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The war was over and Daryl and Carol’s relationship now involved kissing.  Things we're looking pretty good for Daryl Dixon.  That was until Maggie somehow convinced him he should take Carol out on a date.  That sounded like a great plan except for two things:  1.  It was the middle of the apocalypse and 2. Daryl had never been on a date in his life.

Rated: M
Categories: Nine Lives Challenge
Characters: Aaron, Carol, Daryl, Eric, Ezekiel, Maggie, Michonne, Rick, Tara
Genres: Challenge Response, Fluffy/Comedy, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language
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Published: August 26, 2017 Updated: December 20, 2017

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Story Notes:

I really wanted to have this completed and post as a one shot, but life got in the way.  I am splitting it into 2 and will hopefully have the second part posted in a couple of days.  

Grateful to Jen as always for reading this over.

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1. Asking Carol Out by AmalynJon [Reviews - 16] Liked (2199 words)

Ezekiel quotes a poem by Maya Angelou called 'Touched By an Angel' in this chapter.  I love it so much.  Here is a web address if you wish to read the entire thing.  


2. Torturing Daryl by AmalynJon [Reviews - 10] Liked (2576 words)

So this is a bit longer than I intended...it will now be in 3 parts.  Oops!  Hope you all don't mind.  

Thank you so much for the replies so far on the first chapter. They make me smile. I am going to respond to them and read the other entries from the challenge asap!  You all rock!

3. The Date by AmalynJon [Reviews - 5] Liked (5758 words)

So sorry for the delay in getting this up.  I have been pretty bummed out over what we have been getting on the show and it's bleeding into my writing for them.  

Thank you so much to those that left reviews for the last chapter.  Life has been busy and I promise to respond to those over Christmas break.  

I'm not 100% satisfied with this but I have been sitting on it for a while.  I apologize if it is all over the place or if Carol/Daryl seem OOC, but this is AFTER Negan (Carl is alive and well because I didn't forsee THAT Sad)

I hope you enjoy.