As promised, here's a selection of recommended fics from our list of Nine Lives' authors - more stories to be added as the week goes on, so if you haven't had a chance to submit your reccs, you can continue to send them to me until Friday 8/25.

Check them out and show them some love!


Lost and Found by Lynn Saunders

Everything by Wanderings

The Things We Do for Love by WillowFaerie82

The Camera Doesn’t Lie by knowing-she-has-wings (McReedus)

Home is Wherever I’m With You by muchmoxie

She Knows For Sure by thisoldlady

Companion to Our Demons by red77

Evening Watch by rubinegoslay

Traditions by ghostofzanarkand

9 Lives by AffairWithACrossbow

Fancy by daisylou2013

Meet me at the lighthouse by Stellamare

Broken by mamatito40

It Had To Be You by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands

Settling Down by reeeeedus

Confrontation and Repercussions by coreenfw

Alone Time by imorca

Operation Caryl by ghostofzanarkand

Out of Mind by stellamare

It’s who you’re with that makes it home by daisylou2013

It's Time by coreenfw

All The Way by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands

Walking Toward the Sun by geektaire

Exodus by Mayrwyn

Take one for the team by daisylou2013

Price of Admission by KingdomFlower

I don't dance by Marie1063

Under Morning Sun by Raelis

Help me forget (for I long to remember) by Ab0810

Repercussions by coreenfw

Easy by fricks75

Not without him by ourkidswouldbemartians

Glory Box by adistantfire


--subversivegrrl on August 21, 2017 6:53pm 2 Comments

I have read three quarters of these and the other one quarter makes up some of the 100-plus tabs that I have open on my phone. Haven't read a bad story from these yet I love them all! Our writers are fabulous. Hug

- Amwaaker on August 23, 2017 8:40pm

so happy to be included on this list. I am not a prolific writer so I appreciate the comments and the encouragement I have received. 

Hoping to post to next challenge.... :-) 

- NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands on August 24, 2017 2:23pm