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The obligatory collection of Caryl drabbles.  Wink


Multiple ratings and I won't rule out multiple universes, even though most of the ones I've written so far could conceivably fall somewhere within the show's timelines if we had nicer show runners, lol. 


Whole different shebang than my Say the Word collection. 

Rated: M
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1. "The skirt is supposed to be this short." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (107 words)

Imagine Daryl met up with Carol the night of Deanna’s welcome party instead of hiding out with Eric and Aaron.  Now picture our girl in something much sexier than what wardrobe outfitted her with for the soiree.  Season 5. 


You're welcome.  Big Grin

2. "How long have you been standing there?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (114 words)

Carol's little 'Come to Jesus' talk with Merle extended.  Just a few important seconds.  Season 3. 

3. "I may be an idiot, but I'm not stupid." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (117 words)

Set in Season 6.  Daryl doesn't go after Dwight.  He goes after Carol instead. 

4. "Who gave you that black eye?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (115 words)

This one is set at the prison.  Early season 4, maybe even those months in between the end of season 3 and 4 that we didn’t see on-screen.  Back when the prison was a place of happiness for them again and full of promise. 

5. "You haven't even touched your food. What's going on?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (106 words)

This could be set anytime really, but let’s say Season 7B.  During that rumored dinner.  Spoilers, maybe.  But only in the vaguest, wishful thinking sense. 

6. "I just like proving you wrong." by Shae [Reviews - 7] Liked (110 words)

It’s all suggestion.  Mostly.  Oh, hell.  It’s not as explicit as some stuff I’ve read.  Like I said.  I’m mostly rating it M to be safe.  No specific body parts are mentioned, but it doesn’t take Sherlock to tell what Daryl’s been doing, okay? 


Season 3.  How that scene on the bus could have gone.  You know the one. 

7. "Everybody keeps telling me you're the bad guy." by Shae [Reviews - 6] Liked (124 words)

So…this little scenario is about as likely as us seeing purple zombie unicorns on the show, lol.  And yet, I wrote it.   Facepalm


It’s becoming more and more apparent that I am terrible at this, haha.  If there’s any silver lining, though, I am not a quitter.  Just a shelver that has a love/hate relationship with writing. 


Anyhoo, for this little section of prompts, I’ve challenged myself to make each of them a little smutty.  Because, well.  Pardon the unintentional pun, but I suck balls at it, lol. 


This little installment takes place in Season 1.  At the CDC after the kids and everybody else are in bed, and Carol and Daryl both have indulged a bit. 

8. "Forget it. You f*cking suck." by Shae [Reviews - 5] Liked (121 words)

Well, I totally failed on the smutty aspect of this one, but I think you’ll like it anyway. 


Season 5.  Carol makes good on her promise to hose Daryl down.  Thanks to a little help from Tara and Princess Leia (sorry, guys…Carrie’s been on my mind), she finally convinces him to make good use of all that hot water in Alexandria. 


Oh, and the whole thing is dialogue.  It’s pretty easy to follow, though.  At least *I* think so. 

9. "Quit it or I'll bite." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (117 words)

I don’t really care for this one.  The prompt is a little ridiculous, lol.  I tried to make it fun, but this happened. 


Let’s just set this one between seasons 3 and 4, when Daryl and Michonne were doing all that searching for the Governor.  Pretend he and Carol are already in a romantic relationship, at least the beginnings of one, and he and Michonne run into trouble on this particular trip.  Carol doesn’t take it too well. 


10. "If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to God! You're on the couch for a month!!" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (113 words)

This one’s a little silly, lol, but I hope you like it.  It’s set in Season 6 and assumes that Daryl and Carol grew closer instead of far apart, and everybody’s pretty happy.  Except for poor Glenn. 

11. "If I die, I'm going to haunt your ass." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

So…I debated on the best point to set this one.  And I decided it should be sometime between seasons 2 and 3.  Because there’s certain things I just feel like Carol would know in later seasons that she would only guess about in earlier seasons.  It’s cracky (are you really surprised, lol), because they were always moving in that time period and they had more important things to worry about, but who doesn’t enjoy a little crack now and then? 

