December Writers' Chat: It's Your Turn!

January's coming soon! But, wait, weren't we talking about December? Well, yes, but we need to talk about January in December. Just go along with us for a minute here.

Because in January we're going to be celebrating Nine Lives' FOURTH ANNIVERSARY. Four full years of Caryl goodness, and you've been at the heart of it all.

So this time out, the chat is going to be about looking forward to our fifth year - what kinds of things would you like the chat to tackle? What topics would you like us to revisit? Have you found it helpful to your writing when we do writing sprints? Are there technical areas you're unsure about and would like some help with, like dialogue tags, or punctuation? Do you need help punching up your action scenes? Are you stymied by that tricky old adage, "show, don't tell?"

This is your opportunity to help guide where the chats go in 2018! Please join us on Thursday, December 7th, at 10 pm Eastern time (click on that handy-dandy TIME ZONE CONVERTER at the top of the Events section to check your local time) and bring your fondest hopes for the upcoming year's chat topics to share!

(FYI: We're skipping the January 4th chat, due to the proximity of the New Year's holiday.)

--The Chat Team on November 14, 2017 5:40pm 0 Comments