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Carol and the group have emerged from Grady Memorial with one major exception. In the week following the event, Carol finds herself questioning more than ever if she should have come back. Will Daryl be able to convince her to stay for good?

Rated: T
Categories: Oneshot
Characters: Carol, Daryl
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: Daryl/Other (Temp)
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Published: November 27, 2014 Updated: November 27, 2014

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1. Chapter 1 by kaoscraze82 [Reviews - 16] Liked (3802 words)

Well hello there!! *rises from the ashes of her last fanfic months ago* I can’t say that I planned to put out a fanfic this week, let alone on Thanksgiving day, but here it is! I remember drifting off last night to this image in my head and the minute I woke up I started writing and haven’t stopped for nearly 5 ½ hours! I’m also supposed to be at my aunt’s for dinner in about an hour, so I’m really pushing my limits here hehe.

I think all of us Carylers have been contemplating nonstop what might happen in this coming Sunday’s MSF and my brain is no exception. While we’ve all heard the rumors of Beth’s demise (and please don’t think for a moment that I know ANY of this to be true, I only go by what I see in chats and on Tumblr) and although I’m eager for this lovely shipping war to simmer back down again, I’m almost more interested in how she dies than when. They have said multiple times that they try to give each cast member a proper send-off when they leave the show, and EK won’t be the exception to the rule I’m sure. I’d hope they’d send her out with some thought behind it, and I would SINCERELY like to see her go out in a blaze of glory because then I would feel like her character did truly have a purpose. Say what you want about the acting, but I feel like Beth deserves one moment to shine on her own without anyone else’s help.

As for Carol, well like all of you I want her to wake the hell up and blow the shit out of Dawn and the hospital, but I think what I’ve written in this story is more likely going to be the route taken for her character. She’s obviously been injured worse than ever before, and that’s not something you can just jump back from in a few days. Daryl is also probably going to go through a transitional time of his own with the notion that he nearly lost Carol again and now may have to deal with another situation mirroring that of finding Sophia as a walker. His first reaction in those moments has always been to get in a fight with someone, but I also don’t think that will be the case here. His feelings of guilt may very closely resemble Carols and with any luck, they can work through it together.

So without further ado, I give you my first Caryl fic in ages and ask you not to stone me to death if it sucks lol. I am also trying my hand at writing some McReedus, but no time frame as to when it might be done. Anyway, have a wonderful day wherever you are, and thank you again to my lovely Cazzles for letting me use her as my guinea pig;-) Live long and Caryl on peeps!