12. "I'm pregnant." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (106 words)

So…I don’t like this one at all, lol, but I’m going to post it anyway.  Maybe I’ll redo this prompt at a later date. Who knows? 


Imagine Daryl didn’t escape the ruins of the prison with Beth but took Tyreese’s place instead and made it out with the girls.  Then he ran into Carol.  Season 4. 

13. "Looks like we're gonna be stuck here for a while." by Shae [Reviews - 3] (110 words)

Let’s see.  I’m going to go with Season 3 with this one, because baby girl discovered her powers and her confidence then, and Daryl seemed to be most comfortable there.  They were at their teasing best then and in early season 4. 


Daryl and Carol wait out a rainstorm. 

14. "Take. It. Off." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (107 words)

Direct follow-up to “The skirt is supposed to be this short."  Season 5.  Carol raises the stakes.   

15. "Well, you're coming home with me whether you like it or not." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (116 words)

Season 4.  Suppose Daryl found out that Rick banished Carol just a few hours earlier, before the Governor’s attack, and he goes after her. 

16. "I'll kick his ass if you want me to." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (112 words)

This one’s total crack, lol.  It can read as a happier extension, years later, to “I’m pregnant."  It operates on the assumption that Carol, Daryl, and the girls eventually made it to Alexandria (go with it, lol) and that they miraculously crossed paths with their friends again.  Rick succumbed to his prison battle injuries in that house and Michonne and Carl pretty much adopted each other. 


See?  Complete and utter crack. 



17. "Stop it! It tickles!" by Shae [Reviews - 5] Liked (110 words)

Some post season 7 wishful thinking, lol.  Daryl makes good on a long-forgotten promise.  There’s just one little problem. 

18. "It's okay to cry..." by Shae [Reviews - 6] Liked (108 words)

Setting this one post season 7, too.  For reasons.  I think you’ll understand why when you read it. 

19. "And that's how you ruin a life. Congratulations." by Shae [Reviews - 4] Liked (106 words)

Hmm.  Let’s just say this one is set sometime late season 5, early 6.  In which Glenn should really learn to knock, haha. 


20. "D..did you just make that noise?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

Set in those in-between months we didn’t see following season 3, early season 4.  Just your everyday council meeting.  Tiny dose of oblivious (or is he?) Glenn. 

21. "He's a bad kisser." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (113 words)

Set between seasons 2 and 3.  They got awfully comfortable around each other in those missing months.  Just saying. 


Beth and Carl play a little game.  Carol?  Well, you’ll see. 

22. "You can scream if you want." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (115 words)

Season 4.  Imagine things went differently.  No Tyreese, no girls.  No Beth  fleeing with Daryl after the prison fell.  Rick still banishes Carol.  Daryl eventually stumbles upon the Claimers.  But not before Carol has her own run-in with them. 

23. "I didn't know we were keeping track." by Shae [Reviews - 3] (107 words)

Hmm.  Let’s just say this one takes place in the latter place of season 7.  Although, it *could* take place earlier than that.  Nah, 7B it is. 


Carol and Daryl have a conversation by firelight.  It goes like this. 

24. "We're playing checkers. If you don't like it, leave." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

Look!  Another crack fic, lol. 


Hmm. Let’s say this one takes place in Season 6.  And things are good.  Peaceful.  Newly established Caryl. 

25. "One of them's missing." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (113 words)

Hmm.  I’m going with Season 5/Season 6 for this one.  With a little added twist at the end. 

26. "Save some for me." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (115 words)

Not particularly fond of this one, but I’m posting it anyway. 


Post season 2/the fall of Hershel’s farm.  Carol and Daryl talk about a few late-night cravings. 

27. "Oh, f*ck off." by Shae [Reviews - 5] (110 words)

Season 3.  Merle’s ambush works, and the Governor dies.  They start living instead of just surviving. 

28. "You're still mad?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (110 words)

Season 3.  So…Daryl goes to Carol when he and Merle get back to the prison, not the other way around.  They talk. 

29. "Come over here and make me." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (108 words)

Season 1.  Pretend Merle didn’t get left in Atlanta and Daryl witnesses what goes down between Ed, Carol, and the rest of the ladies down at the quarry. 

