Master List - International Fanworks Day 2017

Nine Lives Tumblr Art Show - International Fanworks Day 2017

46 artists. 64 individual works. Original art, edits, manipulations, and videos. The breadth and depth of the talent in our little corner of the Walking Dead fandom is ASTONISHING. 

The works represent a wide range of styles, and were chosen by Nine Lives admins and staff. Included are works by each member of our new graphics team!

Many of these artists are members on Nine Lives - some use a different username here than on Tumblr, and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for us to match up the art with the appropriate NL username on the Master List. Please know that we are eternally grateful for your artistic celebration of our ship!

With such a lengthy list, we've put the links into a separate document, linked at the top of this post. Or, you can go to the Nine Lives Tumblr and see the whole array as they are posted! (Roughly at a rate of two per hour. Also, due to Tumblr queue limits, the "show" will spill over into tomorrow.) 

[Try to filter out just the IFD art show posts.]

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Nine Lives celebrates International Fanworks Day!

Starting late tonight and running through Wednesday, February 15th, Nine Lives will be featuring a day of Tumblr’s Caryl fan artists–original visual art, edits/manips, and videos–selected by Nine Lives’ admins and other staff members (and including a sample of work from each of the members of our new graphics team!)

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March Writers Chat: Writing Sprints

Kermit the Frog typing madlyYay for our March chat topic: Writing Sprints (formerly Word Wars)!! Relax now... these sprints won't make you winded. They're designed to let you stretch your writing legs for 4-10 minutes at a time. We've called them "Word Wars" before, but truly, there's no competing here. Though sharing is encouraged, you don't have to show anybody what you've written during the sprints. It's completely up to you!

This chat will focus more on the writers, but readers are welcome to join. So, bring your sense of humor, your anxiety, your patience, and a stopwatch/timer. We’ll have a good time, and hopefully no tears will be shed. (Well, maybe just a few tears from feels. We’ll bring some tissues, too, just in case.)

Join us on Thursday, March 2nd from 10pm-12am EDT!

Have ideas for a future chat topic on Nine Lives? Send a PM to meeshie, jaibhagwanAlannasTara, or kaoscraze82 with writing topics you'd like to discuss. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to motivate you to keep writing!

(gif from GIPHY)

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Welcome New Staff!

Hello Nine Lives family and friends!

We kicked off the new year with two announcements: that in the first moves towards our expansion and growth goals, we were looking to expand our Nine Lives team with a new squad of Challenge Moderators: creative and enthusiastic individuals willing to help the NL admins plan, coordinate, promote and oversee our events, games and fanfic/art challenges. We also opened another spot on our Chat team and, in a separate announcement, put out a call looking for graphic artists for special projects. We received an overwhelming number of responses for all of our open positions, and after weeks of review and discussion, we have made our decisions!

Fairies Masquerade, Subversivegrrl, Ikkleosu, and meeshie are pleased to announce the new additions to the Nine Lives Staff:

Challenge Moderators

  • AlannasTara

  • silversundown

  • Sira

  • the-space-between1013

Chat Moderator

  • kaoscraze82

kaoscraze82 joins our existing chat team of jaibhagwan and AlannasTara under the direction of Chat Admin meeshie in planning and hosting our monthly Writers Chats.

Graphic Artists Team

  • untapdtreasure

  • PixieGrunger

  • Na Bruma Leve

  • surrealfantasy3

Excitement! Adventure! Shenanigans ahead!

Truly, we are so excited to welcome some amazing talents and personalities to the inner workings of Nine Lives. Big, big things are ahead for us! Our new staff has yet to go through their full initiation, so please don’t ask them for anything yet. Once we get them situated, we’ll post another announcement letting you know how things will work with our expanded teams.

In the meantime, be sure to congratulate these new team members! They’ll be working hard to make Nine Lives bigger and better just for you.

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3 Years and Counting


And then we were 3.

Greetings, Nine Lives family. This is your friendly neighborhood Fairies Masquerade here, representing the admin team. I have spent days sitting here staring at a blank page, trying to figure out how to say all the things I want to say. 

2016 was, in what became typical 2016 fashion, tumultuous for Nine Lives in every way. To say that we experienced some growing pains in 2016 would be quite the understatement. Subversivegrrl said something to me the other night that I wanted to share (with her blessing). She was speaking about her own writing, but I feel very strongly that what she said applies to Nine Lives as well. She said: “It’s a little like metalworking. After you whack at a piece of metal for a while, it gets brittle and you have to put it back in the fire for a bit so you can work it some more without shattering it.”

For me personally, this anniversary is bittersweet. Although my passion for Caryl has not diminished, I’ve stepped back from being a more active face of Nine Lives and a member of the Caryl community for my own mental and physical safety and well being. My stepping back allowed Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl to come forward together and bring a new energy to the Nine Lives Archive, one that I am incredibly proud of. Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl’s level of commitment - to Nine Lives, to Caryl, to each other as friends and teammates, to their fellow fans, to their own fandom works - is truly awe-inspiring. Point blank: we would not have Nine Lives today without these two ladies. We’re also incredibly blessed to have meeshie, our Chat Admin and Unofficially-Official tech goddess. Without her knowledge and her unending patience, so much of what we have on the archive wouldn’t be possible. I am continually honored and humbled to call these ladies my friends as well as my co-admins here. If there is a heart to Nine Lives, it’s the three of them.

The soul of Nine Lives is you. You brilliant, wonderful, talented, enthusiastic, inspiring people out there who decided to take a chance on this place. We have said it before and we will never stop saying it: You are Nine Lives. You are the lifeblood of this archive, of this communal haven we call home. Thank you for coming. Thank you for staying. Thank you for being part of us.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 10.34.17 PM.png

All I ask from you today is to share what Nine lives means to you, either in the shoutbox or the comments below. Share with us why you came, what stories or events have tickled your fancy, and what your hopes and dreams are as we march headfirst into our 4th year. 

We’ve changed a lot - as individuals, as an archive, as a fandom - but we’ve learned a lot from those changes and I think that 2017 will show our archive moving forward in incredibly positive ways from the lessons of last year. I look forward to the growth and expansion of Nine Lives, not just as a website, but as a community family. There will be new challenges, new adventures and new stories to tell. I, for one, cannot wait to see what you and 2017 have in store.

That’s 3 years in the bag. Let’s see what 4 has in store for us!


Much Love,

Fairies Masquerade

--Fairies Masquerade on January 24, 2017 2:17pm 2 Comments
February Writers Chat - Mixing It Up!

"A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order." - Jean-Luc Godard

Are you trying to think of a unique way to relay information in your story? Do you want to draw on a character's past without writing their history from A to Z? Are you looking to create mystery and intrigue for your thrilling AU?

Join us on Thursday, February 2nd, at 10 pm EST, for our February Writers’ Chat, where we will discuss Flashbacks, Dreams, and Nonlinear Storytelling and how to use them in a manner that will have the most impact on your readers!

Readers and lurkers are welcome as well. There's no better way to learn what works than by asking our target audience!

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Rewriting History: the What-If/Fix-It Challenge Masterlist

Now, this is how you start the new year right - by waving your authorial wand and changing the way things turned out in The Walking Dead.

If only real life were as simple, hm?

You folks really stepped up to the challenge, and we have some excellent responses to share with you. Check them out here:

Thanks to everyone who submitted for the challenge! Now, read, enjoy, and above all, Caryl on!!


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Rewriting History: 2017's First Fic Challenge (or, What we would have liked to do with 2016, but were prevented by time paradoxes)


Time to go back and change the past. Time to speculate on the way things could have gone, or repair the damage done by TPTB.

Time to seize the reins and redirect Caryl's story.  


A "what-if" fic looks at canon and mixes things up. What if a certain canon event hadn't happened, or had happened differently? What if Merle had died on that rooftop in Atlanta, or if Rick, Daryl and company had gotten back there in time to get him out of the cuffs before he cut his hand off? Or if they'd been able to intercept him afterward and take him back to the quarry to recuperate? Any of those changes to just that one piece of story would have dramatically changed what happened later.

