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Caryl Events

Walking Dead Trivia Hour hosted by: The Blood Ponies - Saturday, February 17, 3pm Eastern Time.

March Writers Chat:  Thursday, March 1, 10 PM Eastern Time (click on the Timezone Converter just above to check your own local time.) Topic: TBA.


What's in a Name by Team Fluff T
  Team Fluff Round Robin  It starts with a little fluff and will...
The Dixon's Guide to the Apocalypse by coreenfw E
The Walking Dead from a Dixon (mainly Merle's) perspective.  This is my...
Blue Heaven by krissyg927 E
Carol and Daryl get lost on a run. Shenanigans happen.
The Trap by krissyg927 E
Carol tries to help her friend catch her cheating boyfriend.
Two Minutes to Midnight by krissyg927 G
Another New Year's story :)
Resolutions by krissyg927 E
A late New Year's story.
The Bet by krissyg927 E
Carol and Daryl make a bet. In this story, they are lifelong friends, that are...
Pick Up or Delivery by krissyg927 E
Just a little one shot I had floating in my documents :)
Friends with Benifits by krissyg927 E
Carol is exhausted after a long week of exams and Daryl comes knocking at her...
Through The Years With You by krissyg927 E
A one-shot that got out of control :)
Blocking the Exit by krissyg927 M
Carol and Daryl meet while she is in town for a work-related event.
Beauty and the Beasts by Trogdor19 E
Daryl is a foul-mouthed construction foreman. Carol is his new biologist. AU -- Daryl’s...
Don't Kiss! by BettyBubble E
Seven years ago, Carol had a chance to start over,  but she was still locked...
Waltzing's for Dreamers by Shae M
"I thought it was a one night stand...and now we're married..." 
Predestination by silversundown E
He's in the emergency room on Christmas day, nursing a broken thumb and scowling...
Liberty and Justice by ramblinrose E
Caryl, AU.  Mandrea is a secondary ship.  When Carol ends up in the...
Happy Home, Happy Hearts by Brownfoxx M
Carol's a divorced mom about to buy her first house on her own on a tight...
Trophe Count - Smutacular by coreenfw E
Porn w/o plot sex scene using as many trophes as I could.... OK - this is my...
5 Days by Marie1063 M
  Flesh-eating walkers at every turn … easy, finding enough food...
Some Things Never Change by That1VT M
AU no ZA. Carol and Daryl were best friends from the ages of 8 until they were...
run away with me by lilabut M
Run away with me. Let's leave. Tonight. You and me. Her offer isn't what he...
The Happiest Place On Earth by Axelrocks T
He was an idiot. This was a stupid idea, bound to get them killed. But he...
In The After by mayrwyn G
Short one shot. Daryl and Carol, alone, after Carl is gone.
Exodus by mayrwyn T
Rick's declaration on the side of the road that the group can submit to his...
Expectation vs Reality by silversundown E
What we expect to happen and what actually does happen are rarely the same thing...
Reconstructing Alexandria by DixonVixen M
Sequel to "The Heart Of War." With the war against the Saviors finally over...
Random Story
i am the danger by wndrw8 E
“Want for something you’ve been denied so often in this harsh...
coreenfw 02/23/18 08:06 pm
So many wonderful updates, so little time!! 😁
Equuleus86 02/22/18 03:29 pm
Ahh the Round Robin!! Aww that was so much fun. Would love a repeat!!
