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The first time Carol and Daryl meet in an AU no ZA world.

Rated: T
Categories: Oneshot, Alternate Universe
Characters: Daryl
Genres: Romance
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Published: August 26, 2016 Updated: August 26, 2016

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Story Notes:

Hi again!

Thank you so much for the comments and support on my previous story It Had To Be You. I’m so glad some of you enjoyed it and very grateful for the encouragement.

This is a little one shot/ficlet that came to me. It’s an AU no ZA first meeting fic. I do not plan to continue this – I’m happy with where it goes xx

Many thanks again to Laurie for reading this and picking up on my errors. You are too kind!

1. Chapter 1 by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands [Reviews - 6] Liked (1169 words)

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