Summer Survival Series: August Challenge 50 First Dates: Masterlist

fanart 50 first dates challenge by daynade on tumblr

Caryl’s first date...what an amazing idea to contemplate. We could wax poetic about how we think they would act and all, but I think we all know what we really want - the fic! So without further ado here’s the master list of 50 First Dates. Happy reading!

Impractical Magic by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands

Lady and the Tramp by coreenfw

Missed Connections by silversundown

Falling by Amanda Hawthorn

a difference of opinion by thekittenking

Apocalyptic Dating by AmalynJon

The Accidental Date by the-space-between1013

Operation: Hookup by Shannonsto

Fired Up by Shannonsto

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