30. "You better watch yourself." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (112 words)

Daryl underestimates Carol.  Set in that long winter between the Seasons 2 and 3. 

31. "Eat your lunch and you wouldn't be hungry." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (106 words)

A little AU where Carol and Daryl are busted by Sophia.  Married or just seeing each other.  Either works for this scenario, haha. 

32. "Why did we have to have kids?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

Another little fluffy AU for you guys.  How do Carol and Daryl pass a stormy night?

33. "Call on line 1!" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (116 words)

Carol’s an ER nurse.  She crosses paths with Daryl Dixon again in the most unexpected of ways. 

34. "He creeped me out. I'm not gonna lie." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (120 words)

High school AU.  Carol, Lori, and Andrea share a little conversation over lunch. 

35. "I'm done. You can fix it." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (106 words)

Sweet, fluffy mom and dad Caryl AU. 

36. "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

Season 5.  The road from Grady to Alexandria isn’t a short one.

Carol’s my favorite super-heroine, but you can’t tell me she wasn’t hurting, and you can’t tell me Daryl ever let her far out of his sight.  Just saying. 

37. "Where did he go?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (122 words)

Hmm.  Season 6-ish.  Let’s pretend we saw happier times like this.  More bonding and lighthearted, drunken fun. 


In other words, crack. 


In which Shae outs herself as a gigantic sci-fi nerd, lol. 

38. "You leave whenever you feel like it." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (110 words)

Season 7.  7B, to be precise.  A little angsty what-if for episode 10. 

39. "I forgot I was a single parent." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (115 words)

Another AU fluff piece.  It’s time to give Sophia the talk, but how do Carol and Daryl do that?  Consider this their rehearsal. 


P.S.  This one’s all dialogue, too. 

40. "Don't apologize if you don't mean it." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (106 words)

Season 6.  The scene we didn’t get to see before Carol moved in with Tobin. 


Yeah.  I hate myself for this one, too. 

41. "You're going out dressed like that?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

Another AU for you. 


How does Carol convince her homebody husband to enjoy a night out on the town with her?  Why, wear a sexy dress, of course. 

42. "For the hundredth time, I'm not your babysitter." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (109 words)

Season 6.  Because Daryl had to know, had to recognize the signs with Sam even if we never got to see it onscreen. 

43. "Frost the damn cupcakes." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (108 words)

This one's a little angsty.  AU. 

44. "Well, that's the second biggest news I've heard all day." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (116 words)

Shae’s wish fulfillment.  If I had written Season 6, episode 1, haha.  Daryl makes an admission to Glenn. 

45. "You look pretty hot in plaid." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (108 words)

Season 3.  After Lori and the Tombs.  Could be before or after Woodbury, haven’t decided.  Let’s just pretend they had this moment.  It’s not too hard to imagine. 

46. "I thought you were dead!" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

That winter after the fall of the Farm. Between Seasons 2 and 3.  Daryl and Carol try to steal a moment of peace. 

47. "I thought it was a one-night-stand...and now we're married..." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (107 words)

Oh, look.  Another AU.  Had fun with this one, guys.  But not as much as the fun Daryl and Carol can’t remember having, lol. 


What happens in Vegas…

48. "We've become the clingy couple that you used to complain about." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (105 words)

We’ll just say post-series for this one.  For Carol and Daryl, shit finally settles. 

49. "Quit touching me. Your feet are cold." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (117 words)

Imagine Daryl found Sophia but the farm still fell in the end.  Between Seasons 2 and 3. 

50. "You know you want it, Sweetheart." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (112 words)

Fluffy AU to end the night (morning, lol).  Sophia and Daryl bring home a surprise.  Carol’s slow to warm up.   

51. "I'm your husband. It's my job." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (103 words)

Follow up to “Frost the damn cupcakes."  Because I couldn’t leave them in that completely dark place.  Angsty AU. 

52. "You just wanted them because they light up." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (116 words)

A continuation of sorts to “Quit touching me.  Your feet are cold."  Season 3 AU–Sophia lived, and they still found the Prison, but things aren’t all the same.  But it’s me, so that’s a good thing. 

In which Shae course corrects things to give herself the warm fuzzies and makes herself tear up in the process.  Some more wish fulfillment. 


