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When you've been fighting all your life, peace can be a tough adjustment. And so is asking for help.

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Published: May 02, 2017 Updated: February 05, 2018

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Story Notes:

This is likely a oneshot in 3 parts. Something to do during the hiatus.

Thanks to my lovely beta serpentinefire for being awesome per usual Heart

1. Chapter 1- Solitude by fricks75 [Reviews - 8] (2694 words)

This is the first part of 3 and I do like the hunting aspect with Daryl been thinking about this quite a bit so It was interesting to write it

2. Chapter 2 - Fear by fricks75 [Reviews - 6] Liked (3149 words)

slighty different than the first chapter layout just expanding on the thems a bit, making references to some torture and abuse so sgandard warning still appies a little.

Second part of 3 or 4

3. Chapter 3 - Waking Dream by fricks75 [Reviews - 3] Liked (3346 words)

apologize for the smount of time it took io update I was literally so busy lol but yes (promise the next one won't take as long. And oh hey I lie it's gonna be bit a longer.

have been sort of educating myself for awhile on the effects of muliple traumas couple with sleep depration and  I've never really this issue I always find how the mind deals with things like this interesting. Not that people have to go through it but the way it works.

Standard warming apply as always,

and constant thanks to my beta (she knows who she is .#

4. Chapter 4 - Recall by fricks75 [Reviews - 1] (2465 words)

got my update now, doing it from Florida that's how dedicated I a but here I go, getting into a little more intense stuff. This thig is taking a life of its own.But there much to deal with these two so I'm sure i'm carrying this on a few more chapters.

Standarad warnings still apply from previous chapters, keepi this in mind.

As always thanks to my beta, i know she was busy but thank you for taking the time love :)

5. Chapter 5 - Insided Out by fricks75 [Reviews - 3] Liked (2534 words)

Same as before loves.. standard warnings yada yada

Interesting note tat i'm writing winter scenes in the summer but there's something like about winter and it works for the story. Inner weatjer and outer weather sort of things I suppose.

6. Chapter 6 - The Book by fricks75 [Reviews - 3] Liked (3752 words)

adding a little warning this chapter does talk about aspects of abuse, small details that could be slightly upsetting. Trust me that stuff is hard to write.

But anyways, revisiting the book from Consumed felt interesting to me as subject/catalyst for a start  up disscussion. I've actually looked that book up and it is real and just did a small overview of it so. a little canon reference :)

7. Chapter 7 -Later by fricks75 [Reviews - 2] (3483 words)

sort of contnuing from the last one,  same topic and similar warnimgs, 

8. Chapter 8 - Wounds by fricks75 [Reviews - 4] Liked (4071 words)

This whole fic feels like therapy lol but yeah.. dealing with aspects of PTsd which is a very real thing that people after extreme trauma. Trying to go back to normal is extremely difficutl but here to show that while it's a process it can be done. And I decided i'd give em a little bit of break before diving back in.

Standard warnings apply

9. Chapter 9 - The Ax by fricks75 [Reviews - 1] Liked (4857 words)

Will continue to apply standard warnings of content in this chapter due to some sensitive material. So the same warnings apply, regarding memories of abuse, and PTSD just so everyone knows.

And I'm postingo n this in a spare moment on Charistmas, consider it a present for you all :)

And once again thank you to my lovely beta *hugs*

10. Chapter 10 - Withdraw by fricks75 [Reviews - 1] (5336 words)

Sorry this took so long, had a lot of distractions going on but I finally got off my ass and wrote, and hopefully I won't take as long the next time.

Its a bit quite but I feel like this one has a lot of quiet time in it's entirity but maybe that's when things get done..

anyways, wanted to shout to my beta again because she's awesome and takes time out of her day to do this for me so thanks and I love ya lots *hugs*