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December Writers Chat:Thursday, December 7, 2017, 10:00 pm Eastern Time (click on the time zone converter for your local time.) Topic:MEMBERS' BRAINSTORMING SESSION - 2018 CHAT TOPICS!†Check the blurb under News for more details.

Spring Heat by The Readers Muse E
“More,” she breathed, looking up at him, lower lip caught between...
have yourself a(nother) smutty little christmas by lilabut E
another year, another round of twenty-something unrelated, smutty ficlets to...
Merry and Bright by Shae T
Latest installment:  Time is what you make of it and every minute he’s...
Beauty and the Beasts by Trogdor19 E
Daryl is a foul-mouthed construction foreman. Carol is his new biologist. AU -- Daryl’s...
Deep Roots by ICanStopAnyTime M
Three years after Daryl and Carol move in together at the Hilltop, disease and...
Comfort and Cookies by Redvelvetunicorns T
Two lonely neighbours enjoy each other’s company on Christmas Day 
Christmas Caryls by Michelle Del Vale T
My 2015 & 2017 Christmas Caryls 
Loose Ends by ramblinrose E
Caryl, AU.  Seasons 2 and 3.  When a group rips apart at the end of...
Another World by That1VT M
What if the ZA never happened? Would Daryl have ever met Carol, Rick, and the...
Some Things Never Change by That1VT M
AU no ZA. Carol and Daryl were best friends from the ages of 8 until they were...
What We Didn't See During 7x10 by Adina Rosa G
Missing moments from the episode "New Best Friends."
A Common Condition by silversundown E
"They all have ptsd now. Some handle it differently than others but the affliction...
the hands of fate by lilabut E
He believed what he had with the others was a family. A home. But all that changes...
The Dixon's Guide to the Apocalypse by coreenfw E
The Walking Dead from a Dixon (mainly Merle's) perspective.  This is my...
The Happiest Place On Earth by Axelrocks T
He was an idiot. This was a stupid idea, bound to get them killed. But he...
Don't Kiss! by BettyBubble E
Seven years ago, Carol had a chance to start over,  but she was still locked...
On Vacation! by Amwaaker E
Carol and Daryl meet on vacation with their daughters. AU. No zombies Disclaimer:...
In Another Life by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
Caryl, but in an series of alternate universes. Newest chapter prompt:  AU...
Someone Else's Star by Amanda Hawthorn E
All those years that Ed had blamed her for being a dried up, barren bitch and...
The Heart of War by DixonVixen M
When Carol goes missing during the height of the war against the Saviors, Daryl...
The House is Theirs by RandomCat T
The house they share is divided into three parts: His. Hers. Theirs.
High School Reunion by ramblinrose T
Caryl, AU.  Oneshot.  Daryl went back to the reunion for one thing...
Beauty Within by LeeLeeWoflpack M
Carol is a Physical Therapist, and Daryl is a veteran in need of healing. Life...
Flood Relief by Booksrbetter M
Daryl volunteers to help remove debris from the recent flood. He meets Carol...
Love Finds A Way by ramblinrose M
Caryl, AU.  One thing they'd learned was that, even through the most seemingly...
Starting Over Yet Again by Amwaaker E
Carol navigates the world of online dating.  Eventual Caryl, but with lots...
Random Story
All The Way by NotEnoughTimeOnMyHands E
Daryl is suddenly free to fulfil a long held fantasy... but who can help?
DixonVixen 12/13/17 09:22 am
Thanks BettyBubble! Power is already back on, and I only lost a few sentences of dialog. I am happy I've learned the valuable lesson of clicking save frequently!
BettyBubble 12/13/17 08:56 am
Damn, but at least you saved it! I hope you'll get your power back soon!😊
DixonVixen 12/13/17 08:53 am