53. "That wasn't very subtle." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (117 words)

Andrea doesn’t get separated from the group when the Farm falls.  She and Lori in close quarters?  Recipe for disaster.  Add alcohol and she just blows the subtext between Carol and Daryl right out of the water.  Between Seasons 2 and 3. 

54. "He thinks he's a mind reader." by Shae [Reviews - 3] Liked (116 words)

Not a sequel exactly.  More of a companion fic to “If you use up all the hot water again…" 


Season 6.  Silly happy times. 

55. "It's just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (117 words)

AU.  Follow up to “Why did we have to have kids?"  Doesn’t really have to be read first to make sense, though. 

56. "I don't do hugs." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (108 words)

Another Season 2 drabble.  Daryl and Carol are the only ones that make it off the farm. 

57. "Don't talk anymore." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (107 words)

Well.  This is turning into a little mini-series.  Direct follow up to “Take. It. Off."  Which follows "The skirt is supposed to be this short."  Season 5. 

58. "I'm just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

Eh, leading up to Caryl.  AU.  Might do a little continuation of this one in a later chapter if anybody’s interested.  Because this is Caryl, but not Caryl, lol.  And I feel like I cheated. 


Daryl and Denise have a little talk. 

59. "How do I even put up with you?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (112 words)

Follows “You know you want it, Sweetheart." 


Daryl’s discovering that raising a puppy ain’t no cakewalk.  AU.

60. "I said get rid of it." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (109 words)

Season 5, maybe 6.  A gift has unintended consequences. 

61. "They didn't just find out. They already knew." by Shae [Reviews - 4] (111 words)

Uh, between seasons 3 and 4 maybe?  Really not happy with this one guys, but it is what it is. 

62. "You're not as quiet as you think you are." by Shae [Reviews - 4] (113 words)

This is set in Shae’s Utopian version of Alexandria where Team Family is happy and safe, and Carol and Daryl are finally getting their freak on. 

Rick has a little talk with Daryl.  He brings reinforcements in the shape of one Abraham Ford.  It goes a little something like this. 

63. "Can you just man up and change his diaper?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (112 words)

Set in the same Utopian Alexandria-verse as “You’re not as quiet as you think you are." 


Glenn’s giving Maggie a break.  At Carol and Daryl’s place.  All’s fine and dandy until…well.  Just read it. 

64. "Just don't buy a goat. I don't care what you do, just no goats." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (116 words)

Season 7.  Daryl and Tara “bond” over love and regrets. 

65. "I have a secret." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (110 words)

Well, just a Daryl mention this time, but there’s more to come in this little universe because I’m a sucker like that, lol. 


Follows “How do I even put up with you?"  Which followed "You know you want it, Sweetheart." 


AU Caryl married fic where they raise Sophia.  And a puppy. 

66. "I won't let you get hurt." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (112 words)

Between seasons 2 and 3.  An AU where Sophia where lived.  Takes place between “Quit touching me.  Your feet are cold."  and "You just wanted them because they light up." 


Daryl teaches Sophia and her mama an important lesson. 

67. "You're strong, Baby. You have to be." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

AU.  Direct follow-up to “Call on Line 1!" 

68. "He's four years old!" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (121 words)

Follows “Oh, f*ck off."  Between Seasons 3 and 4.  How Merle finds out. 


This one…I don’t even know, lol.  Read it.  Enjoy it.  Hopefully. 

69. "I've had enough! I want to be alone!" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (110 words)

Yet another 7B fanfic from me, lol.  Are you really so surprised? 


Spoilers, maybe.


A different visitor shows up at her door. 

70. "I can't stand seeing you like this." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (107 words)

A season 5 what-if fic for “Them."  What if he sought her out in that barn later?  What if this happened?


Could be rated M.  Not quite, if you ask me. 

71. "Me and the guys will handle it." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (116 words)

AU.  Prequel of sorts to “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley." 


Their first meeting. 

72. "You're competitive and so am I, and it's going to lead to a fight." by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (105 words)

Could be M.  Mostly suggestive.  Also, I’m not completely sure this makes sense, lol.  As for what they’re competing over, you decide.  Seriously.  It could be something completely unrelated to the events taking place in this little tidbit.  