What if Rick had been the one to die in that field at the Greenes' farm instead of Shane? What if Daryl had gotten himself stuck in that cell in the Tombs, and Carol had been the one to find him? What if Carol and Andrea escaped the farm together and spent that terrible winter with Michonne before ending up in Woodbury? What if Axel had lived? Or T-Dog? What if Daryl had stayed with Merle in Woodbury rather than escaping? The story could have gone in vastly different directions.

"Fix-it" is a variant on "what-if." We probably all have pieces of canon we wish had been handled differently. In a fix-it fic, maybe Andrea didn't dawdle over retrieving the pliers from the floor of the Governor's torture room and was able to get free of the chair before Milton turned. Maybe it was Daryl who killed Karen and David, or maybe he and Carol did it together. There have certainly been plenty of stories where Carol was revealed to have taken the blame for someone else -- all of those stories "fix" canon, bringing it in line with how the writers understand Carol's character. There's even at least one amazingly ambitious story that sends Daryl back in time, letting him know in advance what's about to happen and prevent it this time around.

So now it's your turn. You have the power to rewrite history for these characters. What parts of the story will you erase from canon and insert your own vision of how things could have been?

Challenge Dates: submission date Sunday, January 22nd; publication Monday, January 23rd

Open to: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Graphics, Fan Videos

THE PROMPT: What-if/Fix It

You can pick any aspect of canon to rewrite,  but remember, this is a Caryl archive, so your story has to prominently feature both Daryl and Carol.

THE DEADLINE: All submissions must be turned in by midnight Pacific Time on January 22nd.



Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge. Even if you're not sure you'll have anything ready in time - let us know you're planning on it. YOU MUST DO THIS TO BE INCLUDED.

WRITE! Stories must be at least 100 words.

Multiple entries are allowed!

No McReedus (given the theme, we assume you already knew that.)

Do not upload it yet! Wait until Sunday, January 22nd to upload your fic – just like in challenges past, we will be suspending automatic validation for that day for all authors who enter the challenge. (This is one of the main reasons why you need to let an admin know you'll be participating. Otherwise UGH a mess.)

Submission Day is January 22nd – post your fic. It will not appear on the archive, but will enter our validation queue. Make sure you submit it under the Nine Lives Challenge category!

Publication Day is Monday, January 23rd – We will post the master list and all of the challenges entries so everything shows up at once. That way, we’re all surprised by what we get to read!

Any challenge fics posted before January 22nd will be deleted. IF FOR SOME REASON you are unable to post on the 22nd, please send a PM to one of the admins - we will work with you.


Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge --OR--

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.


Submit your challenge piece via one of the following channels:

  • Nine Lives Tumblr submissions box (include your NL username if different from your Tumblr URL) OR

Email title: What If/Fix It Challenge Submission

Emails must include your Nine Lives Archive username along with any other information you want to be posted with your artwork.

Submission Day is January 22nd - We need to have your artwork submitted to our Tumblr or email by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 1/22.

Publication Day is January 23rd - We will post all artwork via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.


Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl on the Nine Lives site that you want to enter the challenge, OR

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account (ninelives2.) Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.


Upload your video to YouTube - ensuring you select "UNLISTED" as the privacy setting. You will have a URL for your video.

  • Send a PM to fairiesmasquerade, Ikkleosu, or subversivegrrl with the URL for your video, along with a title and the name you use on YouTube, plus your Nine Lives name (if different from the one you use on YouTube) --OR--

Email title: What-If/Fix It Challenge Submission

Submission Day is January 22nd - We need to have your video link submitted to our inbox by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 1/22.

Publication Day is January 23 - We will post all submissions via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.

You can change you video's privacy setting to PUBLIC once it has been listed on Nine Lives.

Any questions? please PM an admin.

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on January 05, 2017 8:21am 1 Comments
Something Great Is Coming... and We Want You!

Hello Nine Lives and happy 2017 to you all! It’s a new week, a new month, a new year! For so many, January is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. For us, it’s also a time of celebration. A few years ago, we tried something new when Nine Lives was first launched and now, January has become our ultimate boogie time.

Nine Lives’ 3rd anniversary is January 24!! Can you believe it? We’re a toddler! We have a lot that’ll be coming at you over the next few days as we roll out our challenges and changes to go along with our upcoming 3rd anniversary. Ikkleosu has something special for the graphics artists she’s going to drop shortly and Subs is getting our challenge announcement together based off of the results from the poll we’ve had up the last couple of weeks.

What I wanted to do is pick up where we left off with our amazing fundraiser results and talk about the growth of the site. We have plans, you guys. Plans that are definitely moving forward, but in order to make that happen, we’ve got to make some changes to the archive. The site as it is has enough traffic and daily maintenance to keep myself, Ikkles & Subs busy for the rest of our lives, and that’s before we even get into things like MOTM, fanfic challenges and any other events. If we’re going to grow, we need more help behind the scenes here.

Basically, we’re hiring!

A few things for you to know: nobody on the Nine Lives staff is paid. These are all volunteer positions and some of them will require more time and attention than others. General active participation on the Nine Lives Archive, either as a writer or reviewer, is required to be considered. These are the positions we have currently available:

  • Challenge Moderator: Will assist the Nine Lives admin team with the planning, scheduling, organization and advertising of Nine Lives’ fanfic/art/video challenges. May also be called upon to assist in running behind the scenes on challenge Upload and Posting days. Will be required to attend regular staff meetings. 2017 challenges are scheduled for the following months: January, February, April, June, July, August, November.

    • Number of spots open: 2-3

  • Chat Moderator: Will be part of the Nine lives Chat team under meeshie. Chat moderators plan, schedule and run the monthly Writers Chats, as well as any other chat events that may occur. Chat mods enforce the rules during Writers Chats and issue warnings/bans as needed as well as keeping the chat discussions on topic. Regular attendance at the monthly Writers Chats is required.

    • Number of spots open: 1

If you’re interested in joining the Nine Lives team, fill out the following form and it to email

  • Nine Lives Username

  • Real Name (first only)

  • Valid email address

  • Username for at least 1 other social media account (tumblr/twitter/etc)

  • Position Applying For

  • Short paragraph of why you think you’d be a good fit for the position

Applications are open through January 20. If you have questions about any of the open positions or what else may be required, send a PM to Fairies Masquerade.

That’s all, folks! Stay tuned for the fun challenge news headed your way and get ready to get down for our 3rd anniversary!

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1st Challenge of 2017: Your input is needed!

Nine Lives has kind of taken a break from challenges since the Summer Survival Series concluded - between uncooperative Real Life stuff, hiatus angst, and general kerfufflery, it seemed like most of us were at a low ebb as far as fic was concerned.

But then... a little light shone in spoilers... and we got to see both Carol and Daryl in the new season... and we started dreaming again... and lo and behold...!!! The new fic has been rolling in.

So now we're gearing up for the first challenge of 2017, which happens to coincide with our third anniversary on January 24th (I KNOW!! THREE YEARS!!!) We want to make this a slam-bangin', rip-roaring TIDAL WAVE of fic -- with your help, of course.

What can you do? Well, you can help us figure out what the theme is going to be!

Click on the link below, and check out our poll: we've provided four possible themes, and left a fifth spot open for "Other." Pick one of ours, or suggest one of your own! Voting runs from now until December 31st, and we'll announce the theme on January 7th.

Nine Lives POLL: January 2017 Challenge Theme

Thanks for your participation, your support, and above all, your undying love for Caryl!