Ikkleosu 02/20/18 06:42 pm
Time to relive half of our Round Robin fic fun in this week's FSOTW with Team Fluff. Featuring many fabulous authors! Enjoy, especially if you have a sweet tooth. ;)
Trogdor19 02/19/18 10:05 pm
Thank you! It was so much fun!
LovesDarylDixon 02/17/18 07:28 pm
thank you coreenfw :)
CharlotteAshmore 02/17/18 02:27 pm
A great big thank you to all of you who joined in for our Trivia Hour! We had a great time and want to congratulate Trogdor19 on her win! We hope to see you again next month!
CharlotteAshmore 02/17/18 11:17 am
Less than TWO hours until Trivia time! I'm so excited! Hope to see you all there :D
coreenfw 02/17/18 05:33 am
If you look up from here, just below the banner are the options for where you want to go on the site. Pick ‘chat’. (Top row to the roght of center.). On there you can pick a color and put your name in, then enrerthe chatroom. Have fun!! 😀❤️🎈
LovesDarylDixon 02/17/18 02:34 am
Where’s the chat room?
Marie1063 02/14/18 10:19 am
Reminder: Walking Dead Trivia Hour is this Sat, Feb 17th @ 3 p.m. EST in the chat room!! Everyone is welcome to come, join in, and feel accepted for having a giant surplus of TWD knowledge the people in your regular life just don't understand =). Questions can be sent to CharlotteAshmore or myself!
Ikkleosu 02/12/18 06:59 pm
Lovely Lamport's Home is the FSOTW this week. Give it some love, while I sing Michael Buble to myself.
AlannasTara 02/11/18 05:48 pm
Pearlseed- Click on Browse in the top menu; click on ‘Categories’; Click on ‘Nine Lives Challenge’. Those are all the fics people have written for Nine Lives Challenges.
pearlseed 02/11/18 02:56 pm
Please where are the monthly challenges listed? This is asked without intent to offrnd anyine or upset any "apple carts", or spoil anything or in any way offend others at this site. Thank you for your time.
subversivegrrl 02/09/18 08:19 am
REMINDER: Please keep your Nine Lives account updated with your correct email address. If it's wrong, we'll get bounce-back messages every time one of your favorite authors posts a story, or a favorite story updates. Or when you get a review. And that makes us sad.
CharlotteAshmore 02/08/18 06:38 pm
It's gonna be great!
DixonVixen 02/08/18 12:32 pm
Oooh Trivia sounds fun!
Ikkleosu 02/05/18 05:07 pm
This week's FSOTW is Even Better by Septiclovebite. Read and enjoy! We're in TWD 8b month!
LovesDarylDixon 02/03/18 11:06 pm
Thank you DixonVixen :) yes now I am lol
DixonVixen 02/03/18 07:15 am
LovesDarylDixon-see BettyBubble's link below, and be prepared to swoon!
LovesDarylDixon 02/02/18 10:50 pm
I was hyperventilating after seeing the pictures there’s a promo to?
Trogdor19 02/02/18 10:03 pm
That promo breathes hope back into the whole world. Especially the Caryl world! Love it!
DarlingDixon 02/02/18 09:28 pm
Whoops. I've never participated in the chat but HOLY HECK THAT PROMO I'M DECEASED
freefromthecocoon 02/02/18 07:15 pm
Thought I would stop in to see if everyone is still breathing after the promo?
Brownfoxx 02/02/18 06:19 pm
Im late but Congratulations @DixonsVixen on Member of the month!
Brownfoxx 02/02/18 06:17 pm
Just watched the promo... the close up Caryl shot was awesome... Cant wait for the premier. Thanks@BettyBubble for posting the link.

