Summer Survival Series: July Challenge Smutfest 2.0 Masterlist

The smut has arrived! We had a big turn out from a lot of pretty awesome authors.

Enough said, right? We all know you're really here for the stories and not this news post, so without further explanation here is the masterlist of super fabulous, totally hot, very sexy smut fics!

A Case Of You by Amanda Hawthorn

The drunken birds and bees by Marie1063

It's Time by coreenfw

Close Call by LeeLeeWoflpack

just one last time by lilabut

Yours by eyeslikewildflowers

Trifecta by silversundown

The Dixons by Amwaaker

SDCC '17 by eyeslikewildflowers

All The Way by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands

We are in this. Together by thisoldlady

A Softer Place To Fall by alatarielgildaen

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