About Us

Who We Are

We are the first and only all-Caryl fanfiction archive and community!

Our intention is to provide a safe haven for Caryl fans. To paraphrase the words of our founder, Ravenesque, we believe there is a great need to foster community around our ship, gathering all our fantastic fanfiction in one place so that anyone seeking it out can find it easily. With this site we hope to foster that sense of safety within our own community, support for writers and readers with the inclusion of the shout box and chat room, a beta service, a moderated service that helps those entering the fandom to improve their work and thus improving the reading experience of all Carylers that want to read quality fanfiction. What we are about is acceptance and support, love of Carol and Daryl, Melissa and Norman, and hopefully a place where our detractors can recognize that this is not their space to impose upon.

Our History

Nine Lives was created at the start of 2014 as a safe-haven for Caryl fans to find fantastic fanfiction.

When Nine Lives was first conceived, the Caryl fandom had been on the go for over two years, growing with each passing season of The Walking Dead, and moments of deliciousness between Daryl and Carol. However, the infamous "slow-burn" of their relationship was driving many to frustration and people sought out the comfort of fanfiction to fill in the blanks or advance the story at a faster pace.

As the amount of readers and writers grew, so did the desire to have a Caryl-only spot to read these glorious texts. This was especially true as other ships started to arise in the fandom; ships that a Caryl fan may accidentally stumble on whilst reading what they thought, or hoped, was a Caryl fic. Things got heated and many started to become discouraged. It was in order to prevent this happening, and to create a community and haven for the Caryl fans, that Megan (Ravenesque, formerly Peta2), Fairies Masquerade and Atoizzard got together to create Nine Lives. Thanks to Megan's experience and influence in the Spuffy fandom, Susan from the Spuffy Archive Elysian Fields kindly agreed to host Nine Lives on their server.

So in January 2014, Nine Lives went live.

In the years since Nine Lives opened, it has grown tremendously and changed a lot. However, one thing remains the same and that is the ethos behind the site. Nine Lives is the place where Caryl fans can come to enjoy (or post) the best that Caryl and McReedus fanfiction has to offer. It is a community where readers and writers are here to support and encourage their fellow Carylers, and help us all get the best experience out of this ride we call fandom. Be it multi-chapter AUs, fluffy drabbles, angsty post-episode fics or wild and crazy smut, here your every desire for Caryl (and McReedus) can be explored and delighted in with like-minded fans.

Meet The Staff

Fairies Masquerade - Owner/Archive Administrator Emeritus (Fairies Masquerade is currently not involved in the day-to-day running of Nine Lives. She's working on behind the scenes stuff to make the site better, but is not the best choice to PM if you have a question or concern that you need someone to respond to in the immediate future.)
I’ve often thought it’d be fun if my life were a musical - perhaps a beautiful cross between Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors (except with the alien invading plant being friendly and awesome instead of wanting to literally devour humanity), the roller skating parts of Xanadu and the parody of ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ from Young Frankenstein - and given that I work in theater, the likelihood of a song-and-dance number spontaneously erupting around me is actually pretty good! When I’m not lurking in the bowels of a theater (trying to find who took my opera mask - I mean wut), I pretty much live and breathe Nine Lives. Occasionally, I pretend to write. Far too obsessed with Caryl. Carol Peletier is my spirit animal.

Subversivegrrl - Archive Administrator
subversivegrrl is the offspring of a family of itinerant giraffe trainers and amateur lexicographers. She sometimes writes. More often she stares in abject terror at the computer screen. In her spare time she enjoys arranging scraps of paper into stacks. 

Ikkleosu - Archive Administrator
Ikkleosu is a 40-year-old Scottish personage with chronic illness, chronic forgetfulness and chronically bad typing. She was likely shipping the doctors in her delivery room and has continued to be a UST addict for life. She loves facts, hummus, Irn Bru and Caryl.

AlannasTara - Archive Administrator
34 year old, hot-mess mom of two, with a memory span the size of Rick Grimes' pea pods. Between playing chauffeur/jungle gym/referee and finally remembering to switch loads of laundry so they don't reek of mildew, I sometimes read and write Caryl fanfiction. Caryl is my first experience in fandom and also my first experience writing fanfiction. Aliases include: Angst Monster, Destroyer of Feels and Queen of crack!ships.