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on December 20, 2016 8:25am 1 Comments
SUGGESTION BOX: Member of the Month Revamp


Happy Thursday, Nine Lives Family! And to the Americans in the group: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ikkles, Subs and I have been working on revamping our Member of the Month feature that will premiere in January as part of Nine Lives' 3rd Anniversary celebration. We're working things out, incuding resetting the list so that those who have won before are eligible to win again under our new format. We're pretty excited with what we've been cooking up, but before we finalize this event, we want to hear from YOU.

  • What do you want to see in a new MOTM event?

  • How should we base our criteria for nomination?

  • How should we celebrate?

  • What do you want to know about our winners?

Comment on this announcement OR send a PM with your ideas/suggestions to Fairies Masquerade. We will be taking suggestions for MOTM specifically through the next 2 weeks - through December 9

Thank you, friends, and once more: Caryl on!

--Fairies Masquerade on November 24, 2016 1:39pm 4 Comments
Fundraiser Round Up and Lotto/Auction Winners

We are very pleased to announce the total amount raised in our first Nine Lives fundraiser is $1,258.07!!

We’re going to give thanks and wax sentimental shortly, but before we do, we have a few announcements to make.

Winner of the Norman Reedus Autograph Lotto

Once donations closed, we assigned a number to each donation. We then used a random number generator (thanks to pull our winner. Congratulations to the new owner of our one of a kind Daryl Dixon photo autographed by Norman Reedus himself…


Your shiny new autograph is headed your way. Woot woot!

Graphics Auction Winners

Our graphic auction was a rousing success. We wanted to thank our spectacular artists for donating their time and talents to our cause. And now, without further ado (haha got it right this time, Subs! -- FM), here are our list of winners for our Fan Artist Graphics Auction:

     Artist                       Winner

     Alannastara              jaibhagwan

     caryllover                 annie319

     DarylRocks               untapdtreasure

     Dixonscarol              geektaire

     untapdtreasure         jaibhagwan

     Ikkleosu                   chicakdee282

Winners and artists will be sent a PM with details on providing and receiving their graphics. If you have any questions, PM an admin.

And now, it’s time for that sentimentality we warned you about:

Our most profound thanks to those who donated. Truly, there is no donation too small. Every cent raised will help us moving forward. We cannot thank you enough for all the support shown towards Nine Lives in recent weeks, financial and otherwise. Many of you sent messages showing your support for Nine Lives even though you couldn’t donate financially during our fundraiser. Those words, that support, mean just as much to us behind the scenes.

Though the fundraiser is over, many express a wish to be able to donate when they have the means to do so. By popular request, we are leaving the Donate button up on the site.

Nine Lives is, most of the time for us, a job. One that we volunteered for willingly, even as some days it threatens to drown us. It’s an outlet of creativity, a playground for our fandom, a home. It’s also expensive, time consuming and exhausting. To see our community come together for us, for the Archive, reminds us why we all agreed to do this and what we’re working for. You’re trusting us with the fruits of your creativity, and that isn’t a charge we take lightly. Thank you for being with us, for trusting us, for taking Nine Lives into yourselves and making it your home. When this fandom pulls together in positive ways, amazing things happen. We are capable to great works that make real differences in people’s lives, and this place is proof of that. 

Go forward. Write. Read. Review. Chat. Laugh. Love. And as always, Caryl on.

Much Love from YOUR Fangirls,

Fairies Masquerade, Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl

--FM, Ikkles and Subs on November 16, 2016 10:13pm 0 Comments

Good morning, fellow Carylers! It's Graphics Auction Time!

Nine Lives Fundraiser 2016

Thanks for bearing with us through the hiccups. We've learned a lot while organizing this first-time fundraiser, mostly about having things better in hand before we launched... but hey! You've come through like the champs you always are.

As for how these silent online auctions will work: We're using the charity auction site 32Auctions. 

If you've ever bought anything through an Ebay auction, you already know how this goes: You enter the top amount you're willing to pay, and the auction service automatically enters the next bid increment on your behalf, up to your max. If you get outbid, you'll be notified.

***ALERT: you need to choose either "exact bid" or "proxy bid" when you enter your amount. "Exact bid" is the default. The "automatic bids until the max is reached" option is what is called "proxy bidding."***

The auctions will run until 11:45 PM (Eastern time) on November 15th. Once all auctions have closed, we will put the winning bidders and their respective artists in contact to work out the details of content and delivery.

Any questions?? PM subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, or Fairies Masquerade.

Now go forth and support your fan art creators, and simultaneously support Nine Lives!

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on November 06, 2016 8:52am 0 Comments
Graphics Auction Teaser

Thank you so much to those who have been so generous and donated to our fundraiser already, and now we can tell you some more about the exciting graphics auction where you can donate AND get a little sum'sum for yourself.

We have 4 amazing and talented volunteers who are donating their graphics making abilities to you in return for some money that will be donated to Nine Lives' fundraiser.

These lovely people are Nine Lives members:


There will be 4 auctions, 1 for each graphics designer, during which you will be bidding for a graphics banner designed just for you by the artist you are bidding on. You can use that banner as you see fit. You will decide what you'd like it to contain, so you can ask it to be for one of your stories, as your name for your profile, or for your website or blog.

As well as this, our own admin Ikkleosu is offering 1 A4 drawing (210 x 297 mm/8.3 x 11.7 in.) in coloured pencil of the image or design of your choosing. Again this can be for one of your stories, or for blog, or just for your own amusement. You'll get a digital copy of the drawing, but you'll also get the original drawing to hang on your wall or hide inside a textbook if you like. ;D

So you can know what you're bidding for here's a sample of the kind of work these artists produce.






The actual auctions will begin on Saturday, and will be announced here along with more details of how exactly the auctions will work. So keep an eye out and get your bidding fingers ready.

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Friday Feels Announcement

Well that was a tough premiere, wasn't it? No spoilers but I'm sure we could all do with a warm hug, and some serious fluff in our lives right now.

It seems like this season of TWD is going to be covering a lot of unhappiness, hardship and brutal misery. Our beloved heroes are separated, and who knows how long it'll be until they see each other again.

In those conditions it can be really hard to get the shippy feels going, but never fear Nine Lives is here to help.

Every Friday on our tumblr page we're going to be posting a song that gives us Caryl feels. We'll post the video and the lyrics, and perhaps a word or two for why this song makes us think of our broken babies.

We know from chats we've held, and from fics themselves, that nothing inspires you guys to write some Caryl fic more than a song. Lyrics that capture the essence of Daryl or Carol or their love for each other, coupled with a haunting or spirited piece of music can bring forth more than just tears of recognition - they can spout forth entire multi-chaptered, fluff and angst-filled shipper goodness.

So, if you can think of some songs that give you serious Caryl vibes and you'd like to see them featured in our Friday Feels tumblr posts, please drop Ikkleosu a PM with the song, artist and - if you'd like - why it makes you think of Caryl. If you're stuck and can only remember a few lines of the song, you can even just send them and Ikkles will try and find out the song information for you.

Keep on carylin'!

--Ikkleosu on October 26, 2016 8:35pm 2 Comments
Big Beautiful Fundraising Extravaganza

Hello friends, neighbors, fellow fans and family of this ridiculous fandom that has claimed us all! The premiere of Season 7 of our favorite show is less than 24 hours away (finally!) and I think we’re all pretty ready to see Daryl and Carol on our screens again, amirite? Well, we all know what this is, so I’m gonna dive right in.

At the urging of all the NL staff, and many of our members, we’re going ahead with something that has been encouraged and requested for quite a while now.


Lets talk a little bit about the logistics of the archive. As we’ve said previously, since NL split off from our former host site Elysian Fields, the entirety of the archive has been paid for by Fairies Masquerade. Our first year was, on the tech side, rocky. We ended up changing web hosts, went through a few technical glitches and a massive hack. We’ve learned a lot though and are much more equipped and prepared for the ups and downs of running an archive of our size. We are firm in our foundations, stable (lord, please don’t let this post jinx that) and steady.

