Tips for Posting Your Fic to Nine Lives

Tips for posting fic to NL

1.  Both Title and Summary must be “family-friendly” (#3 under Submission Rules),  i.e., not contain vulgar language or graphic description.

2.  The summary is also a good place to put your Disclaimer (which is required on all fics. You can use the generic one that appears at the bottom of every page of NL or write your own.) The purpose of a Disclaimer is for the author to acknowledge that they do not own/are not profiting from the use of any of the recognizable characters in their fic.

3. Summary, Story Notes, Chapter Notes, and End Notes:

4.  You can put your story in as many categories as apply: for instance, a story may be a one-shot, Season 3, babyfic in response to a Nine Lives challenge! After each one is added, click on “Return to main categories” if you want to get back to the full list and add more.

5.  To add multiple Characters, Genres, or Warnings, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on each item you want to include. (To remove one, keep holding down CTRL and click on that item again.) Keep holding CTRL while you scroll down to see additional choices. (For Mac users, it’s the Command key instead of CTRL.)

6.  Ratings: Stories are rated in the following manner:

The RPF ratings ("real person fic" - for McReedus) follow this same system, except for the inclusion of -RPF to distinguish them from the regular categories in the ratings list; e.g., G-RPF, T-RPF, M-RPF and E-RPF.

7.  You can change your chapter numbers to a title if you like or, for a one-shot, you may want to replace “Chapter 1” with the story name.

8.  Formatting: If you have trouble with extra spaces being inserted between paragraphs, etc. when posting fic, here are some options that may prevent those issues: