Welcome New Staff!

Hello Nine Lives family and friends!

We kicked off the new year with two announcements: that in the first moves towards our expansion and growth goals, we were looking to expand our Nine Lives team with a new squad of Challenge Moderators: creative and enthusiastic individuals willing to help the NL admins plan, coordinate, promote and oversee our events, games and fanfic/art challenges. We also opened another spot on our Chat team and, in a separate announcement, put out a call looking for graphic artists for special projects. We received an overwhelming number of responses for all of our open positions, and after weeks of review and discussion, we have made our decisions!

Fairies Masquerade, Subversivegrrl, Ikkleosu, and meeshie are pleased to announce the new additions to the Nine Lives Staff:

Challenge Moderators

  • AlannasTara
  • silversundown
  • Sira
  • the-space-between1013

Chat Moderator

  • kaoscraze82

kaoscraze82 joins our existing chat team of jaibhagwan and AlannasTara under the direction of Chat Admin meeshie in planning and hosting our monthly Writers Chats.

Graphic Artists Team

  • untapdtreasure
  • PixieGrunger
  • Na Bruma Leve
  • surrealfantasy3

Excitement! Adventure! Shenanigans ahead!

Truly, we are so excited to welcome some amazing talents and personalities to the inner workings of Nine Lives. Big, big things are ahead for us! Our new staff has yet to go through their full initiation, so please don’t ask them for anything yet. Once we get them situated, we’ll post another announcement letting you know how things will work with our expanded teams.

In the meantime, be sure to congratulate these new team members! They’ll be working hard to make Nine Lives bigger and better just for you.

--FM, Ikkles, Subs & meeshie on January 29, 2017 2:15pm 0 Comments