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“Ya said it was worse than I knew. How bad was it?”

Daryl and Carol come together at a Creeptastic House and have a long overdue conversation.

Rated: T
Categories: Oneshot, Season 7
Characters: Carol, Daryl
Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Adult Language
Series: None
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Published: September 05, 2016 Updated: September 05, 2016

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Story Notes:

*Spoilers for season 4, season 5, season 6, and season 7*

Based on filming spoilers putting Carol and Daryl alone in a house for a conversation in season 7, episode 10.

The title is taken from a line in the song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons, which I listened to endlessly, while writing this fic. 

1. Demons by AlannasTara [Reviews - 13] Liked (2302 words)

Thank you Whoswhatsitwhich for helping me plot this, and Meeshie for beta-ing and fixing my endless screwups. LOVE YOU BOTH!! And I couldn't do it without you!!