Meeshie - Tech Coder
meeshie is an American east coast ex-pat living it up in the Pacific NW, where she attempts to be productive in her job as a web developer, but usually ends up drinking local beers or coffee while getting lost in the black hole of her ships, especially Caryl. Occasionally she takes a break from shipping to sing with her band, or write a fic here and there. She loves animals and awesome human beings.

silversundown - Tech Coder/Challenge Moderator
"Coding junkie and potential indie game developer…someday, coffee and chai tea addict and midnight writer of caryl fic, she also spends unrealistic amounts of time prepping for the inevitable wolf/dog zombie apocalypse."

Jaibhagwan - Chat Moderator
Caryl is my crack. Writing is my 12-step program. Traumatized by TWD for various reasons, I just need to vent some serious feels. Writing is more than therapy. It's transformative. Everyone on Nine Lives is part of my support group. You are all wonderful enablers!

kaoscraze82 - Chat Moderator
Soon to be 35 years old (with the mentality of a boy-obsessed 13-year-old girl), former east coaster who was taken in as a refugee by her bestie, Meeshie and now lives a very bland life in the Pacific NW. I stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day attempting to adult (usually unsuccessfully) and on my downtime I love to cook, clean (ha j/k) buy more yarn than any human will ever need in my attempts to collect all the colors (and occasionally crochet bomb someone) and look at the vault of all my half-started Caryl fanfic stories that will probably never see the light of day. I also spend way too much money going to cons to meet as many of our beloved TWD stars as I can (27 so far!!) and this WILL be the year I finally meet Melissa McBride, even if I have to throw myself at her feet and cry like an idiot...which is very likely. I love this community and our wonderful admins who have the patience of saints :-) xoxoxo

whowhatsitwhich - Chat Moderator
Old enough to know better but could really care less about acting my 'age'. Mother of one, significant other of none who spends her time reading too much, listening to music, and chasing her tail at her place of employment...sometimes in circles.  Occasionally I write stuff. Once in a while, I post what I write.  Every now and then, people read and review. I detest the word 'cute' and adore anyone who takes time to read my stuff. I am hopelessly devoted to my ships, Caryl most of all. 

the-space-between1013 - Challenge Moderator
Jen's my name, 34 years old, and I'm an honest to God Adult Doing Adult Things. I've been on this ship called Caryl for approximately three years. I know, I know, you're probably asking how the hell did it take me four years to get on said-ship. Wellllll, it's because I didn't watch the show until about three years ago, binged four seasons on Netflix, caught up to five, and then had to re-watch the entire series because of The Hug. Caryl is not my first fandom (that would be X-Files and MSR and in my limited spare time I write fic (though to be honest it's hard to when there's so much more fic to READ).

Sira - Challenge Moderator
Sira is a European based mother of one and part time office slave who has mastered the art of looking incredibly busy while cooking up the plot for her next story. She loves to write, read, cook and sing anytime and everywhere, happily annoying anybody unfortunate enough to cross paths with her. Her drugs of choice are tons of coffee and Caryl in any form and shape.

untapdtreasure - Graphic Artist
Is a thirty something year old people pleaser who sometimes spreads herself way too thin but always does it with her heart in the right place. Is desperate to put positive into every fandom she puts her heart and soul into. The negative can scoot its ugly little rear right on out of the way. Making graphics pleases her in ways that she can't even express so being able to make something specifically to showcase individuals at Nine Lives is a dream come true for her. She just hopes she doesn't blow it.

Pixie Grunger - Graphic Arist
31 year old grunger with tiny feet living on the Emerald Isle. Shares a birthday with Beatrix Potter and Optimus Prime. Mama to 2 kiddiewinks. Has a BA in Politics but never used it. Likes to dabble in all things creative. Can be found almost anywhere with a glitter pen (usually purple) making lists.

Na Bruma Leve - Graphic Artist
"Enthusiastic" by Lilabut; "Loyal" by Lovesdaryl; “Passionate” by Saedhriel; “Candid, righteous… you are very bothered if you think somethin’s unfair” by Geekspyne; “Toughtful” by Lauren; “Creative and kind” by Silversundown, "Extra" by Leonstentron; “You’re more a feeling to me than a word” by Zedwordjen.

[I asked around what was the first thing that my friends thought about when my name was brought up, because I believe that the impression you make on people is what determines the importance you will have in their lives. (And I'm very happy to know that I have a place in their lives as big as the one they have in mine). It's also the best way to learn and become better, by trying to reconcile who you believe to be with whom people believe you already are.]

surrealfantasy3 - Graphic Artist
Mother of 3 year-old hyperactive yorkie, pescatarian, contantly consumed by wanderlust and desire to become a hermit, an aromantic turned hopelessly romantic when it comes to fictional characters; drink too much coffee, watch too much tv and like pretty shiny things. #TrustNoGimple