:13am