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AU no ZA. Carol and Daryl were best friends from the ages of 8 until they were 18. After high school, she moved to Savannah for college and he moved to Virginiato live with his older brother, Merle. Right before Daryl left town, something happened that broke the bond they shared and the two haven't spoken in six long years. What happens when they both move back to their home town? Will they be able to repair the bond that they once shared?

Rated: M
Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: Daryl
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Domestic Abuse (Implied)
Series: None
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Published: December 03, 2017 Updated: January 15, 2018

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Story Notes:

This story will contain occasional mentions of domestic abuse and mentions of Carol's previous relationship with Ed. It is a slighly modified version of the story I posted on fanfic.net. I haven't figured out how to add more than one character to a story or more than one categoty on this site just yet. (If anyone can message me how to do so I'd appreciate it.) This is a Caryl centric story but will also heavily involve Merle, Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Lori, Andrea, Michonne, Shane and their relationships with Carol and Daryl. I hope some of you find it enjoyable.

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I do not own TWD or any of it's characters.

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Glad to see interest in the first chapter. This story was special to me so the feedback is appreciated.

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I do not own TWD or any of it's characters.

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This chapter will also contain a flashback. The flashback is in itallics and is noted as a flashback. Hope it's not too confusing.

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Flashbacks are in italics.

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