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Caryl Events

International Fanworks Day: Wednesday, February 15th - Nine Lives will be featuring Tumblr's Caryl fan artists on our blog all day, with a master list of links here on the site. 

March Writers Chat: Thursday, March 2nd, 10PM Eastern time (click on the Time Zone Converter above to check your local time.) TOPIC: Writing Sprints!!

Out of the Ashes by Starfur373 E
Carol transfers to a new high school during her junior year. There she meets...
Endurance by lovesdaryl T
Space-based AU. With over population being a serious issue funding, manpower...
Mirror Image by Sira T
After shooting 7x10 Melissa receives a visitor at night.
Is there anything else I can do for you? by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
Carol was just doing this as a favour, no other reason would she be out with...
The Odd Couple by silversundown M
When Daryl walked through the gates of Alexandria he didn't expect to get an...
Arrows and Roses Part 2 by Rhinozilla M
Another collection of one-word prompts received on Tumblr. These are posted...
Denim Dreams by darylsdiva1 M
Daryl is a rancher and also a Bull rider on the professional rodeo circuit...
Santa's Little Helper by alatarielgildaen T
After Merle dies, Daryl's left raising his brother's child as if he were his...
Say the Word by Shae M
Just Carol and Daryl.  Doing stuff.  Thangs. 
How Carol Got Her Groove Back by Trogdor19 M
How it all started between Daryl & Carol. Untold stories from the winter...
First time by foreverlovingdaryldixon E
Carol and Daryl's first time. Smut and angst ensues. I'm not good at summaries...sorry.
Arena by darylsdiva1 E
The year is 77 BCE. The setting is the (fictional) port city of Alexandria Minor...
Rage, Lust and Sophia by peanutlee33 T
This story reflects my take on Carol confronting Daryl at his campsite, about...
Stupid Cupid by Shae T
Sorry for this silliness.  I’m blaming it on being sick, lol, and...
Burn It Down and Make Me See (Only Your Love Can Set Me Free) by CharlotteAshmore E
After a successful raid on the Sanctuary by the joined communities, Rick brings...
His to Protect; Hers to Love by CharlotteAshmore E
It had become a festering ache beneath the surface of his skin, this need he...
Patience is a Virtue by LeeLeeWoflpack E
Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet... unless you decide to taste the...
Queen Bitch and The Archer by foreverlovingdaryldixon M
So I felt it was time to create a new prompt collection since there's over 100...
yes a heart will always go one step too far by leigh57 T
She kisses him back until she’s sure he’s not thinking about lying...
A New Start by silversundown E
There’s a difference in how he hugs her. The contrast between this moment...
A Demon's Fate by Ravenheart E
What if Daryl was a demon?   Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters...
Can't Change Your Stride by Trogdor19 E
My version of a Caryl reunion in 7x10. “You changed your boots, can’t...
Getting Somewhere by RandomCat T
What if the trip to rescue Beth had been successful? What if instead of despairing...
Another Day in Paradise by Booksrbetter M
Carol broke Daryl's heart twelve years ago. He and Merle left their home and...
Burn me with fire, drown me with rain by whowhatsitwhich T
There was much left between them that had to be said…stories told and...
Easy Street by pookiedixon E
My take on how Season 7 should continue Caryl-wise.
Random Story
Dirty F*ckers, All of 'em by imorca T-RPF
Written for the Mcreedus Fanfiction Challenge Prompt:...
subversivegrrl 02/22/17 08:42 pm
I was never really much of a fan of AUs until we did the AU challenge - I started to say last summer, but it was Summer 2015! And I had so much fun writing mine, and reading the other submissions.
the-space-between1013 02/22/17 07:45 pm
Charlotte, the reason we are in love with Caryl HS fics, AUs, etc. is because of the world building required to pull it off. You have to get detailed and adhere to whatever rules you make. It makes the scenario completely possibly, if not probable, and therefore incredibly satisfying to read.
CharlotteAshmore 02/22/17 03:22 pm
And it was great! i read it last weekend. I'm a sucker for Caryl high school fics!
Starfur373 02/21/17 09:46 pm
Oh my gosh you guys, I haven't even written anything in AGES and now my first fic ever is Featured Story of the Week??? Thank you all so much!!! This just made my day!!! :)
Ikkleosu 02/21/17 08:41 am
Congrats to Starfur373 for FSOTW! YAY go you!
the-space-between1013 02/20/17 06:43 pm
The reason we're all cool about that is because we're all still dead from last night. lol
subversivegrrl 02/19/17 09:42 pm
Hello, lovely people, just a reminder that the chat room is available for your ship related plotzing needs! (But no spoilers in the shout box, although I see everyone is already being cool about that!) MWAH!
Ravenheart 02/19/17 02:37 pm
You're Mine by Disturbed always puts me in a Caryl mood. It's a little more aggressive, but it gets the point acrosss.
annie 02/19/17 02:22 pm
oh wow... just listened to Lifeline. Yeah, so beautiful. All fingers crossed for tonight, guys *chocolate ready*
Marie1063 02/19/17 01:54 pm
Wow, you guys may want to rethink that offer for songs in my direction... I have an entire friggin Caryl song library
Ikkleosu 02/19/17 01:44 pm
Thanks Marie for the rec! Yes, any Caryl tunes send them my way for Friday Feels so we can all be inspired by them. :D
subversivegrrl 02/19/17 01:37 pm
Oh, geez, Marie, I'm listening to this and it's awesome. (Have also passed it on to ikkles already, with credit to you)
subversivegrrl 02/19/17 01:32 pm
Hey, you guys should send these song recs to ikkleosu! She needs submissions for our Friday Feels post on Tumblr.
Marie1063 02/19/17 10:35 am
As if anyone needs anymore Caryl feels; but if you are so inclined, listen/look up "Lifeline" by Katie Trotta. It's been my Caryl anthem since I found it a year ago.
Sira 02/19/17 09:19 am
My theme song for today is: I'm so excited by the Pointer Sisters.
freefromthecocoon 02/19/17 08:02 am
Miss Starfire 02/18/17 09:30 pm
YES, IT WAS!!! It was a planned trend attempt :)
PixieGrunger 02/18/17 06:22 pm
Caryl is coming was trending moments ago :)
Buttercup 02/18/17 06:14 pm
What is going to happen on Twitter??? Oh my.
Marie1063 02/18/17 04:38 pm
Guys I feel like the anticipation for 7x10 has caused this site to explode with goodness... I approve greatly. P. S. Decisions were eggs were bought. I regret nothing lol
chemfemme 02/18/17 03:59 pm
Did someone say cheesecake?
Quincess 02/18/17 02:34 pm
I stockpiled valentines sugar for tomorrow
PixieGrunger 02/18/17 12:45 pm
I won't be able to watch the episode until Monday night BUT I will be basking in the goodness that will be tumblr!!
freefromthecocoon 02/18/17 11:20 am
My sister is making cobbler in celebration of Caryl reuniting at the Kingdom!
And ice cream of course, lots of ice cream!