...and then you realize you thankfully remembered to click save shortly before said power went out and not much was lost
DixonVixen 12/13/17 08:33 am
When you're in the midst of writing your next chapter and the power goes out....:(
The Readers Muse 12/12/17 10:42 pm
Thrilled to hear that "Spring Heat" is the fic of the week. It's been a while since I wrote that one. So lovely to hear people are still reading!
freefromthecocoon 12/12/17 03:40 pm
Isn't there a story where Carol has Daryl read Pride and Prejudice?
Ikkleosu 12/11/17 06:16 pm
Holler for this week's FSOTW Spring Heat by The Readers Muse - who wrote (probably) the first ever Caryl fanfic!
coreenfw 12/11/17 12:43 pm
Maybe it needed to be said twice... lol, important!!
Amwaaker 12/11/17 10:16 am
I have no idea why that appear twice lol
Amwaaker 12/11/17 10:15 am
If anybody else wants to join Pearl seed and I we will be chatting tonight at 7 about just putting together a spreadsheet of story themes if anybody else wants to join pearl seed and I we will be chatting tonight at 7 about just putting together a spreadsheet of story themes
Amwaaker 12/09/17 07:48 pm
Thank you Ramblin Rose for chatting! If anybody else is interested, just PM me.
Amwaaker 12/09/17 05:28 pm
How about we jump on chat tonight at 7 p.m. Central and see what we can come up with
MarieCat 12/09/17 01:05 pm
That is a fantastic idea Amwaaker! I can sometimes remember parts of a story but not the title and author. I'll help if needed!
Emerald Kitten 12/09/17 10:47 am
I know I'm late here but I just wanted to say thank you so much for choosing Hotter Than Hell as a featured story. It melts my cold little heart that it was chosen. Thanks everyone xo
Miss Starfire 12/09/17 08:04 am
Fields to use.
Miss Starfire 12/09/17 08:03 am
Thatís a great idea Amwaaker! An easy way to find that fic you only remember parts of. A public Google Sheet could help. Share the edit link with people who would like to enter info. Maybe the writers themselves can enter the content for their own stories. The hardest part is determining which field
Amwaaker 12/08/17 11:04 am
I think I'm going to create a spreadsheet of listing stories with various themes where it would be easier to try and track something down is anybody else interested in helping me with doing this it's not something that can be on the site due to admins explanations of space.
pearlseed 12/08/17 04:45 am
Hello it's snowing in these little latitudes!! Amazing--been out walking around bird early (pre-dawn)! Merry Christmas!Finally got toes warm!
kaoscraze82 12/07/17 09:42 pm
Thanks to everyone who came out for the chat tonight! We got some great ideas for the coming year, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Also, a reminder that we will not be having our January chat but we will be back on the first Thursday in February with a great new topic!
whowhatsitwhich 12/07/17 09:40 pm
Thanks to everyone who came on over to chat tonight. Great ideas and conversation.
DixonVixen 12/07/17 06:13 pm
I will be there for my first chat! I'm so excited too!
Amwaaker 12/07/17 05:45 pm
So excited for chat tonight!
chemfemme 12/06/17 06:59 pm
LAH, thank you...the more I thought about it, I think Iíve read several stories with the description I gave. Not a bad thing, they each had different tones/moods. Sometimes bits pop into my head and I feel compelled to reread. Iíll just have to suck it up, LOL, and read until I find it.
LAH 12/06/17 10:28 am
I just asked SOAlovingmom...she didn't write the one when they were singing carols. She did write one with them in the storage units, but not at Christmastime.
chemfemme 12/06/17 12:42 am
Thanks, Buttercup, Iíll look...

