Post-Apocalypse Realities

Survival/post-apocalyse skills/reference

Some points on running water:

Running water requires power. Even if there’s a well, for a house to have running water requires a pump, which means power of some sort (windmill, solar panels? Maybe a roof cistern could work, because gravity is a valid source of energy.) Water does not automatically rise from underground to fill pipes and allow showers to flow and toilets to be flushed. So any post-apocalypse fic where the continued presence of running water is explained away by “there was a well”? Wrong. About as likely as the continued presence of the internet.

How to get well water without electricity

How to get water from a drilled well when the power is off


People are the Danger (Social Psychology)

Social psychology is the study of people in their social context, and how they perceive, influence, and relate to others through social interactions. (paraphrased from

Mob Mentality

The Psychology of Groups

10 Rules That Govern Groups

Groupthink, Groupshift, and Deindividuation