February Writers' Chat: TO POST OR NOT TO POST

To post or not to post: That is the question.

It’s a New Year and there are stories to write... tales to tell. Each of us has our system for getting words on the page but what about what comes after? How do you get your story out there for the revered readers to enjoy? Do you post chapter by chapter or do you wait until you type “the end” to present your brilliance to the world?

Our February chat will center around this scintillating topic. What works for you and why? Can you delay the gratification and bask in the glory of a completed work or do you need your kudos now and post that chapter as soon as your beta signs off?

We want to hear from the readers as well... are you heart eyes about WIPs or does it take a ‘complete’ tag before you click that link?

This is your opportunity to sound off. Please join us on Thursday, February 1st, 10 PM Eastern Time (click on the handy TIME ZONE CONVERTER at the top of the events section to check your local time) and let us hear what you’ve got to say!

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