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Art inspires a new future for Carol and Daryl; a mythical tale of hope intertwines with a fairytale-inspired resolution to their post-war life. Everyday enchantment that would be nice to see...

Bonus 2-part bonus Wedding chapter(s)!

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Rated: M
Categories: Nine Lives Challenge
Characters: Carol, Daryl, Enid, Maggie, Michonne, Original Character(s), Paul "Jesus" Rovia, Rick, Tara
Genres: Challenge Response, Drama, Dramedy, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Sexual Situations
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 22915 Read: 1604
Published: June 25, 2017 Updated: July 16, 2017

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Story Notes:

This one's a bit different from my usual work (see blurb below). Very old school, intended as a 'true love', wish-fulfillment-kind of story for fans starved of romance and Caryl time. Nonetheless, it feels as inspired as each piece I write, and hopefully gives readers a positive impression of my personal style.

Note from the author

I write mainly speculative fiction. Dystopian, AU, Fairy tales, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and the like. Always though, fundamentally, it’s about fantasy, and even magic, somehow grounded in realism—along the lines of Ray Bradbury, my favourite author. An essence of romance tinges many of these stories, however, it is not always the primary drive.

1. Gesso by adistantfire [Reviews - 3] Liked (3311 words)

Artistry inspires a new life.

Carol tells Daryl an old story.

2. Ghosts by adistantfire [Reviews - 3] Liked (670 words)

Dealing with the past, but looking to the future.

Daryl's green–eyed monster.

3. God help you, Paul Rovia by adistantfire [Reviews - 2] Liked (3151 words)

Paul and Daryl do battle.

Daryl finally comes clean. ♥

4. Gnome by adistantfire [Reviews - 2] (4081 words)

Attention ZA shoppers.

Life at home for Carol and Daryl.

5. (Sweet Birch) Glory Boxes by adistantfire [Reviews - 2] (873 words)

Daryl gets to work...and dream.

Hope in a Box.

6. Georgia in Summertime by adistantfire [Reviews - 5] Liked (2817 words)

Carol and Daryl get married.

The best gift of all.

7. Goddess Unveiled - The Wedding, Part I by adistantfire [Reviews - 2] (3803 words)

Carol gets a dance instructor.

The lead-up.

Bonus Chapter. Part I.

8. Get (it) Together - The Wedding, Part II by adistantfire [Reviews - 3] Liked (4209 words)

A Magical Ceremony.

Kickass Reception.

The rest of the night to remember...