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Hey everyone, †

It is great to see so many new members joining our madhouse! To all of our amazing authors, thank you so much for choosing Nine Lives to share your work. I have discovered so many wonderful new stories in the last couple of weeks alone! I can't wait to see what new adventures show up in the archive every day. There are crazy levels of talent happening here. It is so awesome!

I just wanted to point out a couple of helpful hints to our authors, and to any of our members who haven't posted their fics yet:

  • Chapter Notes:†I notice a lot of people using this section to place their authors notes. This actually is the summary post for each chapter that ends up in the index page of each story. I'd suggest placing any author's notes in the actual story text, or at the 'End Notes' section.

  • Copy/Pasting:†If you're copy/pasting your story text from a program like Word or even Google Docs, click the button on the Story Text box that looks like a clipboard with a W on it. It will keep any special formatting (paragraph spacing, bold, italics, etc) that you have already done. It's a bit faster than copying and then reformatting within the system.

  • Series:†You do have the option of posting not just stories, but a whole series! A series can be a series of several stories, submitted by different authors, all within the same "universe". I'll give an example (and it's a cracktastic one, too): So let's say Peta2 decided to start a non-zombie AU that takes place in a circus, with Daryl and Carol as circus performers. She posts the first fic, but then invites me to post another story,†separate from hers but set within the same universe. I can post my story to her series, so the†separate stories link together.

There are lots more, but those are the three big ones I wanted to point out.† †

Also, for any authors who are nervous about their work and want a second opinion, feel free to take advantage of our BETA page! Any Nine Lives member can sign up to be a beta reader. Just log onto your account page and update your beta profile information. If you need help, just ask. You can ask in the Shoutbox so anyone can reply, or you can sent a private mesasage to any member directly by clicking on their name, then selecting the envelope to the right of their name.

I hope all of this helps! You guys are amazing! Thank you for making Nine Lives a wonderful home for all Caryl fans! †

Fairies Masquerade

(P.S. I have no intention of starting a circus AU series. I just needed an example and for some reason, that's what came to me.Wink)

--Fairies Masquerade on April 21, 2014 8:19pm 0 Comments
Welcome to Nine Lives, the first Caryl archive of its kind!

When I first went looking for Caryl fanfiction, I was looking for an archive like Iíd been used to in the Buffy fandom, that held all the treasures, new and old, of the fanfic world in my chosen pairing. I didnít find it, and was more than a little surprised to find I could only read Caryl on private blogs, on and on AO3. I believe there is a great need to foster community around our ship, gathering all our fantastic fanfiction in one place so that anyone seeking it out can find it easily. With this site I hope to foster that sense of safety within our own community, support for writers and readers with the inclusion of the chat box and chat room, a beta service, a moderated service that helps those entering the fandom to improve their work and thus improving the reading experience of all Carylers that want to read quality fanfiction. What we are about is acceptance and support, love of Carol and Daryl, Melissa and Norman, and hopefully a place where our detractors can recognise that this is not their space to impose upon.

So, please come on in, join up, submit your work, read other peopleís work, shout out a hello, get to know the place and above all, ENJOY THE CARYL AND HAVE FUN!

Your administrators for the site are Peta2, Spikeslovebite, Atoizzard, and Fairies Masquerade. If you have any problems, please donít hesitate to contact us. If you find any hiccups with the site, remember we are new and still ironing things out, so let us know if something doesnít work. You can follow fic updates on Tumblr at ninelives2.

I hope you all seize this opportunity to build the most kickass Caryl archive there can be.

Stay Safe!

--Peta2 on January 24, 2014 1:20am 2 Comments