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Latest installment:  Ain't making drunk gingerbread men. 

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Categories: Alternate Universe, Family
Characters: Sophia
Genres: Holiday
Warnings: Adult Language
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Published: December 02, 2017 Updated: December 25, 2017

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Story Notes:

So.  I meant to post this on December 1st because I was considering doing a Christmas series a la lilabut (only considerably less smutty because I don't have mad skills like that), but time got away with me and here we are.  I still am considering it, but if the interest just isn't there and I don't manage more than this little one shot, well.  I thought I'd at least post it here.    


What can I say? 


Anyway.  As much as I'd love to finish up The Three Gifts, I've been super busy at work and RL has been even more of a challenge these days so these little ficlets are easier to manage. 


So, without further ado, enjoy some Christmas schmoopiness.  Wink

1. Chapter 1 by Shae [Reviews - 11] Liked (970 words)

It's just temporary, Carol and her girl staying here. 

2. Chapter 2 by Shae [Reviews - 5] Liked (774 words)

They’re still new at this, the two of them becoming more than just two people that found each other and fell in love like some kind of miracle considering the hard knocks life has dealt them already.

3. Chapter 3 by Shae [Reviews - 4] Liked (407 words)

Ain’t just her mama own the corner on reducing him to a pile of flaming mush.

4. Chapter 4 by Shae [Reviews - 5] Liked (1881 words)

She invites Daryl to spend the holidays with her and Sophia. 

5. Chapter 5 by Shae [Reviews - 3] Liked (701 words)

Daryl huffs out a quiet laugh, leans into the careless caress of her gentle fingers through his shaggy hair, lets his eyes drift closed as he soaks in her nearness.  Allows it to calm him and soothe the beast of unease that’s lived inside of him for as long as he can remember. 

6. Chapter 6 by Shae [Reviews - 4] Liked (1106 words)

“For someone so observant, you’re awfully dense, Daryl Dixon.” 

7. Chapter 7 by Shae [Reviews - 4] Liked (767 words)

She's warm, sleepy-sweet in his arms. 

8. Chapter 8 by Shae [Reviews - 6] Liked (1157 words)

Time is what you make of it and every minute he’s lucky enough to have left in the ever-dwindling tank is going to be spent as close to her side as she’ll allow.  

9. Chapter 9 by Shae [Reviews - 4] Liked (4826 words)

Ain't making drunk gingerbread men.