But we don’t want to just hold steady. We want to grow, and expand Nine Lives. More server space, better security, upgrades to our archive software are first on our list. We’ve talked about the potential of adding a gallery for fan art and possibly integrating a forum to make the site more interactive. Any and all of these require additional funds. While FM is willing and able to continue paying in full for Nine Lives, we have had so many offers from members to donate that we’re taking you all up on it.

Our fundraiser will run November 1-15. In true Nine Lives fashion, however, we’re not just going to post a Donate button to our PayPal account. We’re adding a few twists and turns to keep things exciting for all of our Nine Lives family. We have 3 events that will happen during our fundraiser that should keep everyone excited. I’m going to start with the smallest and work my way up to the big kahuna!

First and foremost, we will be holding a live chat with the Nine Lives admins on Sunday, November 6. Our ‘Ask the Admins’ chat is a chance for us to touch base with all of you, and a chance for you to offer ideas and suggestions as well as ask questions of us about our archive, where we’ve been and where we’re headed. 

Our second event is something we think is very cool. We’ve asked for volunteers from some of our fandom’s best graphics artists for help with this one. We’re holding an auction as part of our fundraiser for custom creations of your very own. We’ll post a list of the artists who have volunteered on November 1 and you’ll get to bid on having a specific artist create a custom graphic for one of your own stories, or for your profile or blog!

And finally, we come to it. The Big Kahuna. Thanks to an incredibly generous donation from kaoscraze82, look what we have!!

That’s right, folks!! We have a Daryl Dixon photo signed by the man himself, Norman Reedus! Our final fundraiser event is a lottery for this very autograph. Donate a minimum of $5 to Nine Lives under your Nine Lives username or with a valid email address between November 1 – 15 and you’ll be automatically entered to win this one of a kind autographed photo of Daryl Dixon. The winner will be selected by random draw on November 16, one day after the fundraiser officially ends.

So to run down, here are the dates and details of our fundraiser:

November 1-15

How to Donate
Our Donation button will be posted to the site on November 1. Click on the links provided to donate. There will be a comment box on the donation form – make sure you enter your Nine Lives username OR a valid email address.

Daryl Dixon Photo Lotto: Donate a minimum of $5 to Nine Lives under your Nine Lives username and be entered to win the above autographed photo in a random drawing to occur on November 16. Only 1 entry per Nine Lives account/email allowed! Donations must be received by 11:59pm EST on November 15 to be accepted.

Custom Fanfic Graphic Auction: Bid on your chance to have a custom graphic designed for one of your stories hosted on NL or for your profile or blog. Full details for this event will be posted separately on November 1.

Ask the Admins Chat: Hosted in the Nine Lives Chat Room on November 6. This is your chance for some live face time with the Nine Lives admins and a chance to ask questions, offer suggestions and ideas and get some real time feedback from us on what you’d like to see happen with Nine Lives.

How Donations Work

On November 1, we’ll post the donations button to our PayPal account on the archive and through our various social media accounts. We’ll be accepting donations through November 15. 

100% of the funds donated will go towards the running of the Nine Lives Archive. Our staff, including the admins, are entirely volunteers and are not paid for their services. No donations will be put towards personal use for any staff member of this archive. The money donated will be kept in a PayPal account dedicated solely to Nine Lives and expenses will be tracked by the NL Admins. 

There you have it, folks! That’s what we’re up to in November. We hope you like what we’ve cooked up for you, and we’ll see you there!!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: MOTM Change & Upcoming Fundraiser

To paraphrase Lin Manuel Miranda: HellohelloHELLO Nine Lives! We are one week from the Season 7 premiere. Can you believe it? We are so ready for this hiatus to be over. More Carol, more Daryl - give it to us!! But before that happens, we have some stuff to go over.

You may have noticed that the admin team has been rather quiet lately. Some of this has been life, but much has been an ongoing and very in depth discussion about the current state of the Nine Lives archive and its potential future. I think the best way to kick this off is to address the proverbial elephant in the room. About a month ago, there was an incident over a story posted on NL that led to such a rash of inexcusable abuse that FM deleted all of her social media accounts to escape it. It also led to a deep discussion behind the scenes with all admins pondering what we wanted, why we were here and putting our work into Nine Lives, and if the archive was worth continuing. We’re not going to get into the nitty gritty of that discussion because that isn’t the point of this post. What you need to know is the result of that conversation: Nine Lives is here to stay, but we’re making some changes.

One of those changes is our Member of the Month event. Honestly, it’s not getting a lot of participation these days, but a lot of work goes into its current incarnation. Taking into account suggestions FM received from site members last month along with some of our own ideas, we’re doing a full revamp of the Member of the Month feature. Part of this revamp will include resetting the previous winners list so that everyone can participate and be open for the accolades available in MOTM 2.0, as well as changing how the process is run behind the scenes and what is awarded to our winners. This new format will premiere on January 1, 2017 as part of our 3rd anniversary celebration. In the meantime, the Member of the Month feature is officially closed, effective immediately.

Now onto part 2: In September, we announced our plans for a fundraiser and asked for members’ votes on when we should hold it. The prevailing vote was for October and we figured the week of the S7 premiere would be the perfect time to host it. And then shit hit the fan, FM went off the grid, we all took time to regroup as a team and as participants of the TWD/Caryl fandom, which frankly threw our timetable of events into a tailspin while we figured ourselves out. So, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and apologize, because we will not be hosting a fundraiser this week.

Our fundraiser is coming though. We have what we feel is a really fun plan in place that we hope everyone is going to enjoy during our fundraiser. Mark your calendars: the fundraiser itself is going to run from November 1-15 and will be open to all who would like to participate and offer their support to the Nine Lives Archive. We’ll be posting the full fundraiser details, as well as why we’re fundraising and what our hopes/dreams/plans are later this week. So stay tuned for more details headed your way!

As always, if you have any questions, comment here or drop a private message to FM, Ikkles or Subs. Thank you and Caryl on!

--FM, Ikkles & Subs on October 16, 2016 7:14pm 4 Comments
October Writers Chat: Effective Use of Subplots

Silly StringTrying to make your fic more interesting, but having trouble with all those loose threads? We're here to help!! Join us for the Writers Chat this month and we'll talk about creating subplots, weaving plot threads throughout your fic, and neatly wrapping up those pesky little buggers before you're through.

As always, readers are encouraged to attend and contribute to the chat! Your input and feedback is invaluable. We also welcome curious lurkers. =)

Chats will be Thursday, October 6, 10 PM Eastern time and Saturday, October 8, 1 PM Eastern time. Check the Time Zone Converter (on the sidebar at the left under Events) to find your local time.

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October Members of the Month!

It's a new month, and we have new Members of the Month for you to get to know better!

Author of the Month - jaibhagwan 


What draws you to the Caryl ship?

True love. What can I say that hasn’t been said before? I think we all know why we are here: their chemistry is undeniable. That they love each other is clear. It’s in the smallest details of their actions, the words they don’t speak, the simple way they look at one another. But I think the mutual respect and trust they hold for one another is truly what keeps me tethered to this ship. I am a romantic at heart, so I’m a sucker for the slow burn. And I prefer to champion the underdog. After what they’ve both been through in their lifetimes, they truly deserve one another. It’s only fair.  

Who are your writing influences?

My mother, who taught me to read and write. And every English teacher I ever had. Seriously, I dislike this question! I read a lot and have fairly eclectic interests. But I think my style is my own. Some of my favorite authors/poets include Maya Angelou, Octavia Butler, E.E. Cummings, Barbara Kingsolver, Milan Kundera, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin (that punk!), Mary Oliver, Tom Robbins, Rumi, and Sheri S. Tepper. I’ve also read a lot of trash and poorly written novels that have somehow managed to get published, and I think it’s those that give me the most hope about my own writing. If they can do it, why can’t I? So then I did. And now, I can’t stop the madness.

How do you handle writer’s block?

