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It can be us, it can be us and only us. 
(Song lyric drabble)

Rated: G
Categories: Headcanon, Drabbles, Post-Series
Characters: Carol, Daryl
Genres: Romance
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Published: January 31, 2018 Updated: February 02, 2018

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Story Notes:

Although I haven't seen the play I'm currently obsessing about the music from "Dear Evan Hansen", especially the song "Only us". It's a beautiful duett and it made me think about Caryl immediately. The idea for this story came to me on my way to work this morning. I tried to put a little Caryl story to the lyrics. Just some cheesy fluff for everyone who needs some Caryl lovin' today :)


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1. Daryl by pookiedixon [Reviews - 1] Liked (933 words)

These particular lines from the song immediately sounded to me as told from Daryl's POV.