Walking Dead Trivia!

Come one and all for a night of fun, laughs and … dare I say it?! TRIVIA!

Walking Dead trivia, that is. Do family members get annoyed when you quote an episode of your favorite show? Do your friends give you that look when you squee over a promo? Is your head filled with endless facts about Daryl’s crossbow, Rick’s ‘thangs’, or when Glenn stopped wearing his baseball cap? Do you know the recipes for all flavors of Carol’s cookies? Well, the Blood Ponies share your passion! Join them in the Nine Lives chat room on Saturday, February 17th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (click on the Time Zone Converter in the Events list to check your local time) and test your knowledge.

The winner will receive a banner for their profile so you can show all your friends your trivia skills reign supreme.

Questions should be sent to CharlotteAshmore or Marie1063.

--CharlotteAshmore, Marie1063, BettyBubble, Geektaire, AmandaH on February 08, 2018 10:28am 0 Comments