Walking Dead Trivia!

Come one and all for a night of fun, laughs and … dare I say it?! TRIVIA!

Walking Dead trivia, that is. Do family members get annoyed when you quote an episode of your favorite show? Do your friends give you that look when you squee over a promo? Is your head filled with endless facts about Daryl’s crossbow, Rick’s ‘thangs’, or when Glenn stopped wearing his baseball cap? Do you know the recipes for all flavors of Carol’s cookies? Well, the Blood Ponies share your passion! Join them in the Nine Lives chat room on Saturday, February 17th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (click on the Time Zone Converter in the Events list to check your local time) and test your knowledge.

The winner will receive a banner for their profile so you can show all your friends your trivia skills reign supreme.

Questions should be sent to CharlotteAshmore or Marie1063.

--CharlotteAshmore, Marie1063, BettyBubble, Geektaire, AmandaH on February 08, 2018 10:28am 0 Comments
February Member of the Month: dixonvixen

[My sincere apologies for the delay on this - I had ONE JOB and I botched it. SG]

A reminder - the Member of the Month (MOTM) award has been completely restructured, with the winner selected randomly from a list of members who have either published or updated a story or contributed at least five reviews in the past 60 days. The questions have been revised, too!

So to kick off the new Member of the Month program - put your hands together for dixonvixen!

1.) Who are your favorite Caryl authors?

I'm afraid I can't answer that fairly since I've only read one story so far. I just wrapped up working on my own fic, and typically I do not read while working on something of my own since that in itself consumes most of my free time. I did read my first story on here just recently which was chosen because it happened to be the current FSOTW, and a baby fic which I am a sucker for. Many kudos to the author lilabut for sucking me into her wonderful fic Illuminate The Heart from the very first paragraph. I was totally in awe of how well she translated our Caryl to the page, and particularly impressed by her writing for Daryl. Everything from the dialog to the descriptions of his mannerisms was spot-on.

I am very anxious to start reading more fics which is on my day-off agenda for today! I do review so look for a shout-out from me!

2.) Favorite Caryl fics of last 12 mos?

TBD per my above response

3.) Favorite Fic trope

It's gotta be a good baby fic, especially one involving a high-risk pregnancy/conception struggles. It has been the trope of every fic I have written so far, but Caryl has been such a thrill to write for that I am branching out with my next fic and shifting my focus to developing Caryl as Alexandria's new power-couple.

4.) What would you like to see more of, or what haven’t you seen in a fic that you would like to see?

This is another one that is difficult to answer considering I've barely read any so far, but I can say that I am definitely interested in reading more AU fics. I've always steered clear of them with the assumption that I wouldn't be able to get into it, but considering how much I enjoyed my first introduction, I will most definitely be checking out more of them moving forward.

5.) What made you start shipping Caryl?

Wow, how much space do you have for my answer? Simply stated, Caryl checks every box that describes what I look for when choosing my ship. As individuals, I feel a strong connection to female characters that are survivors of abuse and have evolved into incredibly strong and inspiring women as a result. With male characters, I am a sucker for the misunderstood type. The dude that everyone has written off as a loser, and made totally inaccurate assumptions about. Over time, we get these little glimpses into his soul and discover that there is one fine piece of man candy hidden beneath the rough exterior.

I hated Daryl when he first came on the screen. I had never seen an episode of TWD before this past summer, and really didn't know a thing about the show at all. A guy I was dating at the time had an interesting connection to the show, got me to watch it because I was intrigued by his involvement with it. He was very curious about what I thought of Daryl after seeing him for the first time and my response was something along the lines of, He's an ass! I chuckle at this now because only a mere few days later when I watched the Cherokee Rose episode, I began singing a different tune. Not only did I receive my first hint that Daryl was gonna supercede Rick in being my TWD crush, I also began to realize that Caryl just might become my new ship.

Watching so much so quickly though proved to be a bit of an overload, and it really wasn't until I began my second round of binging the series, seasons 1-6 that is since seven hadn't yet come to Netflix, that I really began to fall in love with Caryl. I would rewind every scene they were in together several times, and by the time season seven finally came to Netflix, I was hardcore shipping Caryl. With each passing episode, I found myself whining when would they ever see each other again? When I finally stumbled across "New Best Friends," there was no going back from there. I must have watched their scenes, and the scene where Daryl threatens Richard that he will kill him should anything happen to Carol (swoon!) a dozen times that day alone, and it still remains my favorite Caryl moment. I honestly hope season eight will eventually offer something that can top it!

Thank you so much for selecting me to be Member of the Month! I am so happy to be a part of this home for lovers of all things Caryl, and grateful for those who made it happen!

--subversivegrrl on January 29, 2018 1:37pm 0 Comments
January Challenge Goofy Cliches & Phrases: Masterlist

It's that time again, gather round to check out the fics submitted for this month's challenge. Now with plenty of trite phrases and goofy cliches!


That Someone by pookiedixon

In The Heat Of The Moment by DixonVixen

Teach Me by AlannasTara

And a late submission -

And They Lived by serpetinefire

--The Challenge Mods on January 28, 2018 1:11am 0 Comments