December Writers' Chat: It's Your Turn!

January's coming soon! But, wait, weren't we talking about December? Well, yes, but we need to talk about January in December. Just go along with us for a minute here.

Because in January we're going to be celebrating Nine Lives' FOURTH ANNIVERSARY. Four full years of Caryl goodness, and you've been at the heart of it all.

So this time out, the chat is going to be about looking forward to our fifth year - what kinds of things would you like the chat to tackle? What topics would you like us to revisit? Have you found it helpful to your writing when we do writing sprints? Are there technical areas you're unsure about and would like some help with, like dialogue tags, or punctuation? Do you need help punching up your action scenes? Are you stymied by that tricky old adage, "show, don't tell?"

This is your opportunity to help guide where the chats go in 2018! Please join us on Thursday, December 7th, at 10 pm Eastern time (click on that handy-dandy TIME ZONE CONVERTER at the top of the Events section to check your local time) and bring your fondest hopes for the upcoming year's chat topics to share!

(FYI: We're skipping the January 4th chat, due to the proximity of the New Year's holiday.)

--The Chat Team on November 14, 2017 5:40pm 0 Comments
Additional content warning now available

[CW: discussion of appropriate tagging of rape and dubious consent in fanfiction.]

Running a fanfiction archive is more complicated than any of us admins ever expected. We're lucky here, in many ways, because we don't have ship wars to contend with - we can float along in our happy little ocean liner and enjoy our OTP.

Sometimes, though, we have a problem - usually one that wasn't taken into account when the site was built, and hasn't come up before, so it's never been addressed. When that happens, we have to talk it through among the three of us: how do we handle the current instance that raised the issue, and how can we reduce the possibility of it being a problem again going forward? (You'll notice we didn't say, "prevent it." That's because we've learned that it's almost impossible to perfectly anticipate the scope of human behavior.)

We recently had occasion to review the list of content warnings Nine Lives provides for authors to use, which include "attempted rape," "rape (implied)," and "rape (actual.)" There was no provision for "dubious consent," which an author might use for a situation they considered potentially questionable (consent is unknown or uncertain, as distinguished from consent being definitely absent), and we felt that omission could lead to situations where a fic might not provide adequate warning to allow readers to avoid content they would find problematic.

So we've added "dubious consent" to our warnings. Some may think that doesn't go far enough, but after discussion that's how we've decided to approach this issue. If you have a different idea on this, let us know.

The existence of an additional warning doesn't automatically mean an author will use it. Like anything else, we have to rely on our authors to consider the applicability of and then use the appropriate warnings, or to put something in the story notes to alert readers to possible difficult content. There also are going to be instances where the author truly doesn't see the content as troublesome. That's where our readers come in.

If you have an issue with a story, you can PM an author directly and have a respectful conversation with them about your concerns. If you'd prefer not to contact the author, you can PM one of the admins (subversivegrrl, alannastara, or ikkleosu) and let us know what your concerns are. You can also contact us via the "contact" link at the bottom of every page, but please note that those site emails don't get checked every day.

However you decide to approach the issue, PLEASE come to us directly. Whisper campaigns, or sending complaints about story content to third parties, like on Tumblr, or a Facebook group, or anywhere else that does not directly connect to the people who can do anything about it, doesn't address or resolve the problem. All that does is stir up hostility and gossip. We've had instances in the past where back-channel sniping has nearly caused authors to stop writing entirely. We're very lucky that this instance was solved by civil communication, but it could easily have gone the other direction.

As always, if you have a suggestion for how the Nine Lives archive can better serve our members and authors, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the admins or use that contact link below. We're here because you're here, and we want to make the site as welcoming as possible for everyone.

--Nine Lives Admins on November 01, 2017 1:52pm 0 Comments
NOV. WRITERS' CHAT -- Growing Pains: Improving Your Writing

growth mindset.png

Think back to that first story you wrote. Remember that? Take a good, hard, honest look. Was it the best thing you’ve ever written? Chances are, it wasn’t.

Now think about your most recent story. What’s changed over time with your writing? Probably a lot. Where have you improved? What are your writing challenges?

Improving the craft of writing takes time and plenty of practice. We pour our hearts and souls into our stories; it can be painful to receive critical feedback. Sometimes, that’s just the push we need to grow.

Whether you are new to writing or an old hand, please join us for the next writers chat on Thursday, November 2 from 10pm-12am EDT. We'll be talking about ways to improve your writing so your Caryl stories can become even better. Bring your ideas, questions and enthusiasm for writing.

Readers, we also encourage your participation. Your feedback on our stories is very much appreciated and welcomed. Even if you've been too shy to share your thoughts with a specific author, this forum will allow you to do so in a more general manner. †Tell us what you think makes an amazing story, what turns you off and stops you from reading further. We want to hear from you!

Have suggestions for a future chat topic on Nine Lives? Send a PM to jaibhagwan, kaoscraze82, or whoswhatsitwhich with writing topics you'd like to discuss. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to motivate you to keep writing!

--Chat Mods: jaibhagwan, kaoscraze82, whowhatsitwhich on October 28, 2017 4:25pm 0 Comments