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Season Two Carol and Daryl begin to move past their losses at the farm. Some characters will behave differently than on the television show. Expect out of character behavior because who doesn't want a bolder Daryl? 

Please get past this terrible summary and give this story a chance.


Rated: M
Categories: Season 2
Characters: Michonne
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Completed: No
Word count: 23426 Read: 2489
Published: August 04, 2015 Updated: December 05, 2015

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1. Something More Than Ashes by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 4] Liked (3287 words)

Daryl makes a bold move and Carol reacts in a surprising way.

2. One Step at a Time by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] (1950 words)

Daryl teaches Carol how to fight. 

3. A Decent Man by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (1902 words)

The group decides Randall's fate and Dale takes a fateful late night stroll. Carol and Daryl grow closer.

4. Left Behind by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 5] Liked (2697 words)

Their last day on the farm....

5. Sojourners by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 1] Liked (2977 words)

The Ladies roll along the highway.

6. Captain Morgan by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (1908 words)

Carol arrives at Kingsborough.

7. Odd Pairings by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 1] Liked (2899 words)

Carol and Andrea are reunited with their former group.

8. Reconnectng by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 0] (2854 words)

Carol and Daryl catch up on each other's lives.

9. Closer by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 0] Liked (2952 words)

Carol and Daryl grow closer as they prepare for the birth of their twins.