Master List - International Fanworks Day 2017

Nine Lives Tumblr Art Show - International Fanworks Day 2017

46 artists. 64 individual works. Original art, edits, manipulations, and videos. The breadth and depth of the talent in our little corner of the Walking Dead fandom is ASTONISHING. 

The works represent a wide range of styles, and were chosen by Nine Lives admins and staff. Included are works by each member of our new graphics team!

Many of these artists are members on Nine Lives - some use a different username here than on Tumblr, and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for us to match up the art with the appropriate NL username on the Master List. Please know that we are eternally grateful for your artistic celebration of our ship!

With such a lengthy list, we've put the links into a separate document, linked at the top of this post. Or, you can go to the Nine Lives Tumblr and see the whole array as they are posted! (Roughly at a rate of two per hour. Also, due to Tumblr queue limits, the "show" will spill over into tomorrow.) 

[Try to filter out just the IFD art show posts.]

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