Netflix and chill? Lol! I spend a lot of time outdoors in nature. A nice hike will often fill my head with ideas. Sometimes I meditate. There’s nothing like trying to empty your mind only to have it fill up again with images of that perfect scene or line of dialog. It’s the wrangling of all the parts into a cohesive narrative that’s often the hardest, for me. As is trusting in the story as it wants to be told. I read, look at art, or listen to music that inspires me and makes me feel the things I want to write about. I seek support from other writers who understand this kind of torture and commiserate. It’s always nice to know that I’m not alone in my suffering. I surrender to the fact that the story comes in it’s own time. I go about my life and try not to sweat it. I mean, I sweat anyway, but I try not to dwell on the fact that I’m sweating. I usually end up writing a lot of things that I’ll simply never, ever publish just to keep at it. You have to be willing to write a lot of crap to get to the gold.

Anything you want to say to your readers?

Bless your hearts! I am filled with gratitude for your support and enthusiasm for our ship. Thank you for nominating me, for reading my work, for reviewing, for favoriting, for following, for shyly lurking, for demanding more—you have made me a better writer. I never expected to be here. I’m sure you didn’t either, but here we are. Sorry that I don’t write faster, but I promise, I will do everything in my power to finish all my fics. Thank you, Nine Lives, for fostering a loving community where we can all be transported into a magical world that is all Caryl, all the time. Stay safe!Love -jb

Reviewer of the Month - chemfemme   

What draws you to the Caryl ship?

I think I may be somewhat unusual in that I was first drawn to the Caryl ship through the fan stories I read. I became obsessed with the show during the summer hiatus between seasons four and five. The characters were on the cusp of some big changes at that point, and there were so many ways to interpret what had happened – I think that’s a nice way of saying, WTF were they thinking? So after I binged the first four seasons, I fed my obsession with all the characters with the stories I found online. Eventually, I realized I was especially drawn to Caryl stories.

I can’t help rooting for an underdog, and Carol and Daryl were the bottom of that social pile in the early seasons. Over and over, they had to fight to justify their right to be in that group; that’s how I saw it then, anyway. And who doesn’t love the idea that two people who can’t believe much in their own selves might reinvent themselves and find some redemption through love? That’s what I found in the stories. The stories made me re-watch the show through the Caryl lens, so to speak, and I couldn’t ignore what I hadn’t noticed before. I had to appreciate the subtle developments and changes both characters had undergone. I was hooked.

What do you look for in a story to keep reading?

First, know that I am a compulsive reader. I will read the words at the bottom, rather than watch the TV show, if closed-captioning is active. I can’t help myself, I’m like a Labrador retriever: throw a story and I will read it; I’ll probably find something to like about it, every time.

So, forgive my impertinence, but the better question to ask me is, What makes you reread a story? Because I read a lot - and I admit, I’m not very discriminating, I enjoy storytelling as it comes. But, I truly love the stories that compel me to go back and reread. Even if I don’t think I like a story, if it haunts me, I’ll read it over and over again, and eventually, I find I love it. Sometimes, I don’t even know what draws me back to a story. I’ve reread one of my “favorites” at least five times; I still haven’t figured out what I want to say to the author about some of the chapters, but it draws me back.

I have noticed a few things about my reading habits, though. Any story that challenges common assumptions about a character will usually pique my curiosity, especially if it challenges my assumptions, and definitely if it brings me to a new insight about a character. Stories that have an interesting voice or rhythm for a character’s thoughts always fascinate me; stories told from Daryl’s perspective in particular draw me. As a kid, I reread the Little House books until they fell apart; I am a sucker for homesteading in the ZA stories, I revel in the nitty-gritty details of daily life and survival in the new world. If someone ever wrote a story about how to make cheese in the ZA, I would favorite it like my life depended on it! And if you know where that story exists, please PM me.

I don’t exactly look for darker-themed stories, but I am particularly drawn to them when they tap into deeper speculations I have about TWD. I don’t want to get too political, but for me, TWD is about looking obliquely at a society that is engaged in ongoing war. Stories that explore those themes - psychology of battle, loss, collateral damage, breakdown of social structures, futility of hope, erosion of civil conventions, suffering of the innocent at what cost – those just suck me in. On a side-note, I have never enjoyed violent TV or movies - until TWD. In stories, I also find portraying realistic consequences of violence to be more honest and readable than stories that use violence in a back-handed way and gloss over the after-effects. That said, sadism repels me, and honest doesn’t necessarily mean graphic.

A few stories that I’ve read recently highlight this for me. A Drop of Blood among the Sharks by silversundown began with, for me, a very uncomfortable and frank starting scenario, then dealt with it realistically and unflinchingly. An in-progress story, The Man with the Bat by Viktories, set up a scenario that I found extremely harsh to read at times; yet it falls within a certain realm of plausibility in the world as I know it, and it is exploring some depths of Carol’s character that I haven’t seen plumbed in many stories. I love the fun and fluffy and entertaining stories as much as anyone, but I hope authors don’t shy away from exploring darker human stories that mirror real darkness in our world, especially at this juncture of human civilization. This reader, at least, appreciates your willingness to venture into the darkness to spread some light.

What are your top five favorite stories?

Wow, now I understand why previous reviewers found this hard. To badly paraphrase the first Georgia heroine I ever remember reading, the winnowing is harsh when loved ones are being winnowed. (Has anyone done a Gone with the Wind adaptation of TWD? I know there are all sorts of modern concerns around that book, but I cannot be the first person who’s thought there could be some interesting parallels and contrasts between Scarlett O’Hara and Carol Peletier.)

Here are five stories that had special impact on me. Okay, I cheated and did some pairings…and other weird things…because it’s really hard to decide!

Landslide by Lamport I couldn’t stop reading this one until I finished, then again two days later. I had seen references to Nine Lives challenges on other stories, but I was such a newbie to fan fiction I had no idea what those tags meant when I read the story on another site. (Just imagine my shock when I discovered what E-RPF meant, ha!) So this is the story that brought me to NineLives, because I loved it so much I went searching for more stories by this author, and that brought me here.

Broken Mirrors by ramblinrose I was so new to fan fiction when I read this, I wondered: why would anyone want to put TWD characters in a story that wasn’t, y’know, like TWD? One of the first AU stories I read, it hooked me before I finished the first chapter. I love that it’s a three-way love story about becoming a family, and that the author made Sophia into an OC of the most invisible kind of kid, the unadoptable teen, and she hit all the little things that means so well.

Your Name is Merle vs. The One What Brung Ya, both by Lena Carr. I’m going to let these two duke it out for placement. I know why I love the first story; I can’t even explain to myself why I love the second story, but someday I will figure it out. The first story is part of a series and I sincerely hope there will be more additions. I also loved Marginalia and Harriers and Straight and Narrow – natural history and multi-chapter homesteading on the road, yes!

Other Half by Not Laura / You Are the Sun Gone Down by lilabut I doubt authors like being paired like this, but these two stories have a symmetry in my head that makes them whatever the story-equivalent of a diptych is. They are dark and lovely and encompass soft, squishy, savory truths like the opposite shells of a bivalve. I love them both and when I reread one, I always end up rereading the other.

Looks Good on You by Michelle del Vale This is the kind of story I wish I could write: succinct, fun, flirty. It colors inside all the lines of decorum, yet knocks the needle off the dial on the sexy-meter. Her special talent, I think, the blush-worthy T-rated story.

Anything you want to say to all the Caryl authors out there?

Well, authors, if you’ve read this far, you deserve to know my dirty secret. Deep breath, let it out: As far as the show goes, I have almost no confidence that Daryl will ever be emotionally ready to be more than a comrade-in-arms to Carol, and breaking off pieces of her until she’s equally emotionally stunted will not make them any more ready for each other. They're wonderful characters, and the actors do them justice; but if either were a good friend, I’d lose some sleep if they started going in a romantic direction with each other.

There, I said it.

