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Rick's declaration on the side of the road that the group can submit to his will or get out feels a little too familiar.

“I’m never going to live like that again,” Carol hears herself say.  The words are quiet, spoken softly because they are mostly to herself, but her voice doesn’t shake and there’s a certainty that comes with speaking them aloud that she isn’t sure she’ll feel ten minutes from now.

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One-shot or plot bunny, it hasn't decided yet. Review and chime in.

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If you notice a difference in style and want to know why, shoot me a message. (not that you need a reason, I'm here to make friends). 

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So here's chapter three, including all the typos that I won't see until after it's posted, because that's just how my eyes work, apparently. I want to thank everyone for the fantastic reviews. They are 99% of the reason that this has been updating quickly. (with the remaining 1% attributed to the fact that I had a day off work and neglected my laundry.Innocent)

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So sorry for the delay. RL got way too busy there for a little bit. But if you ever have a chance to go to DragonCon, take it. Even if you bring a bug home with you, it's a lot of fun.

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Sorry for the delay. Hope this is worth the wait.

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Sorry that this update took so long. I wrote this chapter four times, but it never really felt right to me. Finally, I gave up on the "one chapter each" alternating POV and let Daryl tell me what happened, and suddently it's working better. Better late than never. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am grateful, among other things, for the Community here that is so welcoming and friendly.