Setting this in Season 4 before everything went to Hell.  Just pretend they had this magical bubble of privacy, lol.  Or not.  Whatever floats your boat.  Hell.  Maybe he took her with him on a run, then took her in a cabin.  Just giving your imagination a little nudge. 

73. "Is there a reason you're naked in my bed?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (118 words)

AU.  So AU, lol.  My love for Mulder and Scully, Castle and Beckett, heck, Benson and Stabler back in the day is partially to blame for this. 


Carol and Daryl are partners.  Purely platonic.  Or are they? 

74. "You're a dork, just like your father." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

Post-series.  Thank the Star Wars news for this one. 


Maggie and little Hershel pay a visit to Alexandria. 

75. "Mind if I join you?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (108 words)

Season 3.  Sometime after the bus scene.  You know the one. 

76. "Daddy!" by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (117 words)

Future AU.  Canon-divergence from Season 4, I guess.  Before everything went to Hell. 

The Governor never resurfaced, and the Prison never fell.  They started living like they were always supposed to. 

Here.  Have some cracky-fluff. 



77. "I lost our child." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

Angsty AU.  Follows “I’m your husband. It’s my job."  Which is preceded by "Frost the damn cupcakes." 

They finally talk about it. 

78. "That's my shirt. So is that...wait." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (114 words)

AU.  Teen besties Caryl.  Confronted with the old one room/one bed trope, lol. 


They both grew up with absent parents (deadbeats but not necessarily abusive) and found each other early on.  So, there’s a definite change in the level of ease they have around each other and their personalities.   


79. "My name isn't Leslie...who's Leslie?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (106 words)

Partners AU.  Daryl’s point of view after “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?" 

80. "There's a surprise upstairs for you." by Shae [Reviews - 3] (128 words)

This one’s weird, you guys.  Remember Carol’s hallucination at the beginning of this season?  Here’s another one. 


Season 7.  Fever, delirium, and almost dying can really do a number on a person. 

81. "I'll take care of it." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (109 words)

Post-Season 2.  Carol asks for Daryl’s help. 

82. "I'm not your boss. Well, then who is?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (124 words)

AU.  The continuation of Daryl’s talk with Denise in “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley." 

83. "You can't eat solids, only liquids until Thursday." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (110 words)

AU.  Follows “Why did we have to have kids?” and “It’s just you and me tonight.  I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

Daryl prepares to go under the knife, lol.  Preoperative instructions vary.  We’re going to pretend these are the ones that he got and that they’re accurate (mostly because that’s the prompt, haha). 


84. "Come on, Baby. Up to bed." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (107 words)

AU where Sophia lived, Lori survived giving birth to Judith, and the Prison was a safe place for a while. 


Follows “You just wanted them because they light up." 

85. "They got you a present. Isn't that sweet?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (107 words)

AU.  Follows “You’re strong, Baby.  You have to be."  Which follows "Call on Line 1!" 

86. "Am I scaring you?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (115 words)

And the mini-series continues, haha.  Direct follow-up to “Don’t talk anymore."  Season 5. 

87. "Run! You said you'd work out with me!" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (112 words)

High school AU.  The flip side of Carol, Lori, and Andrea’s lunch time conversation in “He creeped me out.  I’m not gonna lie."   Andrea isn’t the only one that notices Daryl watching Carol. 

88. "After everything...I'd still choose you." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (113 words)

I’m cheating with this one, y'all.  It’s more LoRick than anything else.  But there’s a thread of unspoken Caryl support running through it.  Also, a tiny smidgen of Gleggie. 


Season 3.  Judith’s birth goes a little bit differently. 

89. "And when did you plan on telling me about this?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (107 words)

Season 7B.  Look.  I’m no predictor of the future, but Carol’s got to find out about Glenn and Abe somehow.  This is my version.  In 100 words, of course. 


Spoilers, maybe. 

90. "Trust me." by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (107 words)

I just can’t let this one go, you guys. 


The mini-series continues.  Takes place directly after “Am I scaring you?"  Season 5. 

91. "Scoot over a little bit, please." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (119 words)

Partners AU.  Follows “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?" 

92. "You're so clingy. I love it." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (110 words)

AU.  More Caryl teen besties for you.  Follows “That’s my shirt.  So is that…wait."    

