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Anybody up for random chat? I will check on and off to see if anybody joined.
05/24/17 04:57 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Random Monday chat time in the chat room? I'll be lurking if anyone is interested...
05/22/17 05:21 pm [Delete] [Edit]

ramblin rose's Sweet Junction is this week's FSOTW so good chance to catch up with this epic AU!
05/22/17 04:53 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Lets see how fresh strawberry daiquiris affect the
05/22/17 04:41 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thanks everyone who answered my caryl shipper question
05/21/17 07:33 pm [Delete] [Edit]

If anyone is bored and wants to chat I'm chilling in the chat room :)
05/21/17 05:05 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I was shipping them in Seasons 2 and 3 but went all the way with the Terminus hug, and during the last 2 hiatus's I just NEEDED more!
05/21/17 01:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I always thought Caryl would become a couple during season 2 but I didn't actively ship them until he carried her out of the tombs in season 3. Then I was like, "Hmm, this is something very special between these two". I've been obsessing since :D
05/20/17 06:36 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Quinces, me too - the show hooked me immediately wnen I started watching, but the Caryl never occurred to me 'till I started reading stories waiting for season 5. Then I was hooked again, LOL!
05/20/17 05:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Amanda Hawthorn
I didn't actually watch season 1 when it was showing over here. It all started when my hubby was channel hopping and the first scene I ever saw was of Amy getting her arm bit. So long story short. I brought the box set and have been hooked ever since. Much like everyone else it was Cherokee Rose :)
05/20/17 02:50 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I got into the ship after the Cherokee Rose episode, too, like many - but i was years late to TWD. I binge watched the first three season in a week.
05/20/17 01:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

about when we started shipping caryl - about halfway through s3 i was looking through twd stuff on deviantart and found a lot of caryl stuff and i was like..... why havent i already figured out that theyre so obviously in love yet omg...
05/20/17 11:29 am [Delete] [Edit]

I feel reviewing is like tossing a donation into a busker's hat. I've enjoyed the "performance" of a story, so I leave a token of appreciation for the "performer" who shared their hard work with me.
05/19/17 10:54 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Amanda Hawthorn
Great to see you here ShannonSto. Absolutely love your Caryl stories :)
05/19/17 10:29 pm [Delete] [Edit]

my son dragged me kicking and screaming into the fandom. i did NOT want another fandom!! now i don't know how i made it for six full seasons without watching. i NEEDED this in my life.
05/19/17 09:57 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I always watched but didn't really commit until terminus hug,I like really thought they were together
05/19/17 09:04 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Mine was the Cherokee Rose episode.... from then on i was all 'Caryl'. Then i found there were ( many) others who were 'like minded'. And that is my Caryl story.
05/19/17 08:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Anyone else curious how we got into this ship? Can we start a separate forum? Post here? I would just love to know everyone's moment
05/19/17 07:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Does anyone know if rayon is rayon writes fan fiction? He is the most epic caryl shipper of all
05/19/17 07:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

This maybe a little weird, but I was wondering if anyone has heard from Carylfan247 recently? She has been MIA out of the blue for over a week, which is very unlike her. Just want to make sure everything is okay - tried PM her but still radio silence.
05/19/17 07:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi, ShannonSto, I have read some of your stuff at, welcome!!
05/19/17 07:16 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Welcome, Shannonsto :D
05/19/17 05:35 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi! New here, dipping my toe in the water. Enjoying reading the fics here for a few days now.
05/19/17 05:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Leaving feedback in any form is always nice and I'm sure both parties appreciate it. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why any party may not leave a comment.
05/19/17 02:28 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I'm speaking generally - it's always cool when the "idols" interact with their "fans". It also motivate the readers to always comment. Because it feels nice - the mutuality. :) Love!
05/19/17 07:41 am [Delete] [Edit]

Hey - I'm calling out authors, who don't respond to comments on their work. Commenters show their appreciation on your work; I find your lack of responses disturbing. Readers thank y'all for writing, you can return a thanks.
05/19/17 07:39 am [Delete] [Edit]

Loving defying gravity btw amanda Hawthorne
05/18/17 03:09 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Amanda Hawthorn
I read it last night. It's one of those stories that stays with you. It's one I'll read again :)
05/17/17 11:37 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Amwaaker, totally agree!! Lovely story! Just reread it, and it is so good... if you haven't read it, highly recommended. The sweetest ever!
05/17/17 07:32 pm [Delete] [Edit]

All those color symbols are there too <3
05/17/17 06:33 pm [Delete] [Edit]