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Carol is a corporate executive in Atlanta. Daryl is a co-owner of a construction business. They have mutual friends and live in the same condo building but they have nothing in common. Can Carol come back from her cold hearted all business persona. Can Daryl find the courage to make a move?


Rated: M
Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: Daryl
Genres: Drama
Warnings: Sexual Situations
Series: None
Chapters: 13 Completed: No
Word count: 38119 Read: 3311
Published: December 10, 2015 Updated: January 16, 2016

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1. Mother Earth News by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (3432 words)

Carol makes a life for herself and Sophia after a diastrous marriage.

2. Gamblers by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 3] Liked (3268 words)

Carol wakes up and finds Daryl in her bed. 

3. Touching Base by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 4] (2204 words)

Carol and Daryl hang out together. 

4. Christmas Shopping Ain't for Sissies by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] (1877 words)

Carol and Daryl go shopping.

5. Bottom Lines by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 3] Liked (3152 words)

Carol and Daryl grow closer.

6. Middle Age Crisis by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 5] Liked (2894 words)

Carol is keeping secrets. 

7. Trusting by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (3348 words)

Carol takes Dary to see the sights of Atlanta.

8. It's About Time by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (3292 words)

Carol and Daryl stop messing around and get serious.

9. Measure of Happiness by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 1] (2555 words)

The Dixon family has grown over time and there are threats on the horizon.

10. Overkill by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 0] (2468 words)

Getting prepared for an apocalypse makes for a long day.

11. Two Men by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 0] (4151 words)

A chapter devoted to Daryl and Ed. 

12. Challenging Times by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 0] Liked (2847 words)

Carol gets a new wardrobe and Daryl goes on a rescue mission.

13. Coming Through by Booksrbetter [Reviews - 2] Liked (2631 words)

**Warning* Rape, violent situations, foul language, and you are warned.

Carol and Sophia have an encounter with an monster from their past.