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It takes for Negan to take Carol away for Daryl to realise how much he needs her. 

He's going to get her back, one way or another.

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Categories: Season 7
Characters: Carol, Daryl, Negan, Rick
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Violence
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Published: September 23, 2017 Updated: October 28, 2017

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Story Notes:

This was based off a prompt that people wanted to be more than a prompt. Won't be a super long story. Hopefully will be done by the new season.

1. Stay safe by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 15] Liked (911 words)

I didn't have a beta for this chapter so all mistakes are my own. If anyone would like to beta some upcoming chapters though that would be much appreciated!

This fic is based on if Negan had another lineup but this time Carol was there. 

2. Always did like a challenge by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 11] Liked (788 words)

A/N: Omg so many awesome responses to the first chapter thank you so much!

I was going to put this chapter into one, but I've decided to split it into two so that I can update a little more often. 

Big thanks to dania for beta-ing this chapter for me! 


3. We make a plan by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 7] Liked (906 words)

A/N: Thanks again for the amazing response!

Big credit to my beta dania for this chapter. She wrote some of her own bits in this one and really helped complete it!

4. My wives...you want in? by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 8] Liked (1312 words)

A/N: Hopefully y'all like this chapter, I liked this one quite a bit. 

Thank you to dania again for being my beta and altering some bits that just made the whole thing so much better!

5. I missed you by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 8] Liked (758 words)

A/N: Italics are a flashback to after the season 7 finale.

Thanks to my beta dania and for the bits added in! You're awesome.


6. Stick to the plan by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 9] Liked (1082 words)

A/N: I like this chapter a lot, I hope you guys do too!

Thank you immensely to my beta dania! 

Minor warnings for violence (not too graphic)

7. That one was for Daryl by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 7] Liked (929 words)

A/N: Thanks for all those who have followed along and reviewed! I think we have one possibly two chapters left of this now. 

Thank you to my beta dania as always for the edits and inputs, you're awesome.


8. Daryl's strength by foreverlovingdaryldixon [Reviews - 6] Liked (1303 words)

A/N: Final chapter y'all! Thank you for all those that have read and reviewed!

I feel like this chapter was a joint effort. The wonderful heart wrenching speech is all credited to my beta dania! Thank you so much for helping me make this mess of a story into something worth reading.