Before you stone me – or, worst fate of all, block me from reading your stories – please remember what I told you at the beginning: You brought me to the Caryl ship through your stories. Your stories have made me want to believe.

The once-in-a-blue-moon-Caryl moments on the show are sweet, but your stories fuel my Caryl fantasies. You’ve made me laugh out loud and you’ve brought me to tears. Who knew G-rated meant watch-a-character-die or suffer-horribly-depressing-stuff? Seriously: browse it by rating, read 10 random stories, then try to tell me I lied; I thought they’d be funny fluff, ha! I have yelled at characters and I’ve dropped my ipod, stunned, while reading. I’ve spent traffic jams speculating what the heck you were going to do in the next chapter - and by that, I mean talking out loud as if you were in the car with me and had any interest in my opinions about what Carol and Daryl were thinking. I’ve stayed up way too late because I couldn’t stop reading, and too often I’ve woken up way too early to check for updates. You have crafted moments in your stories that helped me rethink loss, and grief, and fights with my mother, and dramas with my students, and if the ongoing construction in my neighbor’s garage at odd hours should be something to worry me. There have been some particularly difficult days over the past few years when the best thing I had to look forward to at the end of the day was one of your stories. And yes, I may have made incoherent squeaking sounds upon receiving your thoughtful responses to my comments.

And regardless of how crazy I probably sound at this point, please remember that I am just a fan and you are all rock stars to me. I thank you all for sharing your time and talent, with an extra dollop of thank you sauce to whoever nominated me; I had fun revisiting stories, despite the agony of decision. And, I forgive you all, one-by-one, for hooking me on the drug that is Caryl.



--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on October 01, 2016 10:18am 0 Comments
Email Notifications

UPDATE: This appears to have been a server issue. The email settings have been reset and notifications are working again. If you sent any PMs over the last day or so, you may want to resend them. Thanks!

Hey folks,

It looks like email notifications are down. We're not sure why, but we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, just sit tight, read a few fics & we'll keep you updated as we work to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your patience!

--Fairies Masquerade & meeshie on September 28, 2016 11:23pm 0 Comments
Shoutout from Refinery29

Super exciting news that entertainment website Refinery29 has given your little fanfic home away from home a shoutout.

In an article titled Is There Hope For A Carol & Daryl Romance On The Walking Dead? Refinery29 mentions Nine Lives when discussing the existence of Caryl and Carryl fans.

"including one site, Nine Lives: A Caryl Fanfiction Archive, that boasts works from more than 200 authors."

That's YOU guys, and it's thanks to YOU this site exists. You make it wonderful with your amazing stories, thoughtful reviews and community spirit. Round of applause for you all!

Thanks to Refinery29 for the shoutout, and let's welcome with excitement any new Carylers, writers and readers to our corner of the internet.

We have stories for every taste - fluffy drabbles, poems, angtsy sagas, post-episode stories, AUs in the wild west and high schools, and of course, let us not forget the (well written and very classy) smut.

Come and indulge your love for Carol and Daryl's love.

And don't forget.... Caryl on!


--ikkleosu on September 16, 2016 8:30am 2 Comments
Just a few reminders, because the admin staff have nothing better to do

1) If you have questions, the Nine Lives site itself is the place to look for answers. In the bar above, there's the FAQ, which should contain pretty much anything you need. If you don't find an answer, send a PM to one of the admins, or use the Contact Us link that appears on every page of the site. If you don't know who the admins are or how to contact us, start with the About Us page linked above.

2) If you come across something in a story you are concerned about, or if you think a story should be rated or tagged differently, contact an admin FIRST. We don't necessarily read every story/chapter, and certainly not before they're published (unless the author is still on review), nor are we going to attempt to do so. "If you see something, say something." We may not know unless you tell us. We can't be everywhere at once.

3) We do our best to ensure Nine Lives is welcoming and representative of our entire Caryl-loving community, but we don't police people's stories. As long as they adhere to the site's terms of service and tag their stories correctly, authors can include whatever content they choose. Pay attention to the warnings. If you're sensitive to certain topics, don't read those stories.

4) We've added names gleaned from the upcoming comic storylines to our characters list. Go take a look & if we are missing anyone vital, contact an admin.

5) For purposes of clarity, the definitions of our ratings M and E have been revised as follows:

  • M (Mature): Violence, language, some gore, sex (but not a specific play-by-play of the sex itself, just allusions to the act)

  • E (Explicit): Graphic description of sexual situations; graphic violence, including rape; explicit gore; extreme language; PWP; anything else not for the faint of heart.

When in doubt, rate your story E & ask an admin. We can always downgrade it later if needed. (If you are unsure which to use, a good barometer is if you are looking for other words for "penis" it's an E. 😉)

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on September 07, 2016 6:58pm 4 Comments
September Members of the Month

Congratulations to our September Members of the Month: Na Bruma Leve for Author and our esteemed Reviewer - RandomCat!

Na Bruma Leve - Author of the Month

1. What draws you to the Caryl ship?
I think shipping Caryl was inevitable. I always tended to fall in love with those couples that have an unique story, where things are not even close to perfect, and you can actually relate to them in a sense where that story could be actually true. And there is this element in their relationship, of trusting and being a better person when the other is around. They have so many issues, they have so many problems surrounding not only the present world they live in, but their past and what they went through, and still, you feel that what they really want and value are the simple things. They respect each other, they trust each other, and they try to be a better person for the other. They see in each other what they can't see in themselves, and I think this is so beautiful. They love each other in every sense of the word. I can't think of a fictional couple that have such a rich and unique relationship.

2. Who are your writing influences?  
I'm a huge huge fan of Agatha Christie. I think I read 99% of her work, and she is a huge inspiration when it comes to creativity. Especially in the way she gives her characters a depth even though falling in love with any of them is a huge risk, especially if they are the killer at the end of her story haha. And, coming from the fandom, I know so many wonderful writers, like Saedhriel, Lovesdaryl and Lilabut. I think the way they can convey the love between Carol and Daryl and how some of their stories stuck with me, is what made me want to write for this ship.

4. How do you handle writer’s block?
I think I actually don't handle it lmao. I don't know if there is a right way to deal with writer's block, but when I feel I reached that point, I just don't push myself to write something. I feel like I need to respect what I'm feeling right now, and I need to respect the story I was building up. If I keep forcing myself to do it, it becomes worse. It's difficult, because as a reader, I know how much it's frustrating to wait for an update of a story you were really into, but I also feel I own this person the best I can give, and for that, I need to respect my time. 

4. Anything you want to say to your readers? ;)
First of all, thank you soooo much for the support and the encouragement, I wasn't expecting this at all. To be Author Of The Month is a huge huge honor to me. It's a joy to know that people appreciate my writing and my stories. And it's actually you who inspires me to continue. The Caryl community is one of the best fandoms I ever had the pleasure to be part of, and I hope that with my stories, I can provide an escape from the sometimes not so nice canon events we have happening with our favorite characters lmao. I feel that this here, being able to create new stories and feel that you are contributing to this amazing world, is what makes me continue to be in this fandom. I hope you feel as happy by reading my stories as I am for writing them.

And thank you so much NineLives, for give us the opportunity to become better as writers and to provide such a wonderful place to show our love for this two life ruiners <33

RandomCat - Reviewer of the Month

1. What draws you to the Caryl ship?
Honestly, they blindsided me and I love a good surprise. I disliked Daryl at first and even though Carol had won me over with the pickaxe to Ed's head and hiding the grenade in her purse, I was focusing on the Grimes family and Glenn for the first season. And then bam! Second season comes around and we get these really beautiful scenes between the two of them.  I really enjoyed the what they brought out in each other during their interactions and by the end of the second season, I was sold. I don't think I shipped them super hard until the third season, but I definitely had two new favorite characters by the time the barn burned down.  Both of them proved to be more than meets the eye, and I really enjoyed the reveal.