Sira 02/18/17 10:24 am
I'm already crying because I won't be able to watch the ep tomorrow.

Master List - International Fanworks Day 2017

Nine Lives Tumblr Art Show - International Fanworks Day 2017

46 artists. 64 individual works. Original art, edits, manipulations, and videos. The breadth and depth of the talent in our little corner of the Walking Dead fandom is ASTONISHING. 

The works represent a wide range of styles, and were chosen by Nine Lives admins and staff. Included are works by each member of our new graphics team!

Many of these artists are members on Nine Lives - some use a different username here than on Tumblr, and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for us to match up the art with the appropriate NL username on the Master List. Please know that we are eternally grateful for your artistic celebration of our ship!

With such a lengthy list, we've put the links into a separate document, linked at the top of this post. Or, you can go to the Nine Lives Tumblr and see the whole array as they are posted! (Roughly at a rate of two per hour. Also, due to Tumblr queue limits, the "show" will spill over into tomorrow.) 

[Try to filter out just the IFD art show posts.]

--subversivegrrl, ikkleosu, fairiesmasquerade on February 15, 2017 8:56am 0 Comments
Nine Lives celebrates International Fanworks Day!

Starting late tonight and running through Wednesday, February 15th, Nine Lives will be featuring a day of Tumblr’s Caryl fan artists–original visual art, edits/manips, and videos–selected by Nine Lives’ admins and other staff members (and including a sample of work from each of the members of our new graphics team!)

--Subs on February 14, 2017 9:47pm 1 Comments
March Writers Chat: Writing Sprints

Kermit the Frog typing madlyYay for our March chat topic: Writing Sprints (formerly Word Wars)!! Relax now... these sprints won't make you winded. They're designed to let you stretch your writing legs for 4-10 minutes at a time. We've called them "Word Wars" before, but truly, there's no competing here. Though sharing is encouraged, you don't have to show anybody what you've written during the sprints. It's completely up to you!

This chat will focus more on the writers, but readers are welcome to join. So, bring your sense of humor, your anxiety, your patience, and a stopwatch/timer. We’ll have a good time, and hopefully no tears will be shed. (Well, maybe just a few tears from feels. We’ll bring some tissues, too, just in case.)

Join us on Thursday, March 2nd from 10pm-12am EDT!

Have ideas for a future chat topic on Nine Lives? Send a PM to meeshie, jaibhagwanAlannasTara, or kaoscraze82 with writing topics you'd like to discuss. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Our goal is to motivate you to keep writing!

(gif from GIPHY)

--meeshie on February 06, 2017 6:56pm 0 Comments