93. "You didn't just wake me up at 2 a.m. because you 'were in the mood'." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (107 words)

AU.  Just some sweet, sleepy (or not in Carol’s case) domestic Carol and Daryl. 

94. "Did they hurt you?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (112 words)

Season 6.  Because I don’t think Daryl would have let it go so easily after they were reunited in The Same Boat.  Honestly, I think he wouldn’t let her stray far from his sight.  He would always keep one eye on her like he did after Terminus. 


But maybe that’s just me. 

95. "You're cute when you're all worried." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (105 words)

Season 5.  A continuation of “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?" 


The road to Richmond is a long one. 

96. "Stop being grumpy. It's lame." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (108 words)

Mid-season 6.  After Jesus’s ‘outing’ of the romantic turn of Rick and Michonne’s relationship, say Daryl got a little needed advice. 

97. "I don't need a hero. I need a husband." by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (104 words)

AU.  Follows “I lost our child." 


Daryl finally feels it. 

98. "Don't shut me out." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (109 words)

Season 6.  Follows “Did they hurt you?" 

99. "You got a cute butt." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (109 words)

Season 3.  In Shae’s happy, pretend universe, Team Family decides to give them a little push.  Best birthday ever for Carol or not? 

100. "I just got out of the shower, I can't dance. What if my towel falls off?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (113 words)

AU.  Here.  Have some protective (Step)Daddy Daryl. 



101. "Don't be an asshole, Asshole." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (106 words)

Season 3.  After Woodbury, the split with Team Family, Merle and Daryl have a little chat.  Carol comes up. 

102. "Do you really think I could replace you?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (108 words)

AU.  Follow-up to “You didn’t just wake me up at 2 a.m. because you ‘were in the mood.”


They break the news to Sophia. 

103. "Sharing is caring. Now, give me your fries." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (112 words)

Yet more teen besties Caryl, so obviously AU. 


Picks up sometime after “You’re so clingy.  I love it." 

104. "...or we can chill in our underwear." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (106 words)

Season 5.  Sometime after Grady, that long road they took to get to Noah’s hometown.  While Rick and Michonne and some of the others scavenge for food and supplies, Carol reverts back to form and makes a suggestion. 


Or Shae pretends they had *some* lighthearted moments on that trip of desperation and gloom because c'mon. 


105. "You can't make up for it by giving me a tic-tac." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (106 words)

This is crack, lol.  It’s silly, and I just don’t know.  Let’s say Season 5 again.  After Grady.  Before Alexandria. 


Eugene has an apology to make. 



106. "Just keep pedaling and don't stop, okay?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (116 words)

Post-series fic.  Carol and Daryl visit Hilltop and come bearing gifts. 

107. "You, me, popcorn, two-liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (105 words)

AU.  Another teen Caryl besties drabble (separate from the others in this little collection, hahaha). 


Carol makes the first move.  Did she make a mistake? 

108. "Have you seen my contacts?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (107 words)

Oh, you know.  Just your basic married Caryl AU with them being all domestic and shit.  Aka, how our babies make the most of a lazy, rainy day. 

109. "Life is a highway, and I'm always drunk. So I'm not driving." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (109 words)

This one is so silly, but hey.  It’s something.  And the prompt was weird anyway, lol.   


Set at the Prison.  Maybe that time in-between seasons 3 and 4 when the Governor was gone and they let their guards down again. 

110. "Quit stalling. Where's your father?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (111 words)

AU.  Sophia finds herself in a spot of trouble.  To say anything else, well.  There wouldn’t be much point reading then, lol. 

111. "You can't just hug me and think everything's okay." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (109 words)

More of that AU married Caryl fic where they raise Sophia.  And a puppy.  Follows “I have a secret."  And no.  The secret has not been revealed yet.  It will be eventually, haha. 



112. "Is he coming home?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (105 words)

Post series.  Carol and Daryl have some news for Judith. 

113. "I prefer blondes." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

Follows “He’s four years old!” which follows “Oh, fuck off." 


Merle and Daryl exchange words after he finds out about him and Carol. 

114. "No more dogs. How hard is it to understand?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (108 words)

Follows “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay."  


