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The only view you've ever had is from the inside out...


Just Daryl and Carol, navigating life, love, and expectations. 


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Published: July 05, 2016 Updated: July 05, 2016

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Story Notes:

It was never my intent to post this story here.  At least not until I got the rest of my WIPs under better control.  But intentions are tricky things, lol. And I miss this place.  So I've decided, instead of solely posting this story on my tumblr, I'm going to post it here, too.  Eventually, it'll find its way over to the other sites, but not yet. 


Good.  That's out of the way. 


I'm not sure what to say about this little fic, so I'll just hit some of the bullet points. 


Surprising no one, I'm sure, it's AU. 


Not only that, it's baby Caryl.  I'm not talking Caryl in diapers (those totally adorable fanarts aside); I'm talking freshly out of high school Carol and Daryl.  Awkward, fumbling their way, baby, not-quite-adult Carol and Daryl, haha.  Sound fun to anybody but me? 


There will be lots of other characters involved in this story, many familiar faces--a good sprinkling of both early season characters and later season characters.  This won't just be a story about the relationship Carol and Daryl form together; it'll be a story about their relationships with their friends and families, too. 


Right now, there isn't much to warn about.  Just some language.  Other warnings will apply later, but I'm going to give the story a T rating until it warrants something higher.   


I think that's about it. 


Title is taken from a song by the same name performed by Aubrey Peeples.  She's an actress on Nashville (don't judge, lol...I liked a lot of the music), and this song just fit these two.  Daryl even more so.  Look it up.  Not the strongest voice, but I liked the lyrics. 


Let me know what you think.  Check my profile page for a link to my page for (sometimes) more frequent updates and drop me a note there as well. 


P.S.  Very brief Carol/Other. 



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