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So.  I stumbled on some prompts about kissing.  And because the shipper in me is almost always inwardly screaming this to our babies every time they’re in close proximity onscreen, I decided why the hell not. 





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Categories: Alternate Universe
Characters: Carol
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Published: April 02, 2017 Updated: April 02, 2017

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Story Notes:

I can’t promise frequent updates because I’m still struggling with writer’s block like whoa, but there were 15 prompts in all, I believe, so expect me to add to this collection as inspiration and time allows. 


Due to the nature of some of the prompts, some of the one shots will be AU’s.  Some will be set in the ZA. 


I'll add categories as they're encountered. 


Rating, as always, subject to change. 


1. At a prom by Shae [Reviews - 2] (2220 words)

The first prompt is at a prom.  And yeah.  It’s AU, lol, because could you imagine? 


Some language, mild angst, and fluff under the cut.  Other characters will make appearances. 


Oh, and any typos are all mine.  I’ve read and reread through this thing several times, but I’m only human.  Let me know if there are any hugely glaring ones, and I’ll do some editing.