Married Caryl AU fic where they raise Sophia.  And a puppy.  And now…

115. "I let you win." by Shae [Reviews - 2] Liked (107 words)

Follows “You’re competitive and so am I, and it’s going to lead to a fight." 


Rated M for reasons, lol. 

116. "I broke your nose, and I'm sorry for that. But what you're doing isn't fair." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (114 words)

I don’t even know about this one, lol.  I guess you can blame it on my all-consuming need to see N$gan get his.  Don’t even ask why they’re kids, hahaha, because I have no idea how to explain the weird and wondrous ways in which my brain works. 


AU.  Carol and Daryl deal with a schoolyard bully.  Well.  Just read it. 

117. "Can I do your hair?" by Shae [Reviews - 3] (105 words)

Post series fluff.  Just Carol and Daryl sharing a quiet moment with Judith. 

118. "Your favorite superhero can't be a villian." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (101 words)

Hmm.  Let’s set this one sometime between Seasons 3 and 4. 


On watch one night, Carol and Daryl get lost in the moment. 

119. "I told you not to jump on the bed!" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (102 words)

Hmm.  Even though there’s very little mention of the other members of their family, we’re going to say this follows sometime after "You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.“ 


Carl, well.  Carl is Carl and Sophia pays the price. 

120. "He's pampering me. Let him be." by Shae [Reviews - 3] Liked (106 words)

Post series.  In which the guys are whipped, hahaha. 

121. "Ready or not, here I come!" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (111 words)

Post series fluff.  Carol and Daryl play a little game with Judith. 

122. "I'm worried about losing my job!" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (111 words)

AU.  Just two girlfriends grabbing lunch and catching up on their current crushes, hahaha. 

123. "Oh. Did I scare you, big boy?" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

More teen besties Caryl.  Absolutely AU. 


Follows “Sharing is caring.  Now, give me your fries." 

124. "Happy New Year." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (105 words)

AU.  Daryl and Carol are neighbors in a crummy little apartment building in Atlanta. 

125. "Quit moving. I'm trying to sleep. Wait. Are you...what?!" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (106 words)

Partners AU.  Follows “Scoot over a little bit, please." 

126. "You nap. I'll stay awake." by Shae [Reviews - 3] (107 words)

Hmm.  Let’s call this one a prequel to “Daddy!"  Canon-divergence Season 4.   


Daryl and Carol take on unlikely roles in an impossible time.  Or, Shae got bit by the baby fic bug. 

127. "It's turbulence. It's normal." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (116 words)

AU.  Two strangers meet on a plane. 

128. "Don't touch me. We're fighting." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (103 words)

A little continuation of the scene in “Quit it or I’ll bite." 

129. "I'll give you a message." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (106 words)

Hmm.  Not sure when to set this one.  Maybe between Seasons 3 and 4. 


Carol can’t sleep.  Daryl offers her a hand. 

130. "You fell asleep in the tub?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (108 words)

The married Caryl AU where they raise Sophia and a puppy continues. 


Follows “No more dogs.  How hard is it to understand?" 


Harvey and the new kitten get along like, well, cats and dogs, hahaha.

131. "Are you doodling?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (104 words)

Just some post-series silliness, lol. 

132. "We're not playing strip poker. I don't care what I said when I was drunk." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (107 words)

Hmm.  Season 3 AU.  A prequel to “Oh, fuck off." 


How Merle’s "thing” with Andrea came to be, lol.  Pre-Caryl. 

133. "Slushies aren't just for kids. F*ck society!" by Shae [Reviews - 0] (119 words)

High school AU.  Utter and complete crack, lol. 


Should be subtitled, “Homecoming:  the Aftermath."  Sorry for this silliness, but the prompt…well, this is what my crazy brain come up with. 

134. "Are you scared...Then why won't you look at the screen?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] (103 words)

Follows “I don’t need a hero.  I need a husband."   


Because even my angst sucks, lol.  In my defense, our babies are tortured enough on-screen. 

135. "Enough with the pillow talk. I'm tired." by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (108 words)

Hmm.  Let’s just pretend Season 5, after the Caryl reunion was an even more joyous occasion.  They eventually rescued Beth (and Noah) and Daryl helped Carol come to terms with the loss of the girls after she confessed to him about it.   Team Family set off on a long, winding journey to Washington via a stopover in Noah’s hometown, and our babies started over with lighter hearts. 