Since then, their interactions are always a treat. They clearly would do anything for each other and watching these two damaged people come together and support one another, I found that to be a really beautiful thing to watch and I just couldn't help but ship it. They've both suffered so much and I feel like it's pretty clear that they need each other.  They're better together!!

2. What do you look for in a story to keep reading?
Characterization and dialogue are really important to me for these two.  I gotta be able to visualize and hear them in my head. Daryl has a very distinct way of speaking and then to top it off, he and Carol tend to not mince words. I also really get into stories that look at the whole picture and not forget that their pasts greatly impact who they are today. If I'm completely honest, I'm a sucker for angst, but really it's about them working through their troubles together.

I gravitate towards stories that fit with the canon.  The zombie apocalypse is a very exciting environment to explore and there are so many stages to Caryl's relationship. The farm, the prison, and Alexandria offer so many possibilities, so I like seeing people's unique versions of them at each of these stages. 

3. What are your top 5 favorite stories?
Ooh boy, I'll go with a mix of all time favs and current favs. Hard to narrow it down to 5, that's for sure! I'm not sure I even reviewed some of these on ninelives, I probably did some over on, but here we go:

  • 1. A Drop of Blood Among The Sharks by silversundown

  • 2. Home by Lamport

  • 3. Spark by Tinkerbell99

  • 4. Other Half by NotLaura

  • 5. static by lilabut

4. Anything you want to say to all the Caryl authors out there?
First things first: Thank you all! I don't think I've ever been part of a ship with so many talented writers.  The quality of the stuff here is incredible to me.  I've spent many hours tearing through the stories posted here and it's been nothing but great fun. I've cried, laughed, and sighed probably as much as I have watching the show, so thank you all for expanding upon the world and this relationship!

Second, I lurked on this site for...ehhhh, almost embarrassed to say, but probably four months before joining.  I plan on going back and reviewing what I read during my lurker days. I will spam your inboxes with comments! Hope nobody minds reviews on older stories!

I'm so happy I found this site! Keep up the great work!!

--FM, Ikkles & Subs on September 01, 2016 8:14am 2 Comments
September Writers Chat: Publishing Your First Fic

So, it’s your first time. You’re nervous. Blushing. Sweaty palms. All your friends are doing it. You want to, but there’s something holding you back. You feel too exposed.


Afraid to publish your work? Fearful of letting other people read it?

Join us at this month’s Writers Chat to talk about ways to conquer that fear. Cold feet? No problem. We’ve all been there. Come one, come all, for support, encouragement, and celebration as we discuss that oh so important, and memorable milestone: “Publishing Your First Fic.”

Chats will be Thursday, September 1, 10 PM Eastern time and Saturday, September 10, 1 PM Eastern time. Check the Time Zone Converter (on the sidebar at the left under Events) to find your local time.

--alannastara on August 31, 2016 5:46pm 0 Comments
Missing Moments Challenge: The Master List

Happy Sunday Carylers! Only 8 more Sundays until Season 7! We're getting close. ;) You can fill up this Sunday by enjoying the results of our 'Missing Moments' challenge - our final from this year's Summer Survival Series!

'Missing Moments' Master List

Thank you to everyone who participated in our final S3 challenge! We hope you all enjoy and we hope we have provided you with some wonderful Carylness this hiatus. 

Remember: FM is currently taking feedback on the S3 series as well as the archive itself, so please send her a PM and then go vote for our fundraiser party!

Happy reading and Caryl on!

--FM, Ikkles & Subs on August 28, 2016 8:50am 0 Comments
We're Putting the Band Back Together... and Raising Money for a Reunion Tour?

Greetings and salutations, Carylers! I hope this post finds you all happy and well in your corners of the world. We have a lot of things to cover that the admin team is very excited about, so I’m going to get right to it!

First, I am back in full active admin status. Yes, I’m still in grad school. I just found a way to  make my schedule work better than last semester, but more importantly - I really missed all of you! Nine Lives has been my home for almost three years and let me tell you: the withdrawals are real. I have to give a serious shout of love and adoration for my girls Ikkleosu and subversivegrrl for running things in my absence. They took on the entirety of the site while I focused on readjusting the balance of my life to now include school, and I think they have done a terrific job. Despite my lack of daily activity, I was very much involved behind the scenes and kept in the loop this summer and trust me when I tell you that nobody cares about you, and this archive, like these ladies do. Please, if you find a moment, show these wonderful admins of ours some love.

Let’s talk about the archive for a bit. I’ve done this before and I tend to wax sentimental when I do, so I’ll try to keep it lowkey. You all know how the archive came to be. (If you don’t, go here). The archive has come to mean something different to each of us who calls this place our fandom home. For us behind the scenes, Nine Lives can be a job, but it’s one we take on gladly. It’s the shared belief in Caryl that drives us, and our commitment to keeping a corner of the fandom enjoyable and without interference from those who just want to cause friction. It’s never a perfect endeavor, running Nine Lives, and we’ve had some stumbles and mistakes along the way as well as moments of great triumph. What I feel we have most accomplished is a sense of home for us all and that’s what holds strong. We hope to increase the community aspects of Nine Lives in the coming months, and that’s where you come in.

Now and again, the topic of fundraising for Nine Lives comes up. Previously, the site was funded by Ravenesque and Elysian Fields. Since we broke off on our own, I’ve paid for the site fees - hosting, the domain, maintenance, upgrades, security, etc. While I am happy and more than willing to continue to fund the site, we’ve had so many offers from people willing to donate that we’ve decided to go for it. We’re hosting a fundraiser! The details of our fundraiser events will be forthcoming at a later time, but we do have a question we wanted to put to all of you. We’re asking because we’ve done a lot of challenges lately, and we have events scheduled through the end of the year to keep things interesting around here. However, our schedule is flexible, so what our question for all of you is: WHEN would you like to have our fundraiser party? These are the dates we had in mind:

  • Early October (around the season 7 premiere)

  • November (before folks gear up for the holidays)

  • January (for Nine Lives’ 3rd anniversary)

Cast your vote in the comments below! You can pick from the options above or give us your own idea for a time frame. I’ll say one more thing before I change topics - please don’t think that we’re raising any money for personal gain. 100% of any money raised will go towards the maintenance and future expansion of Nine Lives. We’re going to go into more details about our plans and how this will work with our actual fundraiser announcement. For now, let’s pick a play date! ;)

Now, I’ve been an absentee admin this summer, and while Ikkles and Subs kept me up to date, I really would like to hear from all of you. I want to know how your summers have gone, how you’re enjoying the site and our summer challenge series, any ideas you might have for us in the future. We have a lot of things in the works but Nine Lives is for all of us, and I want to make sure that the voices of our members are heard. It’s your archive as much as it is ours, so take a chance and please drop me a PM with your feedback and your thoughts.

That’s all for now, kiddos. Stay tuned for more fun, get those submissions ready for our ‘Missing Moments’ challenge this weekend, and as always: Caryl on!

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Summer Survival Series - August 2016 - The 'Missing Moments' Challenge

Challenge Dates: submission date August 27th; publication August 28th

Open to: Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Graphics, Fan Videos


With 16 hour-long episodes per year, there’s only so much time to devote to our favorite characters on an ensemble show. Thus the showrunners have admitted that we miss a lot of the moments in our characters’ lives. So much of what makes our heroes “Team Family” happens offscreen… dammit. Well, this is where you get to fix that by focusing on the missing moments we know have happened, but never got to see unfold on our screens. Did Lori see what was developing between Carol and Daryl? How much did Daryl resist being voted onto the council? Who taught Carol to be so handy with a gun? These and many other questions can be answered by you.

You can pick any scene that is “missing” from the series,  but remember, this is a Caryl archive, so your story has to prominently feature both Daryl and Carol.

(image source -

GO DEEP ON THIS ONE, PEOPLE!  We have SIX SEASONS (whoops, almost wrote “sex seasons” there) to pull from.

