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When Carol goes missing during the height of the war against the Saviors, Daryl goes on a mission to bring her back home. Never in his wildest dreams could he expect what he would find. 

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Categories: Season 8, Post-Series, Family, Baby Fic
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Published: November 18, 2017 Updated: January 10, 2018

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1. Chapter 1 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 6] Liked (1837 words)

Thanks for checking out my story! I am a newbie fan of TWD and worshipper of Caryl and I'm so happy to have found a home here! I am doing my best to research facts as this story is intended to honor the storytelling integrity of the tv series, so please feel free to offer constructive criticism when needed. I will attempt to make revisions when possible, but under certain circumstances it may be too late and elements of the story will have to continue as originally planned.

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Hope you enjoy!


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Thanks for the warm welcome to the site and the awesome reviews! Hope y'all continue to enjoy1

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16. Chapter 16 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 1] (3162 words)

I'm all caught up now posting all of my existing chapters here. Chapter 16 is hot off the presses as I just wrapped it up this morning. Hoping to have 17 complete by TWD Sunday! Enjoy!

Also want to shout out to whichever one of the peeps it was in chat last night who used the term Dixonese! I loved it so much I had to use it in this chapter!

17. Chapter 17 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 3] Liked (2345 words)

Getting close now! Only a couple of chapters away from a long overdue Caryl+1 reunion :)

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Caryl, together at last! Or at least a tease of what's to come ;)

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22. Chapter 22 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 5] Liked (1611 words)

Somewhere in the midst of writing the previous chapter, I came up with a plot which will carry on into a new sequel. Still a couple of chapters left here though, with some good, quality Caryl moments to come! 

23. Chapter 23 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 2] Liked (3201 words)

Just two more chapters to go after this one! I've got the next few days off so I'm hoping to have this complate by Tuesday morning, and then it's on to the sequel!


Many thanks to all who continue to read on!

24. Chapter 24 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 2] Liked (3634 words)

25. Chapter 25 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 1] Liked (2272 words)

I'd originally planned on this being the last chapter, but I decided to do one more to give them the proper reunion with the rest of the family! Stay tuned for the conclusion, for this first part of the series anyway!

26. Chapter 26 by DixonVixen [Reviews - 5] Liked (3858 words)

Final chapter! Thanks to all who have read through it's entirety! Stay tuned for the sequel tentatively titled "The Woe of The Aftermath," coming soon!