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Oneshots based on prompts, some AU, some canon compatible.

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Warnings: Adult Language, Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse (Implied), Sexual Situations, Torture, Violence
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Published: May 06, 2017 Updated: May 15, 2017

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Rating for language, mention of domestic/child abuse, depictions of violence.

1. Fairytales by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 4] Liked (1808 words)

2. Bookworm by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 3] Liked (1068 words)

Mention and description of child abuse. Read safely please.

3. Ephemeral by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 6] Liked (541 words)

Daryl finds Carol in the Tombs.

4. Tattoos by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 4] Liked (1511 words)

5. Official by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 6] Liked (1551 words)

Prompt from the lovely queenohair: "So my prompt for Caryl and Sophia is Sophia giving Daryl adoption papers that she has made up. Because I love Daryl and Carol but also love Daryl and Sophia <3" - Don't we all? Thank you for this! :-)

I’m taking some liberties with timing in this one. The farm was overrun by the herd two days later than in canon, giving Daryl time to go out one last time before that and find Sophia. She has made it to the prison with the rest of Team Family. Everything else is the same.

6. Sleepy by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 0] Liked (815 words)

Wanna some of them prompts? Maybe: Caryl. Prison. Pillowtalk. Pets. Falling asleep next to each other ;)

Obviously, with this list of details from yokaishinari, this one is set in an AU where we got canon in s3 or 4 and Carol and Daryl have moved to a cell that’s larger than the ones we’ve seen them in so they managed to place their cots side by side. ;-) Thank you for sending me this! (And yes, these are the Tumblr prompts so they're all in one place.)

7. Error of judgement by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 2] Liked (1254 words)

Based on the prompt “You’re right, I actually love you” by empressmcbride - thank you! Heart

8. Fate by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 1] Liked (1398 words)

Based on the prompt "This is the first time I've seen you cry", submitted by alatarielgildaen - thank you!

Since we all know that they have seen each other cry already, I ignore canon again for this one. Let’s pretend Daryl didn’t cry in Atlanta, since that is the one instance in which one of them crying was not central to their development as a couple (unlike, say, Carol crying in the RV at night, prompting him to go look for Sophia). I’m getting really good at ignoring canon … ;-)

9. Nothing to tell by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 2] Liked (623 words)

Based on the prompt "I'm working and you're distracting me."

10. Blame by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 1] Liked (907 words)

Based on the prompt "This is your fault".

11. Give in by lovesdaryl [Reviews - 4] Liked (1572 words)

Based on the prompt "Just shut up and kiss me."