They made do with what little privacy they had and grew much closer.  ;) 

136. "You had a nightmare. Tell me what it was about so I can fix it." by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (104 words)

Mmm.  I’m going to say post-Season 7 on this one.  Because I feel like we’re getting there.  Slowly but surely. 


Daryl’s there for her.  Always. 

137. "We need groceries. Not just junk food. You're worse than the kids." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (108 words)

Here.  Have a fluffy Caryl married AU where the kids catch them in a little PDA. 


You're welcome.  Wink

138. "Is this our closet? Or your closet?" by Shae [Reviews - 2] (106 words)

AU.  Newlywed Caryl settle in their first home.  Some silly nonsense for you. 

139. "If I win, you do dishes for a week." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (105 words)

Early Season 4.  Before the you know what hit the fan. 


Carol and Daryl enjoy a light moment. 

140. "Fist bumps are cooler than high fives..." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (108 words)

Season 5.  Before they reach Alexandria. 


Tara catches Daryl in the act.

141. "Use your words." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (109 words)

The married Caryl AU where they raise Sophia and a puppy and now a kitten continues. 


Immediately follows “You fell asleep in the tub?" 


Carol reveals her secret.  How does Daryl take it? 

142. "Hold my hand so he gets jealous." by Shae [Reviews - 3] Liked (106 words)

AU.  Carol and Daryl are two neighbors not-so-secretly pining over each other, and the waiting game for one of them to make a move is killing Carol’s visiting friend Aaron.  He decides to help things along. 


Utter silliness with little point, lol.  I hope you enjoy it anyway. 

143. "Ew. Your hand is sweaty." by Shae [Reviews - 2] (103 words)

Follows “Come on, Baby.  Up to bed." 


AU where Sophia lived, Lori survived Judith’s birth, and the Prison was a safe place for a while. 


Carol, Daryl, and Sophia and Carl go on a afternoon stroll.  Cuteness abounds. 

144. "Get out of my face before I hit you." by Shae [Reviews - 1] (109 words)

Hmm.  I’m not too keen on this one.  The 100 words format really worked against me here, but I hope you get some enjoyment out of it anyway. 


High school/young adult AU.  Daryl–and Carol–take a stand against Ed. 

145. "I don't care if you're 4 or 40. You don't hit people." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (106 words)

Post-series fluffiness. 


Carol is Daryl’s girl.  Everybody knows that, including Judith.  And when somebody steps out of line, well.  Asskicker isn’t too happy about it. 

146. "You only care about football, beer, and raking leaves." by Shae [Reviews - 0] (108 words)

AU.  Carol and Daryl haven’t been married all that long when life throws them a curve ball. 

147. "Look! Fireflies!" by Shae [Reviews - 3] Liked (105 words)

Post Season 7.  Season 8 wishful thinking, lol. 


Daryl and Carol share a peaceful moment at the Hilltop with the littlest Grimes before the oncoming War. 


Sorry about this one, lol.  100 words really wasn’t enough, but I made do. 



148. "Why do you only kiss me when I'm sleeping?" by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (109 words)

Post-series.  Carol wants to know something. 


Sorry for the lame summary, lol.  It’s just…there’s not much to this little fic. 

149. "I just need ten minutes." by Shae [Reviews - 1] Liked (108 words)

I’m going to go with Season 3/early Season 4 for this one. 


Carol’s teasing backfires. 

150. "I don't love you." by Shae [Reviews - 5] Liked (109 words)

This is it.  The last drabble in my Across the Universe(s) collection.  I’m sorry it took me so long to finish this, but honestly?  I had so many awesome prompts sent to me for this last little nugget that I couldn’t choose.  So.  You get this little angst-ball instead, hahaha.  Look for those other prompts to show up sometime in my new series of drabbles, ficlets, and one-shots:  Something to Talk About


So.  Everybody remember episode 7.10?  Imagine our babies finally gave in to their feelings.  Only this happened afterward because you know she’d hurt herself if she thought she was protecting him, right? She so totally would.