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When you are at your lowest, sometimes it takes a person you love to carry you back up.

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Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
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Published: February 27, 2017 Updated: March 01, 2017

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Story Notes:

Hey guys! So this is the prequel to my other fanfic "Just One Step". It's not a long story, just a few chapters, but I hope you enjoy it.

PS: This was my very first fanfic sooo... I apologize if it sounds a bit newbish in some spots. ha!

Enjoy loves!

1. Chapter 1 by LeeLeeWoflpack [Reviews - 4] Liked (3162 words)

Triggerwarning: Attempted Rape and Violence.

2. Chapter 2 by LeeLeeWoflpack [Reviews - 2] Liked (2276 words)

Hey guys, 

I went ahead and changed the flashbacks to italics, just so that it wouldn't be confusing.

3. Chapter 3 by LeeLeeWoflpack [Reviews - 6] Liked (3277 words)

Hi guys, this is the last chapter.

It was never meant to be very long but like I said, I wrote a sequel for it called "Just One Step" if you're still interested in the story. 

Enjoy loves!