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So I finally started watching The Walking Dead in August...and I am completely obsessed with Caryl!  I've watched the entire series now three or four times lol much to my husband's dismay.  I love to write and sometimes ideas for my favorite characters are just too big to stay inside my head.  


I also LOVE reading fanfic and I am so grateful I was invited to this site - there are so many wonderful writers here and an almost overwhelming amount of fantastic stories.


I do the majority of my reading on my phone when I have some spare time and I hate typing on my phone so I don't review as much as I should but I am trying to be better about that lol.  


It has taken some time to feel comfortable responding to reviews of my own stories because I am extremely shy and don't take compliments well at all (also drives my husband crazy!).  I welcome any and all reviews, suggestions, criticisms, etc.  


I just want to thank anyone who reads and reviews my stories.  It really means the world to me!  As always - Happy Reading!



UPDATE 12/18/14:  For anyone who checks :P

I won't be able to update any stories for a while.  My husband's father is very sick.  Long story, short - my head and heart are in a whole other place right now.  Hope to be back soon.  

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