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The first year of their son's life comes with many ups and downs, many milestones and even more smiles.



(This is a three-part sequel to illuminate the heart. I have included a brief recap of that fic in case you haven't read it or have forgotten what happened. Since this story is just one big ball of fluff, you don't necessarily need to read the longer fic that preceded it, although I recommend it to understand the details better.)

Rated: M
Categories: Alternate Universe, Baby Fic
Characters: Andrea, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Jacqui, Lori, Rick, Sophia
Genres: Baby Fic, Fluffy/Comedy, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Domestic Abuse (Implied), Sexual Situations
Series: illuminate the heart
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 18754 Read: 3103
Published: July 03, 2016 Updated: July 24, 2016

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Chapter title taken from Jupiter by Sleeping At Last.


A short recap of illuminate the heart: Daryl and Carol, who have known each other briefly in high school, have a one night stand. When Carol, a divorced single mother, finds out she is pregnant, she and Daryl navigate the upcoming changes in their lives while dealing with the shadows of their respective pasts. As the months pass, the two develop a close friendship and eventually fall in love. After Carol has an accident at home, their son is born safely.


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