THE DEADLINE: Submissions must be turned in by midnight Pacific Time on August 27.



Send a PM to Ikkleosu or subversivegrrl that you want to enter the challenge. Even if you're not sure you'll have anything ready in time - let us know you're planning on it. YOU MUST DO THIS TO BE INCLUDED.

WRITE! Stories must be at least 100 words.

Multiple entries are allowed!

No McReedus (given the theme, we assume you already knew that.)

Do not upload it yet! Wait until August 27 to upload your fic – just like in challenges past, we will be suspending automatic validation for that day for all authors who enter the challenge.

Submission Day is August 27– post your fic. It will not appear on the archive, but will enter our validation queue. Make sure you submit it under the Nine Lives Challenge category!

Publication Day is August 28 – We will post the master list and all of the challenges entries so everything shows up at once. That way, we’re all surprised by what we get to read!

Any challenge fics posted before August 27th will be deleted.



Send a PM to Ikkleosu or subversivegrrl that you want to enter the challenge --OR--

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account. Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.


Submit your challenge piece via one of the following channels:

Nine Lives Tumblr submissions box, OR

Email your submission to

Email title: Missing Moments Challenge Submission

Emails must include your Nine Lives Archive username along with any other information you wanted posted with your artwork.

Submission Day is August 27 - We need to have your artwork submitted to our Tumblr or email by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 8/27.

Publication Day is August 28 - We will post all artwork via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.



Send a PM to Ikkleosu or subversivegrrl that you want to enter the challenge --OR--

Send an ask to the Nine Lives tumblr account.  Anonymous submissions are not allowed! Your Ask must include your Nine Lives username if different from your Tumblr URL.

Upload your video to YouTube - ensuring you select "UNLISTED" as the privacy setting. You will have a URL for your video.

Send a PM to Ikkleosu or subversivegrrl with the URL for your video, along with a title and the name you use on YouTube (if it is different to your Nine Lives name) --OR--

Email that information to

Email title: Missing Moments Challenge Submission

Submission Day is August 27 - We need to have your artwork submitted to our inbox by 12:00 midnight Pacific time on 8/27.

Publication Day is August 28 - We will post all artwork via the Nine Lives tumblr account and add them to the master list of challenge entries on the Nine Lives Archive.

You can change you video's privacy setting to PUBLIC once it has been listed on Nine Lives.

Any questions? please PM an admin.

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August Members of the Month: silversundown and lovesdaryldixon

Here they are - your Members of the Month for August 2016.

Author of the Month: silversundown

What draws you to the Caryl ship?

This is a tough thing for me to answer since there’s so many different aspects to their relationship that pulls me in and won’t let go. They sort of snuck up on me around late season two and then season three. Then it just hit me over the head and I was a goner. I’m a sucker for a slow burn and while at this point in the show it’s starting to be a little too slow, that was what hooked me at first. Then I saw the way they support each other unconditionally, how they bring out the best in one another and how the only times they really seem happy is when they’re together and it’s a perfect storm. 

Who are your writing influences?

I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t spend a whole lot of time reading published works anymore. I know, I know…I feel some kind of way about that too, but every time I think about getting back on that I get sucked into some fanfic. So lately, all the lovely writers who’s works I read both in this fandom and in a few others serve as influences and inspiration. Some of these stories…wow, better than a lot of the published works I’ve come across. You all blow me away on a regular basis.

How do you handle writer’s block?

Mostly I try to plow through it. I find that if I just start writing sometimes it’ll flow on it’s own. If I try to plot out something in my head and get stuck on it before even attempting to write I’ll sit and ponder that forever and writer’s block will claim me as it’s victim. So, I try to just start and see where it takes me. Sometimes it works, other times I end up with a bunch of stuff I can’t use, but either way it gets the words flowing. Other times I give up, watch some netflix and admit defeat. I’m a night owl and most of my writing is done in the middle of the night, so sleeping on it after stewing for a while can help too.

Anything you want to say to your readers? ;)

Yes! How much I appreciate all of you! This fic writing stuff is pretty new to me in general, I dabbled a long time ago in another fandom but I haven’t felt the bug hit me this hard until I fell for Caryl. Those two have sparked so many ideas that I can't help but want to write them and share them, so the fact that you all embrace those ideas that have turned into stories is pretty wild and fantastic and amazing to me. I feel so grateful to have found this site. It’s become my happy place and I spend more time here than I will admit too. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and for going on these little fic journeys with me. You guys are the best.


Reviewer of the Month: LovesDarylDixon


What draws you to the Caryl ship? 

Wow that’s tough to answer…lol I think what really drew me to them was very early on.  Their first scene really, Daryl's holding the pick ax ready to take out Ed, and Carol comes over and tells him that she can do it.  And then he really just stands over by her, not moving away like he probably would anyone else and just watches over her… Protecting her, but not wanting to at the same time.  I think it’s just their chemistry that draws me in.  The way they support each other really that it’s unconditional, they bring out the best in one another.  I’m one of those that likes a slow burn in a relationship, one that’s built on a firm foundation of friendship, and just love. (Though have to admit the show is moving slow, so that's why I started to read fanfiction :))  So I think that’s what draws me in.  Their chemistry on screen and just that Daryl would do anything for Carol, and vice versa I'm certain that Carol would do anything for him.  It's just a beautiful relationship that the two of them have. 

What do you look for in a story to keep reading? 

That the story is engaging, and that it draws me in as I'm reading.  That I can't put the story down.  That the story can hit me emotionally whether that be with humor and happiness, fear, sadness, or despair even.  I just like to be drawn into the world that the author creates.  And I've found that on here and in reading stories.  :) 

What are your top five favorite stories on Nine Lives?

This will be a very tough one because everything I've read on here I've loved, and I don't think I can just pick five.  But here we go :)

1. This Is Now by sienna27

2. The Days In The Cedar Forest by sienna27

3. The We You Don't See by sienna27

4. Heart Song by CarolPeletier

5. Sophia's Choice by SOA Loving Mom

Anything you want to say to all the Caryl authors out there?

Thank you all for your stories! And thank you so much for sharing your talent.  I love to be able to come to nine lives and read, and just escape to the worlds that you all create :)

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The 'Thy Kingdom Come...' Challenge Masterlist

It's finally here! We asked you, our oh-so creative members, to consider what would happen to Carol - and Caryl - at her (presumed temporary) refuge in The Kingdom, and you came through!

Not so many entries this time around, but you're going to love what our authors (and artist!) have served up for you. 

Go, enjoy!


Burn by Sira

Proving Reality by silversundown

Finding Home by AmalynJon

Her Heart by mellovesall


Healing Hands by Ikkleosu 


They Kingdom Come  by kingstoken

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August Writers Chats: Word Wars!

Kermit the Frog typing madlyWe’ll be doing a little something different at the August Writers Chats: Word Wars!! No, you won’t be expected to wear clunky armor or be the last person standing. You will, if you wish, participate in a series of short writing sprints based on some Caryl prompts, culminating in working on a writing sprint for a fic you may be stuck on. (Or is that just us? On all our fics? No, not just the chat mods? *whew*)

This chat will focus more on the writers, but readers are welcome to join. After each sprint, we’ll invite whoever is willing to share what they've written for some constructive feedback. OR, you can choose to keep your words to yourself. ;) There’s no pressure to share, but a little feedback could get the creative juices flowing.

So, bring your sense of humor, your anxiety, your patience, and a stopwatch/timer. We’ll have a good time, and hopefully no blood will be shed. Maybe just a few tears from feels. We’ll bring some tissues, too, just in case.

Join us on Thursday, August 4th from 10pm-12am EDT or Saturday, August 13th from 1pm-3pm EDT to battle support your fellow writers!

Have ideas for a future chat topic on Nine Lives? Send a PM to meeshie, jaibhagwan, or AlannasTara with writing topics you'd like to discuss. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to motivate you to keep writing!

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